1960 Fun Facts, Trivia, and History

Updated on September 4, 2019
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This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history from the year 1960.
This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history from the year 1960.

History Facts From the Year 1960

What are some fun facts, trivia, and history from the year 1960? For openers, John F. Kennedy was elected President, Theodore Maiman built the first laser, and Wilson Greatbatch developed the heart pacemaker. Hurricane Donna battered the eastern U.S. from late August until mid-September, the USPS introduced zip codes, and the U.S. census was mailed out for the first time.

In 1960, the FDA banned sassafras oil from root beer, about 65% of Americans were churchgoers, and the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched. General Motors was America’s biggest company, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series, and the theme from A Summer Place was number one on the charts for nine weeks.

Back in 1960, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was the most popular film, Little Debbie Cream Pies first appeared on grocery store shelves, and favorite holiday gifts were Barbie and Chatty Cathy. Gunsmoke (CBS) was the top TV show, the last episode of The Howdy Doody Show (NBC) aired, and The Flintstones (ABC) premiered.

In 1960, the minimum wage was $1.00, the average family income was $6,691.00, and a new house cost $12,700.00. A gallon of gas cost 31¢, a McDonald’s hamburger was 15¢, and a doctor’s visit cost $5.00. White bread was 12¢ a loaf, Kraft Miracle Whip cost 51¢ for a quart jar, and a six-pack of Pepsi was 59¢.

Back in 1960, farmers made up 8.3% of the U.S. labor force, over 90% of American households had at least one TV, and the Winter Olympics were held in Squaw Valley, California. NBA player Oscar Robertson married teacher Yvonne Crittenden, entertainers Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz parted ways, and tuition at Harvard cost $1,520.

In 1960, the starting salary for a teacher was $5,135, Detroit was the wealthiest per capita city in America, and Granny Smith apples first appeared in American grocery stores. Domino's Pizza and Four Seasons Hotels were both launched, Golf Magazine began publishing, and A Taste of Honey and 57 other shows opened on Broadway.

Here are some more fast history facts from 1960: “cooties” were an “imaginary germ” that uncool people had, Advise and Consent was a national bestseller, and Venetian Way won the Kentucky Derby. A movie ticket cost 69¢, chicken a la King and iceberg wedge salads were crowd-pleasers, and popular baby names were Michael and Lisa.

On the international stage, OPEC was created, North Vietnam escalated military operations against the South Vietnamese, and Cuba nationalized American oil and sugar interests. Swarms of locusts destroyed many of China’s crops, and 1960 was the year of the mysterious Black Knight satellite, when U.S. officials believed that an alien satellite was orbiting the earth.

Famous people in the news back in 1960 included John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Harold Macmillan, Queen Elizabeth II, Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, Louis and Mary Leakey, Elvis Presley, Federico Fellini, Elizabeth Taylor, Arnold Palmer, Berry Gordy, Alfred Hitchcock, Floyd Patterson, Mickey Mantle, Harper Lee, Grandma Moses, and Chubby Checker.

Whether you’re a millennial, a 50-something, or a baby boomer, this article teaches you fun facts, cool trivia, and history from the year 1960. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, fashion fads, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1960s-themed trivia quiz.

Table of Contents

For your convenience, I have divided this article into the following categories:

  1. Grocery Prices in the Year 1960
  2. Other Retail Prices for the Year
  3. History Facts From the USA
  4. International News
  5. Random Sports Facts
  6. Miscellaneous Fun Facts, Trivia, and Pop Culture Trends
  7. Bestselling Books
  8. Popular Movies
  9. 1960/1961’s Most Popular Television Shows (According to Nielsen)
  10. Broadway Shows That Opened
  11. Cool Pop Music Artists
  12. Number One Music Hits for the Year
  13. Popular Foods

  14. Famous People in the News
  15. Well-Known People Who Were Born in 1960
  16. Famous People Who Died
  17. America’s Biggest Companies
  18. American Companies Founded
  19. How Much Did a New Car Cost in 1960?

1. Grocery Prices in the Year 1960

These facts from the American grocery industry have been made available courtesy of the Morris County Public Library in Whippany, NJ.

  1. Apples: $0.16 per pound
  2. Bananas: $0.10 per pound
  3. Cabbage: $0.10 per pound
  4. Calf Liver: $0.79 per pound
  5. Campbell’s Pork & Beans: $0.15 for a 16-ounce can
  6. Canned corn: $0.15 for a 15-ounce can
  7. Canned orange juice: $0.43 for a 46-ounce can
  8. Carrots: $0.05 for a one-pound bag
  9. Chewing gum: $0.05 per pack
  10. Chicken fryers: $0.37 per pound
  11. Coffee: $0.75 per pound
  12. Corn syrup: $0.27 for 24 ounces
  13. Del Monte Sliced Yellow Cling Peaches: $0.29 for a 16-ounce can
  14. Eggs: $0.53 per dozen
  15. Flour: $0.49 for a five-pound bag
  16. Fresh corn: Six ears for $0.25
  17. Frozen French fried potatoes: $0.10 for eight ounces
  18. Frozen turkey: $0.39 per pound
  19. Gerber’s Baby Food: $0.25 for three jars
  20. Grape jelly: $0.29 for 12 ounces
  21. Ground beef: $0.33 per pound
  22. Hershey Bar: $0.05 for a one-ounce bar
  23. Heinz Ketchup: $0.22 for a 14-ounce bottle
  24. Hickory smoked ham: $0.49 per pound
  25. Iceberg lettuce: $0.17 per head
  26. Ice cream: $0.79 per half gallon
  27. Jello: $0.35 for four packages
  28. Kraft Miracle Whip: $0.51 for a quart jar
  29. Land O'Lakes Butter: $0.67 per pound
  30. Margarine: $0.27 per pound
  31. Milk: $0.95 per gallon
  32. Nilla Wafers: $0.25 for a 12-ounce box
  33. Onions: $0.09 per pound
  34. Oranges: Two dozen for $0.89
  35. Peanut butter: $0.29 for a one-pound jar
  36. Pepsi: Six-pack for $0.59
  37. Pillsbury Cake Mix: $0.25 per box
  38. Pork chops: $0.59 per pound
  39. Potatoes: $0.72 for a 10-pound bag
  40. Rice: $0.45 for a three-pound bag
  41. Shortening (hydrogenated): $0.82 for a three-pound can
  42. Sirloin steak: $0.89 per pound
  43. Skippy Peanut Butter: $0.79 for a 16-ounce jar
  44. Sliced bacon: $0.79 per pound
  45. Sliced pickles: $0.26 for 15 ounces
  46. Soda crackers: $0.23 for a one-pound box
  47. Sugar: $0.38 for a five-pound bag
  48. Starkist Tuna: $0.31 for a six-ounce can
  49. Sweet potatoes: $0.14 per pound
  50. Tea bags: $0.24 for 16 bags
  51. T-bone steak: $0.85 per pound
  52. Tomato soup: Two cans for $0.25
  53. Watermelon: 2½ cents per pound
  54. Wesson Oil: $0.47 per quart
  55. White bread: $0.20 per loaf

2. Other Retail Prices for the Year

  1. 1,000 kWh of electricity: $0.25

  2. 45 rpm single record: $1.00

  3. A gallon of gas: $0.31

  4. Budweiser: $0.99 for a six-pack

  5. Buster Brown shoes: $3.00

  6. Can of Aqua Net hairspray: $0.47

  7. Can of shaving cream: $0.59

  8. Cup of restaurant coffee: $0.10 - $0.15

  9. Daily newspaper: $0.10

  10. Dining set (table and six chairs): $158.95

  11. Doctor’s office visit: $5.00

  12. Full-size mattress and box-spring set: $69.99

  13. Kenmore washing machine: $158.00

  14. McDonald’s Coca-Cola: $0.10

  15. McDonald’s French fries: $0.10

  16. McDonald’s cheeseburger: $0.19

  17. McDonald’s coffee: $0.10

  18. McDonald’s hamburger: $0.15

  19. McDonald’s malt shake: $0.20

  20. McDonald’s orangeade: $0.10

  21. McDonald’s root beer: $0.10

  22. Men’s electric shaver: $20.30

  23. Men’s Oxford shoes: $12.95

  24. Movie ticket: $0.69

  25. New car: $2,600.00

  26. New home: $12,700.00

  27. Pair of men’s Levi’s jeans: $5.00

  28. Payphone (local call): $0.10

  29. Polaroid Land Camera: $93.45

  30. Popcorn at the movie: $0.20

  31. Postage stamp: $0.04

  32. Record album: $3.00

  33. Sofa set (two lounges, one with a table and one without): $174.95

  34. Sunburst clock: $27.50

  35. 23-inch television: $219.95

  36. Tennis shoes: $5.00

  37. Tuition at Columbia: $1,460

  38. Tuition at Harvard: $1,520

  39. Tuition at MIT: $1,200

  40. Tuition at Northwestern: $1,200

  41. Tuition at Penn State: $480

  42. Tuition at UC Berkeley: $0.00

  43. Women’s swinging shift skirt: $5.00

3. History Facts From the USA

  1. John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States by defeating Richard Nixon. JFK was also the first Roman Catholic and youngest person ever to be elected U.S. President.

  2. Based on 1960 U.S. Census data, the population of the United States was 179,32,175. (The 1950 U.S. population was 151,325,798.)

  3. The unemployment rate was 5.5%.

  4. The rate of inflation jumped from 0.69% to 1.72%, and housing and energy costs were the major factors for the increase. According to In2013Dollars.com, “Purchasing power decreased by 1.72% in 1960 compared to 1959. On average, you would have to spend 1.72% more money in 1960 than in 1959 for the same item. In other words, $1 in 1959 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $1.02 in 1960.”

  5. The minimum wage was $1.00, and the average hourly manufacturing wage was $2.32.

  6. In 1960, the mysterious Black Knight satellite led U.S. authorities to believe that an alien satellite was orbiting the earth. Grunge.com reports that “By the end of the 1950s, the space race was in full swing and both the U.S. and USSR had managed to put satellites in orbit. But on February 11, 1960, a radar used by the U.S. Navy picked up the presence of a strange ‘dark, tumbling object’ that didn't belong to either country. . . . The sudden possibility that the Soviets had quietly launched a satellite, possibly a spy satellite, freaked out plenty of Americans. It didn't help that this new object was in polar orbit, when all the known satellites were circling the equator.”

  7. The United States launched the USS Enterprise, the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Wired.com explains that “With nuclear power to propel it, the Enterprise does not need to carry its own fuel oil and has more room for aircraft and weapons. It routinely carries 70 to 90 planes. The ship measures in at 1,120 feet (about 100 feet longer than the USS Saratoga), with a 250-foot-wide flight deck. . . . It relies on a crew of 5,700.”

  8. Hurricane Donna battered the Caribbean and eastern United States from late August until mid-September. HurricaneScience.org tells us that Donna is the only hurricane on record to produce hurricane-force winds in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic States, and New England. Donna roamed the Atlantic for a total of 17 days, and also holds the record for retaining major hurricane status in the Atlantic Basin for nine days.

  9. In 1960, the U.S. census was mailed out for the first time. Census.gov points out that "Earlier censuses had used self-enumeration on a limited scale, but 1960 was the debut for this technique as a primary method for the collection of population and residential data. The postal service delivered questionnaires to every occupied housing unit. Householders were asked to complete the questionnaire and hold it for an enumerator to pick up."

  10. Zip codes were first introduced in 1960, and the USPS used a mascot named Mr. Zip to help Americans through the transition.

  11. American engineer Wilson Greatbatch developed the heart pacemaker.

  12. American engineer and physicist Theodore Maiman built the first laser at Hughes Research Laboratories.

  13. The FDA banned sassafras oil from root beer because of the carcinogenicity of its constituent “safrole.”

  14. In 1960, about 65% of Americans were churchgoers, compared to about 40% in 1940.

  15. The Winter Olympics were held in Squaw Valley, California. A total of 83 countries and 5,338 athletes participated in the 150 sporting events.

4. International News

  1. Several witnesses reported seeing a “phantom army” on a road near Otterburn, a village in Northumberland, England. Otterburn was “the site of the famous Battle of Otterburn in 1388 when the English army suffered a bloody defeat by the Scots led by the Earl of Douglas.”

  2. The world’s population was 3,000,000,000.

  3. On January 9, construction began on the Aswan High Dam in Egypt, and was completed on July 21, 1970. History.com tells us that “More than two miles long at its crest, the massive $1 billion dam ended the cycle of flood and drought in the Nile River region, and exploited a tremendous source of renewable energy.”

  4. On January 18, the U.S. and Japan signed a joint defense treaty.

  5. In China, an estimated 20 million people died after swarms of locusts destroyed much of the country’s crops. This catastrophe could have been prevented if sparrows, the natural predator of locusts, were not deliberately killed two years earlier to alleviate a “pest problem.”

  6. On September 10-14, OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) was created at the Baghdad Conference by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Today, OPEC’s 12 members are Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

  7. Le Duan replaced Ho Chi Minh as head of North Vietnam’s ruling Communist party.

  8. North Vietnam escalated military operations against the South Vietnamese.

  9. Fidel Castro nationalized U.S. oil and sugar interests in Cuba in defense of “economy and sovereignty."

  10. The 1960 Summer Olympics were held in August with Rome as the host city. A total of 83 countries and 5,338 athletes participated in the 150 sporting events. For the first time, the games were televised live in 18 European countries, the United States, Canada, and Japan to the delight of millions of viewers.

5. Random Sports Facts

Generally suitable for all age groups, sports trivia questions and answers are a welcome addition to any party game.

  • World Series Champions - Pittsburgh Pirates
  • NFL Champions - Philadelphia Eagles
  • AFL Champions - Houston Oilers
  • NBA Champions - Boston Celtics
  • Stanley Cup Champs - Montreal Canadiens
  • NCAA Football Champions - Minnesota & Mississippi
  • NCAA Basketball Champions - Ohio State
  • U.S. Open Golf - Arnold Palmer
  • U.S. Tennis (men/women) - Neale Fraser/Darlene R. Hard
  • Wimbledon (men/women) - Neale Fraser/Maria Bueno
  • Kentucky Derby - Venetian Way

6. Miscellaneous Fun Facts, Trivia, and Pop Culture Trends

  1. In 1960, the starting salary for a teacher was $5,135. It was $4,400 for a police officer and $9,400 for an engineer.
  2. American farmers were paid $1.79 for a bushel of wheat and $0.98 for a bushel of corn.
  3. Farmers made up 8.3% of the labor force. There were about 3,711,000 farms back then, averaging about 303 acres apiece.
  4. There were about 45 million television sets in the U.S., and over 90% of American households had at least one TV.
  5. The term paparazzi originated. Paparazzi “are independent photographers who take pictures of high-profile people, such as actors, athletes, politicians, and other celebrities, typically while subjects go about their usual life routines.” The word was taken from Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita. FT.com tells us that “Fellini created a character called Paparazzo, played by Walter Santesso, as an intrusive photographer. He was the sidekick of the film’s star, Marcello Mastroianni, a pathetic but likeable gossip journalist.”
  6. According to U.S. Census data, Detroit was the wealthiest per capita city in America.
  7. In 1960, frozen bagels were introduced into the marketplace. The New York Times explains that until the 1960s, “bagels were little known outside large Jewish communities in major cities. The frozen bagels marketed by Lender’s, a family bakery in New Haven, were crucial in the birth of bagel nation.”
  8. Instant sweet potatoes were also created.
  9. Coffee Rich, the first frozen, non-dairy coffee creamer, was invented.
  10. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies first appeared on grocery store shelves. At LittleDebbie.com, they are described as "Two soft, chewy oatmeal cookies baked with whole grain oats and molasses, then layered with creme."
  11. The Hawaiian Pineapple Company was renamed Dole Corporation.
  12. Granny Smith apples first appeared in American grocery stores.
  13. Aluminum cans were used commercially for the first time.
  14. The last episode of The Howdy Doody Show was broadcast on NBC.
  15. On September 30, The Flintstones premiered on ABC television. IMDB.com reports that “This popular animated television cartoon featured two Stone Age families, the Flintstones and their neighbors, the Rubbles. Much of the humor was based on its comic portrayals of modern conveniences, reinterpreted using Stone Age 'technology.' Most notably were their cars, complete with absence of floorboards to allow them to be 'foot-powered.'”
  16. In 1960, A Taste of Honey and 57 other shows opened on Broadway.
  17. Chubby Checker popularized "The Twist," a dance done by swiveling the hips. You could do the twist with or without a partner.
  18. Peg Bracken’s I Hate to Cook Book was published.
  19. In 1960, brothers Tom and James Monaghan bought a pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan for $500. The restaurant, originally called DomiNick’s, was renamed Domino’s in 1965. Over the next 10 years, Domino’s would open 200 more locations.
  20. Hardee’s, the fast food chain, was also founded. FoodReference.com tells us that Wilbur Hardee opened the first Hardee's restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina on September 3, 1960. It had no tables and only a few items on the menu, but the drive-thru restaurant was an immediate success. The main attraction was a 15-cent lean-beef burger that was made to order on a custom-built charcoal broiler.
  21. Four Seasons Hotels were also launched.
  22. Golf Magazine began publishing.
  23. In 1960, favorite Christmas gifts included Barbie, Chatty Cathy, Etch-A-Sketch, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, Mattel's Lie Detector Game, and the Play-Doh Fun Factory.
  24. The biggest pop artists included Bobby Darin, Bobby Rydell, Brenda Lee, Chubby Checker, Dinah Washington, The Drifters, Elvis Presley, Connie Francis, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Fats Domino, Frankie Avalon, Jackie Wilson, Jimmy Jones, Johnny Preston, Pat Boone, Paul Anka, Percy Faith, Ray Charles, The Shirelles, and Dinah Washington.

  25. The theme from A Summer Place, by artist Percy Faith, was a number one song for nine weeks. Percy Faith received a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and another Grammy for Record of the Year.

7. Bestselling Books

This book trivia has been made available courtesy of KruegerBooks.com.


  1. Advise and Consent by Allen Drury
  2. Hawaii by James A. Michener
  3. The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa
  4. The Chapman Report by Irving Wallace
  5. Ourselves to Know by John O'Hara
  6. The Constant Image by Marcia Davenport
  7. The Lovely Ambition by Mary Ellen Chase
  8. The Listener by Taylor Caldwell
  9. Trustee from the Toolroom by Nevil Shute
  10. Sermons and Soda-Water by John O'Hara


  1. Folk Medicine by D.C. Jarvis
  2. Better Homes and Gardens First Aid for Your Family by the BH&G Editors
  3. The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook by the GFK Editors
  4. May This House Be Safe from Tigers by Alexander King
  5. Better Homes and Gardens Dessert Book by the BH&G Editors
  6. Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas by the BH&G Editors
  7. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer
  8. The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater
  9. I Kid You Not by Jack Paar
  10. Between You, Me and the Gatepost by Pat Boone

8. Popular Movies

  1. Psycho
  2. The Magnificent Seven
  3. Spartacus
  4. The Apartment
  5. La Dolce Vita
  6. The Time Machine
  7. Ocean's 11
  8. The Unforgiven
  9. The Alamo
  10. Breathless
  11. The Last Voyage
  12. Eyes Without a Face
  13. Swiss Family Robinson
  14. Peeping Tom
  15. Surprise Package
  16. The Little Shop of Horrors
  17. The Virgin Spring
  18. The Entertainer
  19. Village of the Damned
  20. Pollyanna
  21. Exodus
  22. Purple Noon
  23. Inherit the Wind
  24. G.I. Blues
  25. Let's Make Love

9. 1960/1961’s Most Popular Television Shows (According to Nielsen)

  1. Gunsmoke
  2. Wagon Train
  3. Have Gun, will travel
  4. The Andy Griffith Show
  5. The Real McCoys
  6. Rawhide
  7. Candid Camera
  8. The Untouchables
  9. The Price is Right
  10. The Jack Benny Show
  11. Dennis the Menace
  12. The Danny Thomas Show
  13. My Three Sons
  14. 77 Sunset Strip
  15. The Ed Sullivan Show
  16. Perry Mason
  17. Bonanza
  18. The Flintstones
  19. The Red Skelton Show
  20. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Here is a list of daytime soap operas in 1960:

  1. As the World Turns
  2. Guiding Light
  3. Love of Life
  4. Search for Tomorrow
  5. The Edge of Night
  6. The Secret Storm

10. Broadway Shows That Opened

These fun facts have been made available courtesy of BroadwayWorld.com.

  1. A Distant Bell

  2. A Lovely Light

  3. A Second String

  4. A Taste of Honey

  5. Advise and Consent

  6. An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May

  7. Bye Bye Birdie

  8. Caligula

  9. Camelot

  10. Do Re Mi

  11. Finian's Rainbow
  12. Irma La Douce
  13. Martha Graham and her Dance Company

  14. Period of Adjustment

  15. Send Me No Flowers

  16. The 49th Cousin

  17. The Best Man

  18. The Cool World

  19. The Deadly Game

  20. The Good Soup

  21. The Hostage

  22. The Long Dream

  23. The Tumbler

  24. The Unsinkable Molly Brown

  25. The World of Carl Sandburg
  26. Toys in the Attic
  27. Under the Yum-Yum Tree
  28. Viva Madison Avenue!
  29. West Side Story
  30. Wildcat

11. Cool Pop Music Artists

These history facts from the American music industry have been made available courtesy of Billboard.com.

Favorite music artists in 1960 included Bobby Darin, Bobby Rydell, Brenda Lee, Brook Benton, Chubby Checker, Dinah Washington, The Drifters, Elvis Presley, Connie Francis, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Fats Domino, Frankie Avalon, Jackie Wilson, Jim Reeves, Johnny Preston, Marty Robbins, Pat Boone, Paul Anka, Percy Faith, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, The Shirelles, and Dinah Washington.

12. Number One Music Hits for the Year

These fun facts and trivia from 1960 have been made available courtesy of Pop-Culture.us.

  1. December 28, 1959 - January 3, 1960: Frankie Avalon - Why

  2. January 4, 1960 - January 17, 1960: Marty Robbins - El Paso

  3. January 18, 1960 - February 7, 1960: Johnny Preston - Running Bear

  4. February 8, 1960 - February 21, 1960: Mark Dinning - Teen Angel

  5. February 22, 1960 - April 24, 1960: Percy Faith - theme from A Summer Place

  6. April 25, 1960 - May 22, 1960: Elvis Presley - Stuck on You

  7. May 23, 1960 - June 26, 1960: The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown

  8. June 27, 1960 - July 10, 1960: Connie Francis - Everybody's Somebody's Fool

  9. July 11, 1960 - July 17, 1960: Hollywood Argyles - Alley-Oop

  10. July 18, 1960 - August 7, 1960: Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry

  11. August 8, 1960 - August 14, 1960: Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  12. August 15, 1960 - September 18, 1960: Elvis Presley - It's Now or Never

  13. September 19, 1960 - September 25, 1960: Chubby Checker - The Twist

  14. September 26, 1960 - October 9, 1960: Connie Francis - My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own

  15. October 10, 1960 - October 16, 1960: Larry Verne - Mr. Custer

  16. October 17, 1960 - October 23, 1960: The Drifters - Save the Last Dance for Me

  17. October 24, 1960 - November 13, 1960: Brenda Lee - I Want to Be Wanted

  18. November 14, 1960 - November 20, 1960: Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind

  19. November 21, 1960 - November 27, 1960: Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs - Stay

  20. November 28, 1960 - January 8, 1961: Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?

13. Popular Foods

  1. Beef Wellington

  2. Buffalo wings

  3. Fondue

  4. Frieda Caplan’s exotic fruits (kiwis)

  5. Iceberg wedge salad

  6. Japanese steak houses

  7. Salad bars

  8. Soul food

  9. Steak Diane

  10. Swedish meatballs

  11. Tang

  12. Tunnel of fudge cake

13. Famous People in the News

  1. Alfred Hitchcock - Film director

  2. Arnold Palmer - Professional golfer

  3. Berry Gordy - American record executive

  4. Chubby Checker - American singer

  5. Dwight D. Eisenhower - 34th U.S. President and five-star General

  6. Elizabeth Taylor - American-British actress

  7. Elvis Presley - American singer

  8. Federico Fellini - Italian film director

  9. Fidel Castro - Former Prime Minister of Cuba

  10. Floyd Patterson - Professional boxer

  11. Gordie Howe - Ice hockey legend

  12. Grandma Moses - America folk artist

  13. Harold Macmillan - Former British Prime Minister

  14. Harper Lee - American novelist

  15. John F. Kennedy - 35th U.S. President

  16. Johnny Cash - American country singer and songwriter

  17. Johnny Unitas - NFL quarterback

  18. Louis and Mary Leakey - British paleoanthropologists

  19. Mickey Mantle - Professional baseball player

  20. Nikita Khrushchev - Former Premier of the Soviet Union

  21. Pete Rozelle - NFL Commissioner

  22. Queen Elizabeth II - Queen of the United Kingdom

  23. Richard Nixon - 37th U.S. President

  24. Spike Milligan - Comedian and author

  25. Wilt Chamberlain - NBA legend

15. Well-Known People Who Were Born in 1960

  1. Prince Andrew, Duke of York (son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip)

  2. Jeffrey Dahmer (serial killer)

  3. Hugh Grant (actor and film producer)

  4. Jean-Claude Van Damme (martial artist and actor)

  5. Gary Lineker (footballer)

  6. Sean Penn (Academy award-winning actor)

  7. Richard Ramirez (serial killer)

  8. John F. Kennedy, Jr.

  9. Julianne Moore (actress)

  10. Elena Kagan (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States)

  11. Jeremy Clarkson (broadcaster)

  12. Tom Cook (CEO of Apple, Inc.)

  13. Chad McQueen (actor and producer)

  14. Reed Hastings (co-founder of NetFlix)

  15. Sarah Brightman (soprano)

  16. David Simon (author)

  17. Randy Pausch (motivational speaker)

  18. Peggy Whitson (astronaut and biochemist)

  19. Neo Rauch (painter)

  20. Christopher Lloyd (screenwriter and film producer)

  21. Courtney Vance (television and stage actor)

  22. Cal Ripken, Jr. (baseball shortstop)

  23. Yannick Noah (tennis player and coach)

  24. Alison Bechdel (cartoonist and comics writer)

  25. Mark Dawson (talent agent)

16. Famous People Who Died

These celebrity history facts have been made available courtesy of OnThisDay.com.

  1. January 2 - Fausto Coppi, ran world record 45,798 km
  2. February 2 - Jeno Huszka, Hungarian composer
  3. February 12 - Bobby Clark, vaudevillian (world's funniest circus clown)
  4. April 5 - Alma Kruger, actor (Made For Each Other)
  5. April 25 - Hope Emerson, actress (I Married Joan, Peter Gunn)
  6. May 6 - Paul Abraham, Hungarian composer (Blume von Hawaii)
  7. June 1 - Paula Hitler, sister of Adolf Hitler
  8. July 16 - John P. Marquand, American writer (The Late George Apley)
  9. August 23 - Oscar Hammerstein II, American lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers
  10. August 10 - Emil Strauss, German writer (Vaterland)
  11. September 24 - Melanie Klein, child psychoanalyst
  12. September 3 - Joseph Lamb, American ragtime composer
  13. December 7 - Clara Haskil, Swiss pianist
  14. November 16 - Clark Gable, American actor
  15. November 28 - Richard Wright, American author (Native Son)

17. America’s Biggest Companies

  1. General Motors

  2. U.S. Steel

  3. General Electric

  4. Chrysler

  5. Standard Oil of New Jersey

  6. Amoco

  7. CBS

  8. AT&T Technologies

  9. Goodyear Tire & Rubber

  10. Firestone Tire & Rubber

18. American Companies Founded

  1. Domino’s Pizza

  2. Dot Foods

  3. Filmways

  4. Four Seasons Hotels

  5. Guitar Center

  6. Hardee’s

  7. Idahoan Foods

  8. Puritan’s Pride

  9. Reprise Records

  10. Reser’s Fine Foods

  11. Tower Records

  12. Vitamin World

19. How Much Did a New Car Cost in 1960?

In 1960, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Corporation were the Big Three automakers. There were two independent car manufacturers, namely AMC/Rambler and Studebaker. Here is how much a new car cost in 1950 by make and model:

General Motors

  • A Chevrolet Impala cost $2,950.00.
  • A Buick Electra cost $3,348.00.
  • A Cadillac Seville cost $7,410.00.
  • An Oldsmobile 88 cost $2,895.00.
  • A Pontiac Bonneville cost $3,295.00.

Ford Motor Company

  • A Ford Thunderbird cost $3,755.00.
  • A Lincoln Continental cost $5,700.00.
  • A Mercury Park Lane cost $4,000.00.

Chrysler Corporation

  • A Chrysler DeSoto cost $3,340.00.
  • A Dodge Dart cost $2,350.00.
  • A Plymouth Fury cost $2,950.00.


  • An AMC American cost $2,380.00.
  • A Studebaker Hawk cost $2,650.00.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Gregory DeVictor


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