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Drinking Games


50+ Funny "Anything but a Cup" Party Ideas for College

This is a great party for people who want to get creative with their drinks, as well as for those who don't want to drink alcohol. Here are 50 "anything but a cup" ideas to get you started.


23 Super-Amusing Beer Olympics Games

Are you creating your own beer Olympics games and looking for some ideas on what events to include? Check out 23 of the top suggestions here.


Five Silly Drinking Games

Beer, wine, and cocktails loosen inhibitions so that completely daft games become acceptable. The games presented here are way more fun if contestants are a little bit tipsy. But, of course, drink responsibly.


Joe Buck Drinking Game for the MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game happens every July, and Joe Buck has covered it every year since 2001. Here's a drinking game to add to the coverage excitement.


3 Fun Drinking Games to Make Your Adult Party Awesome

3 great drinking games to play at your party to get people chatting, drinking, and having fun.


400+ Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever played a game of “Never Have I Ever.” If you’re trying to get to know some new friends or a new boyfriend/girlfriend, this is a great way to go about it!


How to Play the 10 Greatest Drinking Games

I don't know about you, but I love a good drinking game! I find that it always puts everyone in a merry mood before the antics begin for the night. Here I will share some games with you—old and new.


10 Drinking Games for Two People

10 simple games for two people to get drunk! No cop-outs like movie games (drink when ____ says ____ is overdone!). Only one game requires cards.


How to Play Boom Cup (or Slap Cup): Drinking Game Rules

This article goes over how to play Boom Cup (or Slap Cup), one of the best drinking games around!


Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules

There are many sets of Kings Cup drinking game rules, so most pages end up a mish-mash of contradicting rules. In this article, I will introduce one set of Kings Cup rules and explain it, then give a few common variations.


Rules for Three Man: How to Play the Dice Drinking Game

Three Man is a drinking game I was taught to play many years ago now. There are several variations on the game; these are the rules as I was taught them.


5 Hilarious Drinking Card Games

To get everyone interacting and to make sure you drink, you can partake in a few drinking card games. It is a fun way to spend your time with friends.


Best Drinking Game Ever: "Up the River, Down the River"

This article will break down how to play one of the greatest drinking games ever made: "Up the River, Down the River."