Boom Cup Drinking Game Rules

Updated on April 6, 2017

Boom Cup—also known as Slap Cup—is one of my all-time favorite drinking games—second only to Kings. I like it because it has real rules, is fast-paced, and is way more fun than beer pong. I’ve always thought drinking games were a fantastic way to break the ice and make a party more fun. This game, in particular, is great because a lot of people can play and unlike some other drinking games, this one might get you a nice buzz but won’t leave you blackout drunk.

What You Need to Play

  • A large-ish table. (A ping-pong table often works well).
  • 15-20 solo cups.
  • Two bouncy rubber balls.
  • Beer. And lots of it.

How to Setup the Game

  1. Make a circle of cups in the center of the table. You can put as many cups as you’d like, but there should be at least as many cups as there are players. These are the drinking cups.
  2. Fill the drinking cups about one-third full of beer.
  3. In the center of the circle of cups, place one more cup that is filled completely with beer. This is known as the “kill cup."
  4. Get out two more cups and set those closer to the edge.
  5. Lay the two bouncy balls down next to the cups near the edge.

Whether you call it boom cup or slap cup, the game will definitely put a smile on your face.
Whether you call it boom cup or slap cup, the game will definitely put a smile on your face.

How to Play Boom Cup

Getting Started

  • Everyone stands in a circle around the table.
  • The two players who start off should have the two empty cups and the bouncy balls. The starting-off players should have a third player in between them. (Now's a good time to put on some music!)
  • On "go!" the two players begin trying to bounce their ball into their empty cup. There are two possible outcomes:
  1. If you make it in on the first try, you can pass the ball and cup to anyone in the circle.
  2. If you make it in on a later try, you must pass the ball and cup to the right.
  • If the person directly to your left bounces their ball into his or her cup before you, then the person to your left will yell “Boom,” slap your cup to the ground, and you will have to drink one of the cups from the middle of the table.

How to Strategize

  • The object, then, is to get your ball in the cup on the first try so that you can then move your cup to the left of the person that is still trying to get their ball into the cup. That way they will have to drink when their left-hand-side neighbor makes it. Or, you could pass the drink to the right of the person trying to get their ball into the cup, betting that first player will get it in before the person you pass the cup to will.

Ending the Game

  • You continue until all the cups are empty. When only the “kill cup” is left, the last person to get their ball in the cup has to drink the whole thing.


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