16 Harry Potter Trivia Questions From "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

Updated on October 16, 2019
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Morgan has read the Harry Potter series a countless number of times and loves creating tough trivia questions.

Here are 16 questions to test your Harry Potter knowledge on names, places, and events that occur in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be asked something as easy as the spell to disarm opponents; think more along the lines of the number of Lockhart's books that are required for the school year. Be advised that these questions are specific to this book and ignore information that is presented in other Harry Potter novels.


1) Which of these phrases did Harry not use when he pretended to cast a spell to set the hedge on fire in front of Dudley?

A) Hocus pocus

B) Abracadabra

C) Squiggly wiggly

D) Jiggery pokery

2) Which of these objects does Dobby not use to try and hurt himself in the Dursley’s house?

A) Bedpost

B) Window

C) Wall

D) Desk Lamp

3) What book was on the mantelpiece in The Burrow?

A) Enchanting Your Own Fest

B) Summoning Baked Goods from the Oven

C) Charm Your Own Cheese

D) One Minute Magical Desserts

4) Which of these items was not in the glass case at Borgin and Burkes?

A) Hand of Glory

B) Blood-stained pack of cards

C) Glass eye

D) Necklace

5) What does Harry bellow at Ron to alert him that he’s about to hit the Whomping Willow?





6) Which book claims that Gilderoy Lockhart’s favorite color is lilac?

A) Break with a Banshee

B) Gadding with Ghouls

C) Wanderings with Werewolves

D) Year with the Yeti

7) To whom is Harry addressing a letter when he first hears the disembodied voice?

A) Gladys Gudgeon

B) Janice Smethwick

C) Veronica Smethley

D) Terry Erwin

8) What adjectives does Myrtle not claim people call her?

A) Fat

B) Pimply

C) Ugly

D) Miserable

9) Which of these names does Professor Binns not use for his students?

A) Grant

B) Pennyfeather

C) Wesley

D) O’Flaherty

10) Which of these creatures did Harry have to portray in Lockhart’s class?

A) Ghoul

B) Troll

C) Banshee

D) Yeti

11) Into whose cauldron does Harry throw a Filibuster firework?

A) Goyle

B) Malfoy

C) Crabbe

D) Bulstrode

12) What order of Merlin does Gilderoy Lockhart have?

A) First Class

B) Second Class

C) Third Class

D) Fourth Class

13) On what day do Harry, Hermione and Ron take the Polyjuice Potion?

A) Christmas Day

B) The day before Christmas

C) The day after Christmas

D) New Year’s Day

14) What location was printed on the back of Riddle’s diary?

A) Carnaby Street

B) Vauxhall Road

C) Park Road

D) Melville Road

15) For which new third-year subjects do Harry and Ron sign up?

A) Care of Magical Creatures and Divination

B) Muggle Studies and Divination

C) Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy

D) Their choices are not said

16) Where did Fawkes lead Harry, Ron, Ginny and Lockhart after escaping the Chamber of Secrets?

A) Dumbledore’s office

B) McGonagall’s office

C) Lockhart’s office

D) Hospital Wing


  1. B—Abracadabra. In Chapter One (The Worst Birthday) Harry says jiggery pokery, hocus pocus and squiggly wiggly before Dudley runs back into the house.
  2. A—Bedpost. In Chapter Two (Dobby’s Warning) Dobby hits his head against the window, the wall and with a desk lamp.
  3. C—Charm Your Own Cheese. In Chapter Three (The Burrow) the books listed as being on the mantelpiece are Charm Your Own Cheese, Enchantment in Baking and One Minute Feasts- It’s Magic!
  4. D—Necklace. In Chapter Four (At Florish and Blotts) Harry notices the pack of cards, a glass eye and a withered hand on a cushion that is later revealed to be the Hand of Glory. While a necklace from Borgin and Burkes appears in the sixth book (The Half-Blood Prince) there is no mention of one in this book.
  5. A—“WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!” In Chapter Five (The Whomping Willow) Harry says this line as the car plummets towards the tree.
  6. D—Year with the Yeti. In Chapter Six (Gilderoy Lockhart) Lockhart is disappointed that more of the class didn’t remember that his favorite color is lilac and points out that the information was found in Year with the Yeti.
  7. C—‚Veronica Smethley. In Chapter Seven (Mudbloods and Murmurs) Harry is addressing Lockhart’s fan mail to Veronica Smethley when he hears the voice and ends up putting a blot on her street name.
  8. B—Pimply. In Chapter Eight (The Deathday Party) Myrtle says people call her fat, ugly and miserable while Peeves reminds her that she’s described as pimply too.
  9. C—Wesley. In Chapter Nine (The Writing on the Wall) Professor Binns refers to Hermione as Grant, Seamus as O’Flaherty and Parvati as Pennyfeather.
  10. D—Yeti. In Chapter Ten (The Rogue Bludger) Harry is said to have played a Transylvanian villager, a yeti, a vampire and a werewolf.
  11. A—Goyle. In Chapter Eleven (The Dueling Club) Harry lobs a firework into Goyle’s cauldron causing Malfoy and Goyle to be hit by the spewing potion.
  12. C—Third. In Chapter Six (Gilderoy Lockhart) Lockhart mentions it in his Defense Against the Dark Arts class and it is mentioned again in his letter to Hermione in Chapter 13 (The Very Secret Diary).
  13. A—Christmas Day. In Chapter Twelve (The Polyjuce Potion) Hermione goes into Harry and Ron’s dormitory in the morning to inform them that the potion will be reading that night and the three of them take the potion later that evening.
  14. B—Vauxhall Road. In Chapter Thirteen (The Very Secret Diary) Harry examines Tom Riddle’s diary and notices that the back cover has the address Vauxhall Road, London.
  15. D—Their choices are unspecified. In Chapter Fourteen (Cornelius Fudge) Harry and Ron’s choices aren’t actually spelled out although it’s clear that they sign up for the same classes. While they did choose Care of Magical Creatures and Divination, their choices weren’t revealed until the third book.
  16. B—McGonagall’s office. In Chapter Seventeen (The Heir of Slytherin) Fawkes leads them to Professor McGonagall’s office.


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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      There is a mention of the necklace in book 2 - specifically one made of opals.


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