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50+ Epic Red Flag Party Shirt Ideas

I like to come up with fun things to do and pranks to play on people.

Use these fun ideas to help you figure out what to write on your shirt for a red flag party!

Use these fun ideas to help you figure out what to write on your shirt for a red flag party!

What Is a Red Flag Party?

A red flag party is an event where all the attendees wear shirts that describe their "red flag" in relationships. These red flags can be serious, funny, or creative! If you're going to one of these parties and need to make your shirt, check out these 50+ different flag ideas for guys and girls to get you started.

Good Red Flag Shirt Ideas for Parties

  1. "I'm a bit of a neat freak"
  2. "I have commitment issues"
  3. "I'm a workaholic"
  4. "I'm a bit of a control freak"
  5. "I can be a bit moody"
  6. "I'm an adventure seeker"
  7. "I'm a homebody"
  8. "I like my space"
  9. "I can be shy at first"
  10. "I have trust issues"
  11. "I can be jealous"
  12. "I've been known to ghost people"
  13. "I can be a bit of a flake"
  14. "I'm independent"
  15. "I'm always up for anything"
  16. "I like things my way"
  17. "I can be stubborn"
  18. "I have a lot of energy"
  19. "I'm very affectionate"
  20. "I like to cuddle"
  21. "I'm a touchy feely person"
  22. "I'm a bit of a germaphobe"
  23. "I have separation anxiety"
  24. "I get attached easily"
  25. "I need a lot of attention"
  26. "I'm a bit of a drama queen"
  27. "I'm very indecisive"
  28. "I have a short attention span"
  29. "I like things to be in order"
  30. "I can be particular about food/drink"

Funny Red Flags to Write on Your Shirt

  1. "Commitment issues"
  2. "Wears hats inside"
  3. "Calls parents often"
  4. "Likes to be right"
  5. "Argumentative"
  6. "Quite sensitive"
  7. "Obsessive about something"
  8. "Talks too much"
  9. "Interrupts people"
  10. "Zoned out"
  11. "Daydreamer"
  12. "Loud chewer"
  13. "Takes forever to reply to texts"
  14. "Says sorry too much"
  15. "Can be a bit of a know-it-all"
  16. "Always has to have the last word"
  17. "Has no social media"
  18. "High maintenance"
  19. "Gets too attached to pets/objects"
  20. "Mentions their ex too much"
  21. "Can't tie their laces"
  22. "Doesn't know how to ride a bike"
  23. "My Wifi is Qui Gon Modem'

How to Host a Red Flag Party

If you want to host your own red flag party, there are a few things you need to do!

  1. First, come up with a list of potential red flags that apply to you. Be creative and have fun with it!
  2. Next, decide on what you are going to wear. This can be anything from a casual t-shirt and jeans to a more dressed up button-down shirt and slacks. Just make sure you are comfortable and able to move around easily.
  3. Now it is time to think about the party space. If you are hosting the party at your house, make sure you have enough space for all of your guests. If you are renting a space, make sure it is big enough and that you are allowed to decorate as you please.
  4. Once you have the space figured out, it is time to start decorating! This is where you can really get creative. Look to TikTok for inspiration or come up with your own ideas. Some things you could do are set up a photo booth, actually have red flags around the party space, or serve red-themed food and drinks. (Read more about these ideas below!)
  5. Finally, think about any games or activities you want to do at the party. This is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. Some ideas include "Pin the Flag on the Date" or "Red Flag Trivia."

Now that you know how to host a red flag party, all that is left to do is have fun! This is your party, so make it as unique as you are. Embrace your inner red flag, and let your personality shine through.

Fun Party Ideas and Activities

If you are hosting the party, there are a few things you can do to make it even more fun!

  • Set up a photo booth with props related to your red flag. For example, if your red flag is that you are a workaholic, you could have props like a "boss" sign, a desk, or a laptop.
  • Actually have red flags around the party space. This could be anything from actual flags to red streamers or balloons.
  • Serve red-themed food and drinks, like strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, or even a punch made with cranberry juice.
  • Play fun games that revolve around your red flag. For example, if your red flag is that you're a drama queen, you could play an uber dramatic game of charades.

What Do You Wear to a Red Flag Party?

Once you have decided what your red flag is, you need to put together an outfit! If you're going for a casual look, buy a red t-shirt, write your flag on it with a Sharpie, and pair it with jeans. If you have red socks or shoes, definitely wear those as well!

If you want to get more dressed up, you could wear a button-down red shirt and slacks; you might want to write your flag on a piece of paper and pin it to your shirt in this case. No matter what you wear, make sure you're comfortable.

More Tips for Your Outfit

Some other things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • If you are going to be dancing, make sure your clothes allow for it!
  • If it is a summer party, lighter colors will help you stay cool. Maybe you can find a light red shirt.
  • If it is a winter party, layering will help you stay warm. Why not throw on a red sweater?
  • If you are going to be outside, sunscreen is always a good idea!

Have fun with your outfit, and make sure you feel confident in what you are wearing. After all, this party is about YOU and your red flags!

Where Did This Party Theme Come From?

This party theme is a bit obscure, but it has been made popular via TikTok. The trend started popping up around early 2020, but it really took off in subsequent years. It is most popular with college and high school–aged kids, but it can really be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Have Fun and Laugh at Yourself!

This party trend is a fun and creative way to poke fun at your relationship "red flags." It is also a great way to show that you are self-aware and confident enough to laugh at yourself. If you are looking for a fun party theme, hosting a red flag party is a great option!

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