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200 Would You Rather Questions

I've played many games of Would You Rather with my friends, and now I'm sharing my favorites with you.

Would you rather questions

Would you rather questions

Would You Rather is a challenging but fun game to play at parties, family gatherings, or even on a first date. This comprehensive list includes really good Would You Rather questions to make you think long and hard about your choices! With a rousing game of WYR, you'll get to know your friends and family on a deeper level.

Would You Rather Questions

  1. Eat peanut butter flavored poo or poo-flavored peanut butter?
  2. Break the most valuable thing in your house or the most valuable thing in a store?
  3. Find $100,000 that you can keep or find $1 million dollars that you have to give to charity?
  4. Know the time of your death or the cause of your death?
  5. Be able to turn something into reality by drawing it or make something disappear just by erasing it?
  6. Skinny dip with a coworker/classmate or a complete stranger?
  7. Get free food everywhere you go or free wifi?
  8. Be able to control your dreams or be able to control your destiny?
  9. Have no one show up to your wedding or no one show up to your funeral?
  10. If you were stranded on a desert island with your dog, would you rather eat your dog or starve to death?
  11. Always be dressed-up or always be dressed-down?
  12. Have one wish granted to you today or 3 wishes granted in 10 years?
  13. Would you rather never have internet access in your home or never have phone coverage when you’re out and about?
  14. Pay 50% of your salary in taxes towards universal healthcare or pay no taxes but get no healthcare and no public schooling?
  15. You have two choices: Marry your enemy and save your mom’s life or marry the person of your dreams but your mom turns into a drug addict.
  16. Always fall asleep at 9pm and wake up at 6am or always fall asleep at 1am and wake up at 10am?
  17. Be able to disappear or erase someone’s memory?
  18. See your friend’s mom naked or be naked in front of your friend’s mom?
  19. Be forced to smell everything you hear or everything you see?
  20. Forget how to ride a bike or how to type?
  21. Have no ears or no eyes?
  22. Blindly touch something or blindly taste something?
  23. Have horseradish breath or kimchi B.O.?
  24. Go bald or get a cavity every time you ate something with sugar in it?
  25. Turn red every time you consumed alcohol or turn red every time you ate something spicy?
  26. Drown to death or burn to death?
  27. Have a bath of spiders or a shower of slugs?
  28. Wipe with sandpaper or use vinegar for eye drops?
  29. Have the perfect family but be dirt poor or be a millionaire with a broken family?
  30. Have one foot twice as big as the other or one ear twice as big as the other?
  31. Have every liquid taste like salt water or have every liquid taste like sugar water?
  32. Have it burn when you pee or burn when you drink?
  33. Never be noticed for what you say or never be noticed for what you wear?
  34. Always forget where you put your keys or always forget where you parked your car?
  35. Have more time or more money?
  36. If you had the power of annihilation, which group would you choose to eliminate: rapists or serial killers?
  37. Would you rather have your destiny decided by a random group of people or an automated machine?
  38. Sneeze every time you meet a new person or gain 10 pounds every time you look at a burger?

Deep Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather…

  1. Rescue your dog from a burning building or rescue a stranger in the same burning building?
  2. Die happy in 10 years or die unhappy in 50 years?
  3. If you had the power to do so, would you rather give a homeless person a job or give them a place to live for free for the rest of their life?
  4. Tell your significant other that you have a love child with someone else or hide it from them for the rest of your life?
  5. Lose all of your teeth or lose one eye?
  6. Have the plug pulled on you if you were in a vegetative state or keep living?
  7. Keep the baby even if it meant living below the poverty line or give it up for adoption with the hope that he/she will have a better life?
  8. Would you rather go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit or get out on bail but the person who bails you goes broke?
  9. Save your wife/husband or save your mom/dad?
  10. Never get promoted in your job but receive guaranteed stability or get promoted at the risk of getting laid off?
  11. Take a well-paying job right out of high school or go to college with no guarantee that you’ll be employed afterwards?
  12. Divorce your spouse who you caught cheating or cheat on them to get even?
  13. Live 10 years in isolation to make 10 million dollars or live with your loved ones but make only $20k/year for the rest of your life.
  14. Commute for 2 hours a day but earn a large salary or not commute and earn minimum wage?
  15. Save 1 person you know or save 100 people you don’t know?
  16. Write a book about your life or have someone who hates you make a movie about your life?
  17. Get a random tattoo or get a random piercing (you can't choose what type or where)?

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Would You Rather Questions Over Text

  1. Kiss the ugliest person at school or kiss a teacher?
  2. Give a random person full access to your social media accounts or lose all of the content on those accounts?
  3. Swim in a pool full of snakes or full of spiders?
  4. Live without internet for a month or live without your phone for a month?
  5. Have your crush find out that you like them or tell your crush that you like them?
  6. Be underdressed or overdressed?
  7. Get painful pimples on your butt or on your face?
  8. Eat a spoon of wasabi or a spoon of mustard?
  9. Be bullied for your looks or for your actions?
  10. Know every answer to every test you'll ever take or get free food at any restaurant you go to?

Funny Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather...

  1. Always feels like you’re about to sneeze or always feel like you’re about to poop?
  2. Be a slow lion or a super fast sloth?
  3. Be a pirate with no ship or be a ninja with noisy shoes?
  4. Only be able to move your feet when your eyes are closed or only be able to eat with your ears covered?
  5. Cry spicy tears or swallow spicy saliva?
  6. Only be able to watch the Hallmark channel on T.V. or not watch T.V. at all?
  7. Only be able to use question marks or never be able to use emojis?
  8. Cry every time you’re happy or moan every time you’re sad?
  9. Drink coffee with no caffeine or drink cocktails with no alcohol?
  10. Have wings but can only fly 5 feet at a time or have laser vision but only be able to activate it when you’re nervous?
  11. Lock eyes with a stranger through the bathroom stall or accidentally walk in on your boss on the toilet?
  12. Have to announce to everyone when you’re about to fart or when you’re about to pee?
  13. Wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
  14. Trip and have everyone laugh at you or be the only one laughing hysterically when someone trips?
  15. Begin every sentence with “According to my calculations,” or end every sentence with “Just kidding.”
  16. Make a farting sound every time you took a step or smell like farts every time you yawned?
  17. Have a Southern accent and live in New York or have a New York accent and live in the South?
  18. Bathe in saltwater or bathe in hand sanitizer?
  19. Get dandruff every time you eat cheese or go bald every time you kiss someone?
  20. Eat spaghetti with a spoon or eat pizza with chopsticks?
  21. Remember something you’d forgotten at noon every day or find something you’d lost at noon every day?
  22. Have all your hair grow half an inch a day or have your nails grow two inches a day?
  23. Be able to see with your eyes closed or be able to hear with your ears covered?
  24. Wake up with a hundred zits on your forehead or one painful zit on your butt?
  25. Surrender to an alien or surrender to Big Foot?
  26. Be a cute puppy or an ugly human?
  27. Cut grass with your teeth or wash the dishes with your mouth?
  28. Talk to a monkey or talk to an extremely unintelligent and stubborn person?
  29. Listen to Nickelback or get an ear infection?
  30. Have your taxes revealed to the world or have your internet search history revealed to 5 friends and family members?

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Challenging Would You Rather Questions

  1. Make love with anyone in the world you want to or find and marry your soulmate?
  2. Be rich and famous with a 60% of not making it to your 90s or be poor but live a long and healthy life?
  3. Adopt 12 kittens or adopt 12 children?
  4. Be able to walk into any movie theater for free or be able to get free unlimited theater food every time you buy a ticket?
  5. Be good at every thing you do but never get recognized for it or struggle to understand and master every task but get praised when you finally accomplish it?
  6. Be able to remove all diseases and disabilities from human babies before they're born or remove the capability of humans to hate one another?
  7. Create a fantasy world that you don't have control of once it's created or be able to control the current would you're living in now?
  8. Eliminate all cockroaches or all mosquitos?
  9. Find out that the last month of your life has been closely monitored by the government or by everyone on the internet through a webcam that was installed in your room?

Hard Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather...

  1. Be intelligent but have no common sense or have common sense with no intelligence?
  2. Have your bank account hacked or your cell phone hacked?
  3. Get stung by a bee or touch poison ivy?
  4. Get free wifi wherever you go or free food at any restaurant you go to?
  5. Always be itchy or always sweat?
  6. Get a promotion and be hated by everyone you work with or never get promoted but be loved by everyone?
  7. Have everything plastic you touch turn into paper or everything paper you touch turn into plastic?
  8. Be able to understand animals or read a person’s mind?
  9. Speak all the languages in the world or fly anywhere in the world for free?
  10. Witness an epic moment in history or witness an event in the future?
  11. Lose an eye or lose a hand?
  12. Have the brightness on your phone stuck on low or the volume on your phone stuck on low?
  13. Spend a week with your enemy or spend a year without showering?
  14. Have a lazy eye or a lazy spouse?
  15. Fall from a ship or fall from a plane?
  16. Be fired for stealing or fired for “inappropriate” behavior?
  17. Become famous for something embarrassing or do something extraordinary but no one notices?
  18. Have a superpower you can’t tell anyone about or have a superpower but not know what it is?
  19. Be ambidextrous or have perfect eyesight?
  20. Meet the stars of your favorite movie or star in a movie yourself?
  21. Be imprisoned for doing the right thing or arrested and released for doing the wrong thing?
  22. Eat five raw eggs or ten cooked eggs?
  23. Live in a spacious farm house in the middle of nowhere or live a cramped apartment in the middle of a bustling city?
  24. Have a lot of money but someone else decides how you should spend it or have little money but can spend it however you like?
  25. Do high school all over again or do college all over again?
  26. Work in a stressful but fun environment or a calm but boring environment?
  27. Vote for a bad person with good policies or vote for a good person with bad policies?
  28. Have long fingernails that have to be trimmed twice a week or hair on your head that never grows back?
  29. Tell a kid her mom is dying of cancer or tell an adult their child is dying of cancer?
  30. Spend a night in a bush in a city or spend the night in a cave in the wilderness?
  31. Have the nose of a dog or the eyes of a cat?
  32. Live in one town for the rest of your life or travel constantly with no permanent home?
  33. Have really dry palms or really dry lips?
  34. Give a public speech with a speech impediment or have someone punch you in the face as hard as they can?
  35. Meet the powerful leader of a terrorist organization or meet a victim of that organization?
  36. Save 100 people you don’t know or save 1 person you are close to?
  37. Go bankrupt after starting a series of businesses or work a steady job that can only afford you the bare minimum?
  38. Swim in a pool with sharks or walk through a park with lions?
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Would You Rather for Teens

Would you rather...

  1. Be popular or be super smart?
  2. Find out every lie your parents have ever told you or have them find out every lie that you have told them?
  3. Not eat chips for a year or not have internet for a week?
  4. Wear a push-up bra all day or stilettos all day?
  5. Never have cramps again or never have to shave again?
  6. Spend a night in a cage in the middle of a lion’s den or spend a night on a boat in shark-infested waters?
  7. Get locked inside a bank or get locked inside a supermarket?
  8. Cure cancer or discover life on another planet?
  9. Sing in front of your entire school or perform a dance before a sports game?
  10. Be a midget or obese?
  11. Eat a live snail or eat a dead frog?
  12. Delete Instagram forever or delete Snapchat for 5 years?
  13. Have everyone sense what you’re thinking or be able to sense what everyone else thinks about you?
  14. Have friends that are richer than you or friends that are smarter than you?
  15. Pierce your best friend’s ear or have them pierce your ear?
  16. Star in a viral video or break a school athletic record?
  17. Have an ugly yearbook picture or have a lame yearbook quote?
  18. Catch your best friends making out or help two old people make out?
  19. Not get invited to a party or not get picked for a class project?
  20. Date Justin Bieber or the Weekend?
  21. Get caught cheating on an exam or get caughting cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  22. Live in your principal’s body for a day or your teacher’s body?
  23. Be a plant or be a cow?
  24. Go to college but make no money afterwards or be a dropout but become a millionaire?
  25. Listen to the same song for 24 hours or only be able to watch one movie a year?
  26. Go to prom in sweats or walk your graduation in sweats?
  27. Become addicted to alcohol or drugs?
  28. Lie to your parents or lie to your siblings?
  29. Meet the person of your dreams but not be able to marry them or marry the person of your dream but have to divorce after 1 year?
  30. Live on your own but not have a car or live with your parents but have your own car?
  31. Have everyone think you’re a jerk or a nerd?
  32. Keep your friends close or your enemies closer?
  33. Have no wifi for a month or have no cell phone reception for a month?
  34. Be in the best shape of your life now but become obese in your 30s or be in average shape for the rest of your life?
  35. Have friends with only the same political values as you or have friends with diverse political opinions?
  36. Lose your phone or flunk out of school?
  37. Wear sunglasses to class for a month or wear earplugs to class for a whole semester?

Clean Questions for Kids

Would you rather…

  1. Get brain freeze for a whole day or feel the urge to go pee every time you want to sleep?
  2. Tattle on your best friend or take the blame for them?
  3. Go a whole week without showering or a whole day without eating?
  4. Drink a cup of salt water or a cup of clean toilet water?
  5. Lick the bottom of your shoe or the seat of a public bus?
  6. Lie to your parents or lie to your teacher?
  7. Win an argument or win a game?
  8. Live in an igloo or live in a tent in the desert?
  9. Get a pie smashed in your face or smash a pie in your dad’s face?
  10. Miss the school bus or miss an important practice?
  11. Get tickled for five minutes or have to touch a tarantula for one minute?
  12. Never be able to shout or never be able to whisper?

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Would You Rather Questions for Couples

  1. Go a whole week without seeing me or a whole month without any physical contact?
  2. Miss an important sports game or miss my birthday?
  3. Cuddle with me or with a puppy?
  4. Take an all-expenses-paid vacation to the Bahamas by yourself or spend a week a home with me doing anything you want?
  5. Be on top or underneath?
  6. Be caught cheating or catch me cheating?
  7. Your partner make more money or you make more money than your partner?
  8. Cook dinner for me or have me cook dinner for you?
  9. Be feared or be loved?
  10. Go on long walks or long drives?
  11. You can only listen to one rapper for the rest of your life: Eminem or Drake?
  12. Who would you rather have as your project partner: Jay-Z or Beyonce?

Crazy Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather…

  1. Bungee jumping holding a skunk or skydive holding a porcupine?
  2. Stick your hand into shark infested waters or reach your hand into a lion’s cage?
  3. Climb Mount Everest in dead of the winter or run a half marathon in Death Valley?
  4. Take photos of your neighbors through their window or be photographed through your own window by a stranger?
  5. Skinny dip with your classmates or co-workers or skinny dip with your teacher or boss?
  6. Have 10 days to gain 20 pounds or have 20 days to lose 10 pounds?
  7. Read seven books in a week or write seven 2,000 word articles in a week?
  8. Lose everything you’ve ever found or sell everything you’ve ever bought?
  9. Wake up at 3am every day for a week to take a shot of tequila or drink a beer every morning before school/work?
  10. Live off soup for the rest of your life or salad?

Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather...

  1. Get caught masturbating or watching dirty movies?
  2. Have a one night stand with Madonna or marry Britney Spears?
  3. Sleep with your second cousin in secret or not sleep with your second cousin but everyone thinks you did?
  4. Lick ice cream off of someone’s unwashed feet or lick mayonnaise off of someone’s erogenous area?
  5. Do a striptease for your significant other or watch them do a striptease?
  6. Bang your mom’s mind in your girlfriend’s body or your girlfriend’s mind in your mom’s body?
  7. Have all your poops smell like roses or have all your farts be silent?
  8. Wear a body paint suit to a job interview or an adult diaper on a third date?
  9. Have 1 second orgasms or 1 hour orgasms?
  10. Kiss someone on the their toes or their armpit?

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