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Laser Tag for Newbies: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

After initially being forced to play Laser Tag by corporate, iynestein learned to embrace and savor the thrill of this fun activity.

Laser Tag Is for Everyone

Laser Tag can be such a rush, and yet so many people—particularly adults who work 9 to 5 jobs like myself—initially resist it. Fear of the unknown has to be one of the reasons, and yet once you're in the dark, it can actually be quite a cool experience. So here's my guide for those of you considering playing Laser Tag (or those of you forced to play due to corporate pressure as I initially was).

Laser Tag is a lot more fun than you might expect, even with co-workers.

Laser Tag is a lot more fun than you might expect, even with co-workers.

Colors and Layers: What to Wear for Laser Tag

  1. Wear dark-colored clothes. Light colors will make you stand out and turn you into an easier target. (Hopefully, your dandruff won't show up as tiny little flakes in the UV lights!)
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! Sneakers are your best bet, although boots will also work well, especially if they are dark colors.
  3. Dress in layers. This is important if you are like me and feel like you're in the Arctic when you walk past the frozen meats section at the grocery store. The laser tag arena can be cold initially, but it does get VERY hot as you start running (oops—did I say running; I meant walking) around. Those of you who naturally have good insulation can skip this step.
  4. Hydrate! You will sweat a lot, and the last thing you need is to fall over or feel ill in the middle of a game. Drink water before you go and bring a bottle of water with you if you have one.
  5. Please wear deodorant! This is the most important tip, especially for the guys. Did I mention you will sweat? Because you will.
If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, try to turn sideways.

If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, try to turn sideways.

Laser Tag Strategies: Defensive Techniques

  1. Learn the layout quickly. It helps to know the spots that offer a good vantage point but also give you some cover at the same time. Remember, though: Safe can be boring. So if you haven't really seen anyone after 30 seconds, MOVE!
  2. Upper levels are good for shooting down at unsuspecting questers. Again, this can get boring after a while, but I find it's a good way for me to catch my breath for a minute. Full disclosure: I do not exercise, so I am not the fittest person on Earth.
  3. Walk like a crab, i.e. sideways. It should give you the greatest protection. Don't forget to keep moving. Just standing in one place looking around is a sure way to get tagged by more experienced players.
  4. If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, try to turn sideways. They have less of a chance of hitting your sensors if you are not facing them full on.

Shoot to Win: Tips on Attacking

  1. This is mean—this is REALLY mean—but sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures. If you think you suck and are out with your co-workers or, worse, your boss and co-workers, and you do not want to be publicly embarrassed by a low score, go after little kids. They are your salvation. Did I mention this is really mean?
  2. I've found that rapidly firing in the general direction of someone's sensors is better than taking the time to aim perfectly. I don't think it matters.
  3. Try to hold and shoot your laser gun like they shoot machine guns in the movies, turning sideways so your face is turned to your left or right shoulder and aiming in that direction. This makes you feel like you're in an action movie. It also makes you less of a target while giving you better aim. It's a win-win.

Finally: Have fun! Sure, you could win tons of points by just crouching in a corner or going after little kids, but the thrill you get from tagging a more worthy opponent (like the last game's high scorer) or an annoying coworker is far more satisfying. For when the one great Scorer comes for us all, young grasshopper, he writes not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.

A Video Showing How Fun Laser Tag Can Be (These Are Obviously Newbies!)

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Rachel :3 on March 13, 2020:

We failed some cause we were at a play date we didn’t bring shoes or plan to play laser tag so no black clothing and I sorta cheated searching this in a middle of a round with a friend :p

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dang i teamed up with my buds used these tips and we destroyed everyone!

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I'm going to play laser tag for the first time and I need some serious help but hey I am good at sniping in video games does that help?

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I'm trying laser tag for the first time today and hoping not to be recked by 13 teenagers when I get there! Plz wish me luck!

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I think your page is awesome

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i was excited..WAS, until i saw how the newbies played like..UFF..AH! that really changed my mind. but great tips indeed!

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Big boss on June 03, 2014:

Approve my previous comment I enjoy feed back

Big boss on June 03, 2014:

The side ways crap dosnt work it just makes you look stupid and it makes you a more noticeable target I'm on a 1st place streak of 24 break the damm rules! Run jump climb lay down sit kneel and take your time aiming(unless you can't aim for shit in the first place) hold the gun like you would a rifle use gloves that can help grip the gun and if the time calls for it make physical contact no one wants 15 ankle biters following them around if they get in your way plow through them also play with one partner who you can work with 100% that's how you win I tried your sideways crap it made me hit 3rd place with my way of it 1st place every time

Sophia on May 31, 2014:

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C_I_B on December 26, 2013:

remember to cover the speaker if it has one and if you can.

iuuhjf8 on November 30, 2013:

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Kewl guide, gonna be going to a laser tag party today and I never thought of some of these tactics. Good luck to everyone who is going to try these out! and have fun :D

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Us "little kids" do not appreciate tip #6. I understand why you would want to go for us, but if you want to learn serious skill, I would suggest going for people a tad higher than your skill level. Most of the people in my area only get to go once in a few years, besides the small arenas in Skateland and such places.

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This is really helpful I'm a girl and I hav to play against guys. Thank u spool much now the bad part is to aim at my teacher. Wish me luck!!!!!

Kensie on March 01, 2011:

This helps. Laser tag is so fun.

Also, my own advice: if the vests light up really bright when shot, look at the ceiling for these flashes, people, when just shot, are likely to go after who they thought last shot them.

If you're playing teams, and want to distract an opponent from another player, get reasonably near and start shooting in random directions.

Bill on December 04, 2010:

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Girls w/ long hair you've got it made, wear your hair down and it'll cover your shoulder targets

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LOL I love laser tag and would go everyday if I could! Its great exercise (if you ignore the 'no-running rule' heh heh), good for big groups, and tons-o-fun. Your hub took me back to when I first started playing. I was the stand in one spot, snipe all game, chase little kids guy! I think I wanna play now...

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Thx This Was Helpful Espically At My Lazer Tagg Place Two Storys And Great For Snipering People In The Maze On First Floor(In The Maze You Can "Capture" There Flag You Gotta Shoot The Target With here Color!)

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