The Ultimate 30 Rock Drinking Game

Listen up, nerds! Here's what you're doing tonight.

Put on your favorite season of 30 Rock (mine is Season 1). Make yourself a drink (if you already have a drink, make mozzarella sticks). Invite some friends over (100% optional).

Ready? Good. Here's how you're gonna plaster yourself:


When Liz mentions food

When Liz is assumed to be a lesbian

When Jack drinks

When Jack insults Liz

When Jenna sings

When Tracy makes up a nickname for someone ('L.L.' for Liz, 'Ken Doll' for Kenneth, etc.)

When Kenneth refers to his religious values

When Frank's hat says something sexual

When Toofer references anything relating to black history

When Grizz or Dot Com say something surprisingly intelligent

When Pete mentions his wife

When ANY of the characters (mostly Liz) say the following catchphrases:

  • "Nerds!"
  • "Blerg!"
  • "Shut it down!"
  • "I want to go to there."
  • "Synergy"


If Dennis shows up in an episode

Follow the above rules, and see how many episodes you can make it through before you start to see the Blue Man (where yo' feet at?!?).


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Conj 3 years ago

Me n my cuz play the Miss Lemon game....every time you hear the word drink

kalinin1158 profile image

kalinin1158 2 years ago from California

LOL I think I know what I'm doing next weekend :-) My only concern is: the game will end with my face in the popcorn bowl before I can get to episode 3...

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