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5 Hilarious Drinking Card Games

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Maybe you're like me—not a real big drinker. Heck, my beer will sit there until it's flat. Sometimes I actually forget it completely. To get everyone interacting and make sure you don't forget to drink at a party, you can partake in a few card drinking games.

It is a fun way to spend your time with friends, and the constant interaction will make sure that everyone is part of the party and that nobody gets left out. Enjoy these games and comment if you try one out! Thank you!

1. Ace of Spades

This game is for the lonely drinker who wants to get drunk quickly by him/herself. Take a deck of cards and shuffle. Place the deck face down. Say, "Ace of Spades" and flip over the top card.

If the card is not an ace of spades, then you take a drink. You keep playing and drinking until you get to the ace of spades. You can take as big of a drink as you wish each time. Beer is recommended for this game. (Personally, I thought this one was great!)

2. Across the Bridge

Deal out 10 cards face down in one line. This forms the bridge. The object is to get across the bridge. You do this by flipping over one card at a time.

If you get a numbered card, you are fine and get to move to the next card. However, if you flip a face card, you drink according to the face card: Jack is one, Queen is two, King is three, and Ace is four. If you flip a face card, you must put down more cards according to what the face card is.

Example: Pull a Jack and place one more down, pull a Queen and put two down, etc. Once all the cards are flipped over or the deck is done, you are across and you are done.

3. Asshole

The first hand is used to determine everyone's rank during the following hands. Deal out all the cards. The person to the left of the dealer starts off. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

When starting, you can lay down any card or cards with the same face value. The person following you must lay down a card of equal or greater value. They must also use the same amount of cards as you did. If you lay down two 9s, then they would have to lay down two of something equal or greater.

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If the player lays down the same card as the previous player, then the next player is skipped and must drink. Also, if you can't play any of your cards, then you must skip and drink. Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played.

Play continues like this until all the cards have been played. After the first hand is when the fun really begins. There is a ranking system which is as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Asshole. Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, etc. For the following rounds, anyone who ranks higher then you can tell you to drink whenever they want to.

Special Rules:

  • The Asshole must always deal and clear the cards.
  • The Asshole must give the two best cards in their hand to the President. The President gives the two worst cards in their hand to the Asshole.
  • If the President remains President for three consecutive rounds, they can create special rules, such as the word "drink" cannot be used. If these rules are broken, then the offender must drink.

4. Circle of Death

Players: 2–Unlimited

All you need is a deck of cards, a cup, and a ton of beer (or drink of choice). Lay all the cards out face down in a circle, with the cup in the middle. Start with one person drawing a card out of the deck, and continue pulling until the fourth king has been pulled or all the cards are gone, your choice. The person must do something corresponding to the card they pulled as follows:

  • 1–6: If it’s red, you must drink. If it’s black, give out that many drinks times two (ie. a black 4, pass out 8 to whoever you want.)
  • 7: Ladies drink
  • 8: Gentlemen drink
  • 9: Rhyme: pick a word and start going around the circle rhyming with it. The first to pause, repeat a word or say something that doesn't rhyme must drink.
  • 10: Ahead: the person to your left must drink.
  • Jack: Back: the person to your right must drink.
  • Queen: Category: pick something general like beer types or condom types, and start going around the circle, same rules as rhyming. The first to pause, repeat or screw up must drink.
  • King: The first three people to pull kings may pour as much beer into the cup in the middle as he or she wants. The person to pull the forth king must drink everything in the cup.
  • Ace: Waterfall: whoever pulls the card designates which way the waterfall is going (to the right or left). Everyone starts drinking at the same time, when the person who pulls the card stops, whichever way the waterfall is going you must stop drinking in that order (i.e. if the waterfall is going to the left, when the person who pulled the card stops, the person on their left may stop and then the person on their left may stop, etc.)

5. Drug Dealer

Get as many cards as there are players. There should be one ace and one king mixed with the cards. Mix up cards and distribute one to each player. Players look only at their card. The player with the ace is the drug dealer and the person with the king is the cop.

The drug dealer must wink at the other players. Any player who sees the wink must then say "The deal has been made." It is up to the cop to determine who the dealer is. For each wrong guess, the cop must drink for 5 seconds. Players may bluff and pretend they saw the wink even if they haven't.

This is fun with large groups of people because it is harder for the cop to guess. However, if the cop sees the wink, the dealer must drink for 5 seconds.

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