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50 Funny Icebreaker Questions

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50 funny icebreaker ideas

50 funny icebreaker ideas

If you are hosting a meeting with a team of new people, teaching a class on the first day of school, or just doing something that might put a group of people in an awkward setting, then you might just want to kick off that whatever-it-is with a good icebreaker!

What Are Icebreakers?

Think about a block of ice; what qualities does it have? It’s cold, still, hard, and just kinda sits there, and it may melt over time depending on the temperature. It’s kind of like a person in an uncomfortable situation; it doesn’t know what to say and might just sit there, not wanting to speak out at all. Sometimes you need a little chisel to get something going, and a chisel in this analogy would be an icebreaker! There are a few games you could play, but the most commonly played and easily used are icebreaker questions.

Icebreaker questions can be funny, serious, or even “would you rather” scenarios. They are meant to get everyone out of their shell and socializing, and depending on the event, to help people get to know one another! But what kind of questions make the best icebreaker questions for getting to know just one person? Funny icebreaker questions, that’s what!

So here, that’s what I will focus on. Keep in mind that the questions themselves may not be funny, but the answers they will generate will have the room rolling on the floor! Here goes…

These are supposed to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable around new people!

These are supposed to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable around new people!

Funny Icebreaker Questions

  1. What superhero would you want to be, and why?
  2. What superpower would you want to possess?
  3. If you could be a fly on the wall for any president, past or present, which president would that be?
  4. You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three things; what three things would you have?
  5. If you were anything out of the produce section, what would you be?
  6. What animal might you have been in your past life?
  7. If you could paint yourself any color and not be seen as a psychopath, what color would that be?
  8. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why?
  9. What animal would you want to bring with you on a journey through outer space?
  10. You have an itch on your butt, inside your ear, and up your nose at the same time, which would you scratch if you would only pick one?
  11. What Simpsons character are you?
  12. What child character would you be out of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
  13. Are you the good witch or the bad witch?
  14. You accidentally forgot to put on socks and underwear but only have time to put one on, which do you choose?
  15. Dance up close with someone smelly or smell everyone in the room?
  16. If you could travel back in time to any single year or event then back again only once, what would you choose and why?
  17. What are your nine favorite foods?
  18. What kind of dog are you?
  19. If you were a car, what would you be, and why?
  20. What is your most treasured material possession?
  21. What is your favorite cartoon, past or present?
  22. What section of the newspaper would you be?
  23. If you were a part of the televised news, what would your role be?
  24. What flavor of coffee are you?
  25. You like your men/women how you like your…
  26. You like your work how you like your…
  27. What do you want most out of life?
  28. Win the lottery or earn your riches?
  29. What state are you and why?
  30. What instrument would you be?
  31. What genre of music would you be?
  32. If you were any piece of office supplies, what would you be?
  33. Would you want to live where you vacation or just vacation more often?
  34. Starbucks called, they said you forgot your…
  35. What is your guilty pleasure?
  36. What would be your preferred source of alternate energy?
  37. Where would you live if you could be totally off the grid?
  38. Your cell phone, your car, or your identity, pick one.
  39. How many friends do you have on Facebook, and how many actually mean something to you?
  40. What if the sky were falling?
  41. What if money really did grow on trees?
  42. What if you had just one day left to live?
  43. If someone took a candid picture of you, what might you have been caught doing?
  44. Do you separate your laundry into like colors?
  45. You have two flat tires, one spare, no cell phone and are in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?
  46. What is your favorite section in the grocery store, and why?
  47. What kind of cake would you be?
  48. Someone farted in a small, confined space. Do you remain silent or call them out?
  49. Would you rather be too tall or too short?
  50. What candy are you, and why?
Remember, these are supposed to be fun!

Remember, these are supposed to be fun!

Keep It Clean!

Icebreakers are meant to be fun, so choose your questions wisely, taking into account the type of event it is for and the kind of people who will be playing! Keep it clean, random, and fun!


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Very nice!

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Zett Noir Cromwell from Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines on July 12, 2017:

Most of the questions would really struck anyone. Really great hub!

Laura Schneider from Minnesota, USA on February 26, 2015:

These are great! I'm going to be returning to this hub often for inspiration, especially at parties! Voted up, awesome, etc. Great job!

Laura Schneider from Minnesota, USA on February 26, 2015:

These are great! I'm going to be returning to this hub often for inspiration, especially at parties! Voted up, awesome, etc. Great job!

sujaya venkatesh on February 26, 2015:

hub with humour

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on February 25, 2015:

Love these! Voted up, useful, funny and sharing!