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An All About Summer Trivia Quiz

Beth has been an online writer for several years. She is a Tennessee author, wife, and homemaker.

This quiz will definitely get you in the mood for summer fun!

This quiz will definitely get you in the mood for summer fun!

This fun trivia quiz is all about summer! If you'd like to participate in the quiz, it is very simple. First get out paper and pen or pencil and number your paper 1-20.

Scroll to the Questions section and read question #1. You will find four possible answers for the question; select your answer and write this on your paper.

Proceed through all the questions in the same way. At the end of the Question section, you will find the Answers. There you can tally up how many correct answers you got and see how well you did on the quiz.

Have fun!

Trivia Questions About Summer

  1. The English word summer developed from what Proto-Germanic word for the season?

    a. zimer
    b. sumaraz
    c. sama
    d. bumhot

  2. Summer solstice occurs on what 2-sequential days in the Northern hemisphere?

    a. June 20-21st
    b. July 14-15th
    c. July 20-21st
    d. August 9-10th

  3. Most historians agree that June evolved into the traditional month for weddings in the Western world for what two reasons?

    a. The month of June is named for Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and in the western hemisphere more fragrant flowers come to full bloom that month than any other time of the year.
    b. June represents the beginning of a fertile summer and white grapes were more abundant to squeeze “virgin” juice from and celebrate with.
    c. In the medieval days the fabric from which a bride’s garters were made were usually sewn from the first summer shavings from sheep, and also priests of the Celtic Church used summer spider silk to make sheaths for their holy books
    d. June was considered by the early Christian fathers as the devil’s month and for this reason it was forbidden in many regions to serve any stronger drink than wine during the course of this month.

  4. The most traditional birthstone for the month of August is what?

    a. Diamond
    b. Topaz
    c. Pearl
    d. Peridot

  5. What are the three summer signs of the Zodiac?

    a. Gemini, Cancer and Leo
    b. Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn
    c. Cancer, Leo and Virgo
    d. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

  6. What U.S. President’s daughter celebrates a birthday on July 4th?

    a. Amy Carter
    b. Malia Obama
    c. Chelsea Clinton
    d. Barbara AND Jenna Bush

  7. The month of July was named for what historical figure?

    a. Ju-Laharquai (ancient Egyptian writer of agriculture science)
    b. Julemaeg (Icelandic navigator and first man to map the North Americas known to the Vikings)
    c. Julius (Roman Caesar)
    d. Pope Julius I

  8. According to U.S. agricultural statistics these two vegetables have more sales in the month of August than during all the other months of the year combined. What vegetables are they?

    a. corn and squash
    b. turnips and squash
    c. lettuce and tomatoes
    d. beans and corn

  9. According to U.S. agricultural statistics what three fresh fruits outsell all others during the course of summer?

    a. grapes, blueberries and peaches
    b. peaches, watermelon and tomatoes
    c. tomatoes, watermelons and lemons
    d. blackberries, blueberries and coconuts

  10. On August 9, 1944 the U.S. was first introduced to this public-service mascot Who was he?

    a. Woodsy Owl, the anti-pollution bird
    b. Smokey Bear, the fire prevention bear
    c. Keep America Beautiful campaign’s weeping Native American (Iron Eyes Cody)
    d. Sanitary Sam, the Toxic Shock Syndrome Man

  11. Before the advent of artificial dyes, the most popular way people put the pink into pink lemonade was by doing what to the drink?

    a. adding a few drops of beet juice
    b. adding a few teaspoons of cherry juice
    c. adding a little red wine
    d. using pink lemons

  12. The summer’s Dog Days are named for what?

    a. Dogmat, the Babylonian god of summer and patron of canines
    b. Doggrirhea, an ancient Semitic goddess of fire
    c. For Sirius–the Dog Star- which rises and sets with the sun, and which ancients believed added heat to the summer
    d. the annual week-long event in summer when ancient Greek athletes sacrificed dogs in the hopes of being blessed with bulging muscles and the ability to pee while holding one leg up

  13. What summer blockbuster film was the first to be promoted to the public by a blitz of expensive television advertising?

    a. Psycho
    b. Batman (1966, starring Adam West)
    c. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    d. Jaws

  14. In the U.S. which of the following observances does not take place in the summer time?

    a. National Sandwich Month
    b. National Ice Cream Month
    c. National Barbecue Month
    d. National Watermelon Month

  15. The famous song, In The Good Old Summer Time by George Evans and Ren Shields, was composed and published in what year?

    a. 1891
    b. 1902
    c. 1930
    d. 1949

  16. According to hospital statistics in the U.S. what summer recreation historically claims the least number of injuries and fatalities each and every year?

    a. volleyball
    b. swimming in a pool
    c. fishing
    d. skinny dipping

  17. In the U.S. what is the most popular selling grilling meat throughout the summer?

    a. hamburgers
    b. hotdogs
    c. chicken
    d. vegan patties

  18. What over-the-counter vitamin can be used as an effective sun screen by either ingesting it or allowing it to diffuse in water and then applying to the skin?

    a. A
    b. D
    c. C
    d. B-6

  19. Of these “summer-time” smells which one do social researchers say is most often found to stimulate pleasant memories in human beings?

    a. coconut
    b. cut grass
    c. chlorine
    d. charred hamburger

  20. Don Henley’s nostalgic song, The Boys of Summer, has been released twice as a single and topped the charts both times. What year was this song released for the first time?

    a. 2001
    b. 1998
    c. 1990
    d. 1984


  1. b. sumaraz
  2. a. June 20-21st
  3. a. The month of June is named for Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and in the western hemisphere more fragrant flowers come to full bloom that month than any other time of the year
  4. d. Peridot
  5. c. Cancer, Leo and Virgo
  6. b. Malia Obama
  7. c. Julius (Roman Caesar)
  8. a. corn and squash
  9. b. peaches, watermelon and tomatoes
  10. b. Smokey Bear, the fire prevention bear
  11. a. adding a few drops of beet juice
  12. c. For Sirius—the Dog Star—which rises and sets with the sun, and which ancients believed added heat to the summer
  13. d. Jaws
  14. c. National Barbecue Month
  15. b. 1902
  16. d. skinny dipping
  17. b. hotdogs
  18. c. C
  19. b. cut grass
  20. d. 1984

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the answer to number 17 of your trivia quiz?

Answer: b. Hotdogs

© 2012 Beth Perry

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Beth Perry (author) from Tennesee on July 10, 2012:

Alrighty, Nell!! Excellent!

Nell Rose from England on July 10, 2012:

I got 15 right! yeah! lol! and no I didn't cheat! this was fun! thanks!

Beth Perry (author) from Tennesee on July 09, 2012:

Dexter, thanks so very much, you've made my morning :)

Dexter Yarbrough from United States on July 09, 2012:

Beth! I always love your quizzes and learn lots from them. Thank you for helping me become a little smarter!

Beth Perry (author) from Tennesee on July 08, 2012:

DarkMuse13, Virgo shows up on the zodiac calendar on August 23. Autumn begins with the Autumn (or Fall) Equinox; so Virgo has a definite and rightful place in the summer.

Alex Blackstone from Saint Louis, Mo on July 08, 2012:

You have the answer for #5 wrong. Virgo is the sign for September... The correct answer is A: Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, the signs for June, July, and August.

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