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Brown Paper Bag Guessing Game That's Fun at Parties

Jill loves spending quality time with her family by playing games.

This game is perfect for the whole family and can be easily prepared with items you already have around your home.

This game is perfect for the whole family and can be easily prepared with items you already have around your home.

I was recently at a family reunion and this was one of the games everyone played. I have never seen or heard of it until the reunion. My daughter and I had a lot of fun playing, as did everyone else, so I would like to share this fun little game with readers.

This game is suitable for all ages and works best with a large group of 5+ participants.

How to Play the Game


You will need 26 brown paper bags. The bags people use to pack lunches work perfectly. You will also need small objects to put inside the bag. If you are playing with children, make sure the objects are child safe. The small objects should each match one letter of the alphabet. You might use buttons for the letter B, for example.


  1. Write one letter of the alphabet on the front of each bag.
  2. Place an object in each bag that starts with the letter of the bag.
  3. Seal all of the bags. Be sure no one can peek inside.
  4. Place all of the bags in a basket, bucket, or other large container.
  5. Print out pieces of paper with all the letters of the alphabet on each. Make sure you leave enough space to write something next to every letter. Participants will try to guess what is in each bag.
  6. Distribute pens or pencils for your participants to write down their guesses.
  7. Near the end of the party, open the bags and check the papers to see who came closest to guessing all of the letters correctly.
  8. You can award a prize if you wish. Consider letting the winner pick the contents of one of the bags to keep.

How to Explain the Rules to the Players:

  1. Take a paper with the alphabet listed from A-Z. Put your name on top of the paper.
  2. Feel each paper bag and try to guess what's is inside. NO PEEKING!!! Feel, squeeze, and use your imagination. The item will start with the letter on the bag.
  3. When you have written down a guess for every letter, turn in your paper and wait to see how many you got right.

This is a great party idea because your guests can do it at their own pace and you do not have to have a set time for the game. All you have to do it place the basket with the bags inside, put the papers out, and make pens or pencils avaiable. When the guests are ready to give it a try they can start guessing. Just explain the rules to everyone and really stress there is NO PEEKING !!!

When everyone is done guessing or the party is coming to an end, gather all the guess sheets and get all the players in one place. Hand back the answer sheets and begin opening the bags. Before you open each bag, get all the players to tell you what they guessed. The answers that some people come up with are just as much fun as finding out the truth. Finally, open each bag and show the guests what was inside.

Examples of Items to Put in the Bags:

  • A: Antibacterial hand gel (small bottle)
  • B: bingo chips
  • T: tea bag
  • Z: Zebra (small child's toy animal)

Example of How to Format Answer Papers:




Give this game a try at your next party. I am sure you and your guests will find it as fun as I did. (I am still laughing at myself for putting "Kite" as my K answer when it was actually a keychain inside. My imagination told me it was a tiny kite!) I know some of you will be shocked at what your imagination will come up with while playing this game. By the way, it is not as easy as it sounds to guess items in the bag. Good Luck and have loads of fun!


Jill Kostowskie (author) from Pennsylvania on November 23, 2010:

I am sure it will be a blast! Crazy family may mean crazy imaginations with crazy guesses!!! I am sure there will be lots of laughs. Thanks for reading.

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on November 23, 2010:

This is a great game for my crazy family! I'll give it a try!

Ingenira on September 21, 2010:

Great game, I will try it in the next gathering event. Thank you !

Chaotic Chica on September 21, 2010:

That is a great idea and I just might steal it for an event that I am arranging for Halloween! My dear, I believe you have just given me inspiration!! :D Thank you!

Tracy Morrow from Cleveland, OH on September 13, 2010:

Great idea for a party game! I'll have to keep that in mind.

Jill Kostowskie (author) from Pennsylvania on September 11, 2010:

Work At Home Moms - Thanks for commenting and posting it to facebook!! It is very fun and the best thing is guest can play whenever they are ready. You don't need to gather everyone up to do it at once!!! I know the younger kids had a blast playing it also.

Work At Home Moms from Sydney, Australia on September 09, 2010:

Great game Jill. Thanks for that, sounds like heaps of fun. I shared it on my facebook page.

Thanks again for that.