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8 Creative DIY Party Game Activities to Entertain Your Friends

I often explore enjoyable activities like this for practical purposes that provoke one's curiosity and share my experience with you.

I will show you how to create entertaining party games to play with friends by incorporating DIY activities. There is no need for store-bought games.

When I used these playful activities at my house parties with the special tips I'll describe, I found the unique experiences created an insightful dialog among my friends.

Here is a list of the activities I will show you:

  1. Put personal descriptions in fortune cookies.
  2. What's the last line in movies?
  3. Thoughts on random phrases from novels.
  4. Examine and discuss childhood experiences.
  5. Take turns creatively plotting a screenplay.
  6. Reminisce on previous group activities.
  7. Share memorable pictures from personal events.
  8. Exchange views on travel experiences.

You can combine several of these events in a single evening or dedicate just one to a single gathering.

1. Put Personal Descriptions in Fortune Cookies

Before the get-together, you'll need to create the props for this one.

Think of short statements about each of your friends who will attend. It should be unique to each individual but should not divulge personal information that needs to be kept private.

Type these short statements into a word processor and make the text size and font look like the little fortunes that are in fortune cookies. Print these out and cut the paper into individual strips, with a statement on each.

Now, buy a package of fortune cookies in a local grocery store. Carefully remove the existing fortunes from each. That can be done with a toothpick to grab hold and pull them out without breaking the cookies.

Then carefully insert the personal descriptions in each cookie. Again, a toothpick will do the trick to push them in.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

At the party, pass out the fortune cookies. When everyone opens them, the fun begins.

Announce to the group that everyone has a description or statement that applies to someone else in the room. Then, one by one, each person needs to read the statement and tell the others whom they think it's about.

This party game will show how well everyone knows one another.

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2. Movie Trivia: What's the Last Line?

To prepare for this one, make a list of old movie titles and write them on individual index cards.

At the party, have each person select a random card. If they remember the ending line in the movie, they recite it. If they don't know it, they pass the card to anyone of their choosing. The answers can be looked up on Google.

As an alternative, you can play this game the other way around. Make a list of the last lines instead of using a list of movies. Then everyone needs to try to identify which movie it was. You can even use any line from various films. It doesn’t need to be the last line.

This game can bring back recollections of old movies, stimulate discussion of various scenes, and share exciting thoughts about their significance.

Here are a few examples:

Last Line in "It's a Wonderful Life"

Zuzu Bailey: "Look, Daddy. The teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." George Bailey: "That's right, that's right. Atta boy, Clarence."

Last Line in "King Kong"

"It was beauty that killed the beast."

Last Line in "Some Like It Hot"

"Well, nobody's perfect."

Last Line in "The Wizard of Oz"

"Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home."

3. Thoughts on Random Phrases From Novels

This is actually an experiment in free association to discover how everyone interprets various statements, especially when taken out of context. People tend to interpret the meaning of things they hear based on biased opinions.

Choose a random passage from any novel and let everyone elaborate on it with their own ideas of what it relates to or what it might mean. Of course, this works best if the passage is not a familiar one.

When no holds are barred, and people are free to say what comes to mind without being censored, this can bring up some interesting knowledge about how everyone thinks about things in life. Something revealing about each one might become evident from this experiment with free association.

I recommend not using any politically driven content, though. It’s best to avoid that, especially if you just want to focus on fun engagement.

4. Examine and Discuss Childhood Experiences

You may not have known many of your present-day friends when you were growing up, but discussing personal memories and examining their experiences can be very enlightening.

You can learn much about one another and discover some common knowledge among your friends you didn't know you shared.

To see what you may have in common:

  • Feel free to bring up old childhood shenanigans.
  • Did you go on similar family trips?
  • Compare notes of early lessons about life.
  • Did your parents teach you similar etiquette about life?
  • Did you do similar things with your parents when growing up?

All this can become highly engaging if not outright educational. You won't know until you try it.

Reminiscing childhood games such as playing ping pong with dad.

Reminiscing childhood games such as playing ping pong with dad.

5. Take Turns Creatively Plotting a Screenplay

This can be a creative and rewarding experience collectively writing a screenplay.

Choose a topic for a script that could conceivably be developed into a movie. One by one, your friends would be collaborating on creating individual passages for the script.

To get started, select someone to begin a story based on the chosen topic.

You can select someone by using the throw of dice or the flip of a coin.

One after the other, everyone continues the story from where the last had left off. The last person adding a passage can decide who should continue.

All this is improvised with no prior idea of what will come out of it.

You might want to record the session with a tape recorder or MP3 voice recorder for added impact. Then you can transcribe that later if it turns out to be something superb.

Who knows, it can turn into a great screenplay. Imagine if a major studio purchases the movie rights. Then, of course, all of you can share in the profits. Hey, you never know!

6. Reminisce on Previous Group Activities

If you had shared past experiences with your present group of friends, conducting a reminiscence session could be an excellent opportunity to discuss things that had happened. It could have been a mutual travel event or anything else.

For example, I once went on a cruise with five friends. Unfortunately, we left in a nor'easter, and half the crew got sick the first night. Four of us went to have dinner that evening, but one was nauseous and stayed in her cabin.

One evening, later in the week-long cruise, we all observed the sky from the front of the ship and the captain shut off all the lights, so the stars in the night sky became visible.

Reminiscing about that trip was enjoyable and brought back lots of fond memories.

Even if you didn't share a trip, maybe you had other event experiences that would bring back laughter and joy by recalling all the things that went on.

7. Share Memorable Pictures From Personal Events

Everyone should bring pictures they had saved from memorable events in their lives.

Take turns passing the pictures around and discussing the significance of the photos. As each one passes their pictures around, they can share why it was meaningful in their lives and what they learned from it.

To give you a few examples, these can be pictures taken in early childhood, during their college days, or when they were in the army or navy.

Anything momentous is best to share. In the process, others may have had similar experiences and can chime in to discuss common themes they share.

8. Exchange Views on Travel Experiences

This activity can bring up a lot of discussions about the world. If you have friends that traveled to foreign lands, I am sure they have a lot to talk about. Take turns discussing your experiences.

Maybe you saw wild animals in South Africa. Perhaps you witnessed sunset over the Nile.

If it turns out several of you had traveled to the same place, then you'd indeed have many things to share in the discussion, and the others will definitely learn from the conversation.

Everyone can bring pictures they had saved from their travels to show the others.

Sunset Over Nile

Sunset Over Nile

In Conclusion

We all have a history. Some of it with one another, and much of it with others we don’t even know.

We often never consider that our friends had a past. We only know how they behave in the present and never think about what they might have gone through earlier in life that made them who they are today.

Playing these types of games can bring lots of enjoyment to your group of friends and give you new ways to learn more about each other.

It could turn out to be a fun and rewarding experience with pleasurable significance.

What’s Your Preference?

© 2021 Glenn Stok

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