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60+ Funny Would You Rather Questions

I've played many games of Would You Rather with my friends, and now I'm sharing my favorites with you.

Are you planning to play Would You Rather at a party? Find some funny question ideas here!

Are you planning to play Would You Rather at a party? Find some funny question ideas here!

If you're looking for funny Would You Rather questions, you've come to the right place. These silly questions are hilarious and will have you crying tears of laughter in no time.

How to Play

Just ask the question and watch your friend struggle to make a choice. Then laugh and point at them after they answer so that they feel judged. (Disclaimer: Only play this with people who have a sense of humor; otherwise, you will be shunned.)

Once you're done getting stitches in your tummy from laughing at these questions, try something a little more serious with 60+ Hard and Deep Would You Rather Questions.

Funny Would You Rather Questions to Ask Over Text

  • Brush your teeth with clean toilet water from your own toilet or drop your phone in a porta potty?
  • Get a face tattoo of something you choose or a tattoo in a discreet area but someone else chooses it randomly?
  • Not know you smell like poo or always smell poo no one else can smell?
  • Always sweat profusely when you talk to your crush or always have to whisper when you talk to them?
  • Poop in your pants at work or pee in your pants on a date?
  • Have only one eyebrow or no eyelashes?
  • Own an elephant the size of a gerbil or a gerbil the size of an elephant?
  • Sneeze whenever you say a word that contains the letter “E” or vomit whenever you say a word the contains the letter “Z”?
  • Forget your password every weekend for the rest of your life or forget your name every time you meet someone for the first time?
  • Cry rainbow-colored tears or fart rainbow-colored gas balls?
  • Wake up as the opposite sex once a month or wake up in strange place once a year?
  • Try to survive a month in the desert with your friends or 5 years in a reality TV house with really dumb cast members?
  • Have only 8 fingers or only 8 toes?
  • Find out your spouse cheated on you on the Jerry Springer Show or get a divorce on Judge Judy?
  • Be allergic to the sun or allergic to sweat?
Would you rather . . .

Would you rather . . .

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Hilarious Would You Rather Questions

  • Never understand what your parents are saying or only understand 70% of what your boss is saying?
  • Eat only rice for the rest of your life or eat only tortillas?
  • Be strong but look rail thin or be weak but look buff?
  • Talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?
  • Lick your own toilet seat or rub your hands all over a public toilet seat and go to dinner afterwards without washing your hands?
  • Have permanently pointy teeth or have permanently redshot eyes?
  • Have every movie you watch slowly turn into Shrek or have every song you listen to slowly turn into Smash Mouth’s "All Star"?
  • Have a cat with a human face or a dog with human hands for paws?
  • Get $10,000 now or find a penny whenever you reach into your pocket?
  • For the same annual salary, star in a TV show or on a popular YouTube channel?
  • Have incredibly strong fingers or an incredibly strong sense of smell?
  • Assuming you will still emit the same volume of gas, fart all your farts for the year on December 31st, OR fart once per day, at exactly noon?
  • Never need glasses or never have back pain?
  • Eat a whole raw jalapeno or chug an entire bottle of mustard?
  • Be Donald Trump for a month or be Melania for a month?
Would you rather . . .

Would you rather . . .

Wacky Laugh-Out-Loud Would You Rathers

  • Give one piece of bad advice to your best friend that could ruin his/her life or say the wrong thing to your boss 50% of the time for a year?
  • Only be able to watch one channel for the rest of your life or be able to watch whatever you want but only in the morning?
  • Encounter dinosaurs or aliens?
  • Clog the toilet at a date’s house or at your office?
  • Eat spaghetti through a straw or blended into a smoothie?
  • Be a giraffe with a neck problem or a hippo with an allergy to mud?
  • Run around the field naked during a baseball game or stand in front of the White House and moon it?
  • Sweat mayonnaise but never smell or not sweat but smell like garlic all the time?
  • Have a pet dragon or breathe fire?
  • Only listen to Justin Bieber for the rest of your life or only watch the Hallmark channel for the rest of your life?
  • Have 3 hands or 3 legs?
  • Kiss your best friend’s armpit or let a random dog lick you?
  • Never get lost or never lose your balance?
  • Be able to teleport anywhere in the world for 1 second and back once a day, but only to plant a whoopie cushion, or be able to fly, but only at jogging speed 1 inch above the ground?
  • Wake up in your underwear in class or wake up in your underwear at a relative’s funeral?
  • Would you rather eat an entire bag of hot dogs or an entire bag of hot dog buns?
  • Would you rather kiss your best friend or kiss an ugly boy that smells bad?
  • Would you rather eat brownies with the chance that there would be rocks in them or eat an entire jar of mayonnaise?
  • Would you rather sleep in the closet at your friend's house or sleep on the bed at your teacher/boss's house?
  • Would you rather sit in wet paint and not know about it or step in gum with your bare foot?
  • Have a tattoo of a toilet around your belly button or a misspelled tattoo of your name across your chest?
  • Smell like fish when you step out of water or smell like poop every time you step out of the bathroom?
  • Have no fingernails or have nails twice the size of your finger length?
  • Sneeze every time you say the word “who” or have the urge to pee every time you say “when”?
  • Mispronounce a common word 7 times in half an hour on national TV or bend over and have your pants split open at work?
  • Accidentally post a viral video of you slipping on a banana peel or drive away with everyone’s coffee on your roof?
  • Ruin the surprise at a surprise party or show up and realize too late that it is a black-tie event?
  • Wear underwear one size too small or shoes two sizes too big?
  • Always have an itchy ear or always have an itchy nose?
  • Would you rather wake up in bed with a porcupine or with a skunk?
Would you rather . . .

Would you rather . . .


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