19 Harry Potter Trivia Questions From "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

Updated on November 22, 2019
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Morgan has read the Harry Potter series a countless number of times and loves creating tough trivia questions.

Here are 19 questions to test your Harry Potter knowledge of names, places, and events that occur in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Be advised that these questions are specific to this book, ignore information that is presented in other Harry Potter novels, and contain spoilers.

Trivia Questions

1. What do Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon believe Dudley is out doing with his friends on the day of the Dementor attack?

A) Volunteering

B) Competing in a boxing tournament

C) Shopping

D) Meeting for tea

2. How many letters arrive by owl at the Dursleys' house on the evening that Harry conjures a Patronus?

A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

D) 6

3. What is Cornelius Fudge’s middle name?

A) Ignatius

B) Oswald

C) Percival

D) Ogden

4. Which male Weasley does the boggart facing Mrs. Weasley not imitate?

A) Charlie

B) Percy

C) Bill

D) George

5. What does the spell Evanesco do?

A) Changes an object's color

B) Changes an object's texture

C) Makes an object vanish

D) Changes an object's weight

6. Where do the words ‘I must not tell lies’ appear on Harry after he writes them with Umbridge’s quill?

A) Left hand

B) Right hand

C) Left forearm

D) Right forearm

7. What does Harry use to lessen the pain caused by Umbridge’s quill?

A) Murtlap essence

B) Phoenix tears

C) Strengthening Solution

D) Pumpkin juice

8. Who is Ginny dating as of the meeting in the Hog’s Head?

A) Zacharias Smith

B) Terry Boot

C) Anthony Goldstein

D) Michael Corner

9. Who is the Slytherin Quidditch captain?

A) Montague

B) Pucey

C) Warrington

D) Bletchley

10. What is the name of the first Gurg (chief) of the giants that Hagrid and Madame Maxime encountered?

A) Golgomath

B) Karkus

C) Fridwulfa

D) Morholt

11. Which previous Hogwarts Headmaster does Dumbledore send to their portrait in St. Mungo’s Hospital?

A) Dilys Derwent

B) Everard

C) Phineas Nigellus

D) Armando Dippet

12. What does Hermione give Harry and Ron for Christmas?

A) Chocolates

B) Knitted hats

C) Homework planners

D) Money

13. Where do Harry and Cho go for coffee in Hogsmeade?

A) The Three Broomsticks

B) Madam Puddifoot’s

C) Scrivenshaft’s

D) Dervish and Banges

14. Which of these predictions does Professor Trelawney not make about Harry after his interview is published in The Quibbler?

A) He’ll become incredibly wealthy

B) He’ll have twelve children

C) He’ll live to a ripe old age

D) He’ll become Minister of Magic

15. What does Fred and George’s rocket do when Professor Umbridge casts a stunning spell on it?

A) Freezes

B) Explodes

C) Multiplies into ten rockets

D) Charges at Umbridge

16. What Transfiguration O.W.L. score does Harry need to continue in Professor McGonagall's class at the N.E.W.T. level?

A) Outstanding

B) Exceeds Expectations

C) Acceptable

D) Poor

17. During which O.W.L. examination did Harry fall asleep and see Voldemort torturing Sirius?

A) Charms

B) Defense Against the Dark Arts

C) Divination

D) History of Magic

18. What spell do Harry and his friends use to seal doors while in the Department of Mysteries?

A) Flagrate

B) Colloportus

C) Portus

D) Alohomora

19. Besides lying about Sirius’ whereabouts, what does Kreacher do to help prevent Harry from contacting Sirius through Umbridge’s fireplace?

A) Poison Sirius’ soup

B) Put Sirius to sleep

C) Injure Buckbeak the hippogriff

D) Light Sirius’ kitchen on fire

Answer Key

1. D-Meeting for tea. In Chapter 1 (Dudley Demented), the Dursleys discuss that Dudley is out for tea at the Polkisses’.

2. C-5. In Chapter 2 (A Peck of Owls), Petunia receives a letter from Dumbledore and Harry receives two letters from the Ministry of Magic, one from Mr. Weasley and one from Sirius.

3. B-Oswald. In Chapter 8 (The Hearing), Fudge’s middle name is revealed to be Oswald.

4. A-Charlie. In Chapter 9 (The Woes of Mrs. Weasley), Harry finds Mrs. Weasley struggling against a boggart that takes the form of all of the Weasleys except for Charlie and Ginny.

5. C-Makes an object vanish. In Chapter 12 (Professor Umbridge), Snape casts Evanesco to make Harry’s potion disappear. Bill also casts the spell in Chapter 5 (The Order of the Phoenix).

6. B-Right hand. In Chapter 13 (Detention with Delores), ‘I must not tell lies’ appears on Harry’s right hand.

7. A-Murtlap essence. In Chapter 15 (The Hogwarts High Inquisitor), Harry uses murtlap essence to lessen the pain inflicted by Umbridge’s quill.

8. D-Michael Corner. In Chapter 16 (In the Hog’s Head), Hermione tells Harry and Ron that Ginny is dating Michael Corner.

9. A-Montague. In Chapter 19 (The Lion and the Serpent), Montague is described as the captain for the Slytherin Quidditch team.

10. B-Karkus. In Chapter 20 (Hagrid’s Tale), Hagrid tells Harry, Ron and Hermione that Karkus was the first Gurg he met and that Karkus was later killed by Golgomath.

11. A-Dilys Derwent. In Chapter 22 (St. Mungo’s Hospital of Magical Maladies and Injuries), Dilys tells Dumbledore that Mr. Weasley was taken to St. Mungo’s and that he passed under her portrait.

12. C-Homework planners. In Chapter 23 (Christmas on the Closed Ward) Harry and Ron each receive a homework planner from Hermione.

13. B-Madam Puddifoot’s. In Chapter 25 (The Beetle at Bay), Harry and Cho visit Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop. Harry later goes to The Three Broomsticks to meet Hermione.

14. A-He will become very wealthy. In Chapter 26 (Seen and Unforeseen), Professor Trelawney predicts that Harry will live to a ripe old age, become Minister of Magic and have twelve children. She does not predict that Harry will become very wealthy.

15. B-Explodes. In Chapter 28 (Snape’s Worst Memory), the rocket explodes when Professor Umbridge attempts to stun it.

16. B-Exceeds Expectations. In Chapter 29 (Career Advice), Professor McGonagall tells Harry that he's currently averaging acceptable and that he needs an Exceeds Expectations grade to continue taking her course.

17. D-History of Magic. In Chapter 31 (O.W.L.s), Harry falls asleep on the last day of tests during his History of Magic exam.

18. B-Colloportus. In Chapter 35 (Beyond the Veil), Harry and his friends use Colloportus to seal the doors. Hermione uses Flagrate to mark doors with an ‘x’ and Dumbledore uses Portus to create a Portkey.

19. B-Injure Buckbeak the hippogriff. In Chapter 37 (The Lost Prophecy), Dumbledore tells Harry that Kreacher injured Buckbeak and that Sirius was attending to him when Harry tried to make contact.


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