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70+ Clean Would You Rather Questions

I've played many games of Would You Rather with my friends, and now I'm sharing my favorites with you.

"Would you rather...?" is a fun game to play with friends.

"Would you rather...?" is a fun game to play with friends.

If you're like me and you're tired of running into either really lame or down-right dirty "Would you rather...? question, then you're in luck. In this article, you'll find clean but entertaining "Would you rather questions...?" that have nothing to do with scandalous relations or gross eating habits. And if you're looking for more questions to play, check out this comprehensive list of 200+ Would You Rather Questions.

Clean "Would You Rather...?" Questions

  1. Be able to understand any topic you read or be able to fully understand anyone you encounter?
  2. Wake up with wrinkles that straighten out throughout the day or wake up with good skin that gets progressively more wrinkly as the day goes by?
  3. Have a coffee mug that instantly refills itself when empty or have free overnight shipping for the rest of your life?
  4. Have to wear only 1 color each day or wear all 7 colors every day?
  5. Never have to get a haircut again or never have to do laundry because your clothes are always clean no matter what?
  6. Find out that the last 30 days of your internet search history was uploaded publicly for everyone to see or the 2 weeks of your bedroom activity was recorded through a webcam?
  7. Receive $100k today or $1 million 10 years from now?
  8. Eat your food piping hot all the time or always served cold no matter what?
  9. Be able to delete certain parts of your memory or be able to delete some parts of other people's memories?
  10. Only be able to watch the local news on T.V. or watch any channel you want but it's in a foreign language?
  11. Have Google as your brain or the brain of Albert Einstein?
  12. Be able to fast forward your life or rewind it?
  13. Wake up with someone else's head every day or permanently replace your lower body with the lower half of any animal of your choice?
  14. Have an easy job that pays very little or an extremely hard job that pays a lot?
  15. Control the future or talk to animals?
  16. Be rich but live a short life or be poor but live a long life?
  17. Have a really strong upper body but a weak lower body or a weak upper body but a strong lower body?
  18. Not be able to read or not be able to speak?
  19. Live alone without any human contact for 2 years or never be alone (even when you shower or sleep) for 2 years?
  20. Meet your ancestors or meet your future descendants?

Kid-Friendly Questions

  1. Be able to fly or be able to live under the sea?
  2. Never be able to find the right partner or never be able to find the right job?
  3. Be able to see the entire universe or be able to understand everything about the universe?
  4. Skip traffic whenever you want or work from home whenever you want?
  5. Eat a tablespoon of mustard or drink a glass of spoiled milk?
  6. Have to eat a tomato at every meal for a year or never drink plain water for a year?
  7. Wake up in a strange forest or wake up in a strange desert?
  8. Find out your spouse cheated on you with your best friend or find out your spouse is gay?
  9. Be reborn into the past or into the future?
  10. Have to wear socks in summer or wear no socks in winter?
  11. Have an arranged marriage or be single forever?
  12. Be an average person in today's age or royalty in an Ancient empire?
  13. Be accomplished but never satisfied or live an average life but always feel fulfilled?
  14. Give one of your kidney's to a stranger or be a sperm/egg donor to someone you know?
  15. Be respected but poor or be hated but rich?
  16. Be a kid your whole life or grow old like a normal person?
  17. Always have your boss hate you no matter what job you get or never get a raise but your boss is always nice to you?
  18. Eat you favorite meal every day for a year or never be able to eat your favorite meal for a year but you can eat everything else?
  19. Change history just by rewriting the books or influence the future just by painting it?
  20. Live somewhere that is always hot or always cold?

Clean and Fun WYD Questions

  1. Trip and fall in front of strangers or accidentally let out a fart in front of them?
  2. Have someone read aloud your last text or have everyone in your family read your search history going back a week?
  3. Wear a ridiculous wig out in public every day for a year or wear socks and sandals for a year?
  4. Blast Justin Bieber's "Baby" out the window or any song by Nickelback?
  5. Forget how to talk in the middle of a speech/presentation or forget how to use utensils on a date?
  6. Always have a runny nose for a month or always have an eye booger for 2 months?
  7. Have toilet paper on your shoe every time you walk out the bathroom or always have wet palms when you shake someone's hand?
  8. Sneeze every time you say hi to someone or have eyes that permanently stare at everyone's chest level?
  9. Have a really loud voice or be barely audible?
  10. Be caught cheating or be caught stealing something petty?

Totally Clean Would You Rather Questions

  1. Stay in and watch a movie or go out all night?
  2. Eat pizza or tacos for dinner once a week?
  3. Always be late or always be early?
  4. Drink only coffee or only tea?
  5. Only be able to shower in the morning or only be able to shower at night?
  6. Be a phenomenal singer or a phenomenal dancer?
  7. Live in a place where it always rains or where it never rains?
  8. Lose your job or lose your house?
  9. Wake up at 5 A.M. every day or wake up at noon every day?
  10. Have really bad body odor or a really hairy body?
  11. Never get married or get married but divorce every time?
  12. Always worry or always sad?
  13. Live in a mansion somewhere rural or live in a tiny apartment in the middle of the city?
  14. Have to drive every you go or be driven every time?
  15. Only shower once a week or only have a full night's sleep once a week?
  16. Get acne on your face or your back?
  17. Have really long fingernails or really long toenails?
  18. Be able to speak to animals or be able to speak every foreign language?
  19. Be famous for the wrong reasons or be unknown in a profession where face is the ultimate achievement?
  20. Never pay for food again or never pay for wifi again?