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"Family Feud" Quiz: Free Questions (and Answers)

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Love "Family Feud"? Play it with your friends at the next party!

Love "Family Feud"? Play it with your friends at the next party!

You've certainly seen the program. In the US, it's called Family Feud; in the UK, it's Family Fortunes, but the format is the same. Two families play against each other. The questions are not necessarily difficult but can be tricky.

The technique is to work out not what you necessarily think the answer is, but what the top answer given by a group of people might be.

The following is a list of twenty questions and answers which you can use for your own game at home.

A Basic Question to Start

A question for your Family Feud party: Name a bad job for someone who's accident-prone.

A question for your Family Feud party: Name a bad job for someone who's accident-prone.

Name a Bad Job for Someone Who's Accident-Prone


1. Driver


2. Construction


3. Police Officer


4. Food Service


5. Glass Maker


6. Window Washer


7. Surgeon


Name a Garment You'd Probably Find in the Dressing Room for a Pro-Wrestling Event


1. Tights


2. Shorts


3. Mask


4. Robe


5. Belt


6. Cape


7. Leotard


Name a Place You Visit Where You Aren't Allowed to Touch Anything


1. Museum Gallery


2. Zoo


3. Gentleman's Club


4. Baseball


5. China Shop


Name a Recreational Activity Traditionally Done in Hot Weather


1. Swimming


2. Baseball


3. Volleyball


4. Surfing


5. Boating


A question for your Family Feud party: Name an article of clothing you can't wash in the washing machine.

A question for your Family Feud party: Name an article of clothing you can't wash in the washing machine.

Name an Article of Clothing You Can't Wash in the Washing Machine


1. Shoe


2. Bra


3. Hat


4. Coat


5. Sweater


6. Suit


7. Gown


Name a Public Place Where You're Likely to Catch a Cold or Flu Bug


1. School


2. Hospital


3. Airplane


4. Doctor's Surgery/Office


5. Public Transportation


6. Shopping Centre


7. Work


Name Something People Are Often Chased by in Movies


1. Monsters


2. Cars


3. Cops


4. Bad Guys


5. Dogs


If You Met the Real Prince Charming, How Would You Know it Was Him?


1. Wears a Crown


2. Rides White Horse


3. Good Looking


4. Magical Kiss


One question for your Family Feud party: Name something that a man had better not take along on his honeymoon.

One question for your Family Feud party: Name something that a man had better not take along on his honeymoon.

Name Something That a Man Had Better Not Take Along on His Honeymoon


1. Another Woman


2. Cellphone


3. His Parents


4. Work/Laptop


5. His Best Friend


6. Golf Clubs


7. His Pet


Name Something a Customer Might Do to Annoy a Waitress


1. Send Food Back


2. Not Tip


3. Flirt


4. Snap Fingers


5. Spill Drinks


Some Funny Answers Really Given on the Show

  • An animal you cannot fit into a Mini car: "A mouse."
  • A food that has one or more holes in it: "Spaghetti."
  • Something made of wool: "Cotton wool."
  • An animal with three letters: "Lion."
  • A bad place to fall asleep: "Concrete."
  • A French ferry port: "Dover."
  • Something you mount: "A mountain."
  • Something you lose when you get older: "Your purse."
  • A sport which involves throwing something: "Tennis."
  • A type of bean: "Lesbian."
  • Something you would play with in the bath: "A bazooka."
  • Someone you wouldn't swear in front of: "Yourself."
  • A country where Arabic is spoken: "Nigeria."

When She's Run Out of Money, What Might a Gambler Put on the Table?


1. Jewellery

2. Car Keys

3. Credit Card

4. Clothing

5. Deed to House

Name a Job That Many Celebrities Had Before They Became Famous


1. Waiter/Waitress

2. Model

3. Cook

4. Washing Cars

Name a Language That You Often See on Restaurant Menus


1. English


2. French


3. Italian


4. Spanish


5. Chinese


Name an Animal You Wouldn't Want in Your China Shop (Other Than a Bull)


1. Elephant


2. Cow


3. Horse


4. Bear


5. Hippo


6. Rhino


7. Moose


Name Something People Buy to Show They Are Successful


1. Car


2. House


3. Jewellery


4. Suit


5. Boat


Name a Reason That Your Boss Would Give You a Raise (Other Than That You Work Hard)


1. You're Dating Your Boss


2. You're On Time


3. You're Blackmailing Your Boss


4. You've Flattered Your Boss


Name Something You Would Hate to Find Under Your Bed


1. Monster


2. Snake


3. Food


4. Spider


5. Rodent


6. Dust


7. Person


Name Something People Do While Riding a Rollercoaster


1. Scream


2. Hold Arms Up


3. Get Sick


4. Laugh


5. Close Their Eyes


Name Something People Like to Do While Listening to Music


1. Clean


2. Exercise


3. Study


4. Garden


5. Eat


6. Dance


7. Drive


Name Something You Wouldn't Want to Have Happen While Giving a Speech


1. Fly Is Open

2. Burp

3. Get Laughed At

4. Break Wind

5. Get Heckled

6. Stutter

7. Coughing

And a Basic Question to End


Fisher on July 10, 2020:

Thank you!

nancywinslowmoore on May 28, 2020:

how can i print these games

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Carmen on March 29, 2020:

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Anne Ventyurs on February 15, 2020:

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Adam Lusando on July 04, 2019:

When Steve Harvey leaves Family Feud, name someone who could be the next to host the show.

#1. Drew Barrymore (24 people said)

#2. Blake Lively (21 people said)

#3. Christina Applegate (18 people said)

#4. Lisa Kudrow (15 people said)

#5. Kate McKinnon (9 people said)

#6. Alyson Hannigan (5 people said)

#7. Elizabeth Banks (3 people said)

#8. Mae Whitman (2 people said)

Izayah Rodriguez on June 18, 2019:

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Cheyanne on February 24, 2019:

I Love This Show

Terri on January 10, 2019:

I have been a fan of Family Feud since its inception, and I really like Steve Harvey, but I have two issues: It is a family show and the off-color answers should be cut; Mr. Harvey should use standard grammar. I devoted my career to teach language arts. His

“Everybody here to win theyselves lots of money” is inexcusable. He can promote good usage instead of slaying the language—and I know he does not do it because of ignorance.

Connie De Castro on January 02, 2019:

I enjoyed watching and trying to answers the questions

Jessi on November 27, 2018:

This website is great. I just wanted to point out that under the "Name a place you can go where you can't touch anything" the fourth answer is baseball and that just doesn't make sense lol. Anyway, thanks again for having this available. It really is great. I play with my residents at my assisted living facility all the time!

Latasha Haynes on November 25, 2018:

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Joyce on October 13, 2018:

On one of the shows the question was what do you ride that is not moter rised and one answer was a golf cart. A golf cart is run by a moter.

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Name something that someone would dare you to do and it is disgusting

Charles Lopas on July 29, 2018:

Please list 8 words beginning with the letter "F" which describe a woman's breast. I managed to remember 7 of them. Please give me Number 8.

1. Fake

2. Full

3. Fabulous

4. Flat

5. Firm

6. Fantastic

7. Fun Bags

Sue on July 20, 2018:

The actual show is so scripted! Steve Harvey says exactly the same thing EVERY TIME! Very annoying! I usually fast forward a lot. I’d also like to see a family that DOES NOT high five each other after each answer.

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Name A Sport where players lose teeth.

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How can a person be part of the survey questionaire? They survey 100 people say. How can you be one of them that they survey and then give the answer

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I take issue with the vote that "name a sport where something is thrown" answer "tennis" is a dumb answer. While probably not an answer that will match the survey, it isn't wrong. Before every serve, the ball is tossed.

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Q.Top 4 gifts to give a wolf

A. 1.Meat

2.Another Wolf (opposite gender)




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Q: Name a job where you might work unsociable hours?

A: A burglar


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