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Performing Arts


5 Things Your Dance Style Says About Your Personality

What's your dance style and what does it say about your personality? Read on and find out what your favorite dance style says about you.


How to Direct a Stage Play: 8 Tips

A theatrical director or stage director orchestrates the staging of a play or other show by managing several complex aspects of the production. Get some directing tips here.


10 Self-Sabotaging Audition Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Want to stand out in auditions and finally land your dream role? Here are 10 common audition mistakes to avoid.


Stand-up Comedy: 5 Tips for Your First Open Mic

Do you have a passion for making others laugh? Interested in trying your hand at stand-up comedy? Check out these five tips for succeeding in your first open mic comedy show!


31 Songs From "Annie" (Musical and Movie)

This article features the best "Annie" songs from the 1982, 1999, and 2014 films and musicals. Each of the listed songs comes with interesting facts.


The Essential Guide to Morris Dancing

For almost a thousand years, people have engaged in folk dancing in Europe. It’s a tradition with murky origins.


10 Facts About "Hamilton" That Will Blow You All Away

"Hamilton" is one of the most popular Broadway musicals ever made—appealing to both theater geeks and hip hop fans. It follows the life story of Alexander Hamilton. Here are 10 facts about "Hamilton" that will blow you away.


Advice for Late Starters to Ballet

Late starters to the art of ballet are always left out at most studios if they are hoping for anything more than weekly recreation. I was one of those dancers. This is what I would tell my former self, which is also my advice to other late starters.


Theatrical Superstitions: "Macbeth" and More

“Unfounded fears” is how dictionaries describe superstitions; to actors in the theatre, there is nothing unfounded about them.


How to Volunteer for LibriVox

My first year of volunteering for LibriVox was great. Volunteering is cheap, fun, and easy.


100 Thoughtful Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants

This article showcases a diverse list of questions asked at beauty pageants along with a detailed perspective on how to answer pageant questions.


Stilt Walkers: Athletic Hobby or Career?

Stilt walking is an amazing hobby offering fun, challenges, exercise, and excitement for oneself and others. Art and craft abilities, costuming, and imagination add to this performing hobby.


Five Tips Every Beginning Actor Needs to Know

The entertainment industry is a tough one to break into. Even worse, there are hundreds of thousands of actors in the U.S. alone, but only a small percentage of them are actually employed as such. Here are five tips that can make breaking into the industry a little easier.


Fundamentals of Juggling: Quick and Easy Exercises

Learn to juggle using a few quick and easy exercises that you can do anywhere.


How to Open a Belly Dance Studio

Opening a belly dance studio is an interesting and life-changing event. It will come with many challenges. Energy, creative thinking, and business acuity will be your tools for success.


Why Are Film and Theater Adaptations So Different From the Originals?

This article discusses many factors that affect the adaptation of texts into movies and plays.


A Retrospective on the Great Sorcar

The illusionist from India caused a sensation in Britain in 1956 when he appeared to cut his assistant in half using a massive circular saw.


How to Create Score Sheets for Dance Auditions of Multiple Ages & Skill Levels

Creating score sheets for any audition can be difficult. How do you make sure you are fair to all those auditioning? Here's how to create score sheets for multiple genres of dance auditions for multiple skills and ages.


How to Set Up and Run a Successful Dance Audition

The success of an audition hinges strongly on how the audition is structured and executed. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to set up, run, and complete an audition and have it be a success!


Top 10 Magicians the World Has Ever Seen

A countdown and review of ten of the greatest magicians the world has ever known!


9 Tips for How to Sing With a Cold or Sore Throat

Here are nine methods for treating your human pipe organ for when a cold strikes.


Circus Trapeze With Ammed and the Flying Tuniziani

Aerialists strive to entertain circus audiences with daring feats. Trapeze artist Ammed Tuniziani is at the top of his game—hitting quadruple somersaults with amazing consistency.


Dance Etiquette: 20 Tips for Social Dancing

Social dancing comes with its own set of rules that might not be that obvious if you're new to it. Tips for men and women on how to keep the peace and avoid problems when you're out social dancing.


Why Won't Women Dance With Me? 22 Reasons Why They Say "No"

A list of all the top reasons why women say "no" to dancing with a man. Advice from a professional dance teacher about what to do in each situation so you don't keep making the same mistakes!


7 Common Myths About Dance Lessons

You're busted! Here are seven myths about dance lessons that you thought were true!


What Clothes Should Men Wear to Salsa Clubs?

This is a quick and easy guide for men on what clothes they should wear to salsa clubs. Answers to all of your major questions from a professional salsa dance teacher.


Best Dance Moves From the 1970s

Planning a 70s party? You don't have to dance like John Travolta—there were many 1970s routines like the Bump Dance and the Hustle that are easy for anyone to learn.


A Guide to Scottish Dancing

Learn all about Scottish dancing, from the history to the garb to the different types of dance, including Highland dancing, step dancing, and Scottish country dancing.


Why You Should Take an Improv Class Right Now

Shows like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" brought improv to our living rooms. Here are life lessons I've learned during my career as an improviser and how it can benefit your health and your pocketbook.


How to Get Last-Minute Broadway Tickets

An introductory list of ways to get last-minute show tickets in New York City.


Big Cat & Animal Trainer Alexander Lacey’s Ringling Bros. Circus Wrap-Up

Now that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is closed, world-famous big cat/animal trainer Alexander Lacey takes a look back at his years with the Greatest Show on Earth—and a look forward.


11 Popular Dancers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Looking for some inspiration? Here are the top 11 dancers you need to follow on Instagram to always stay up to date with the latest dance videos and news!


10 Screenwriting Lessons From the "Little Miss Sunshine" DVD Commentary

The DVD commentary for "Little Miss Sunshine" is a trove of useful info for screenwriters. Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris and screenwriter Michael Arndt are worth listening to.


The History of "Oh! What a Lovely War"

Half a century after the Great War started, a group of British writers and actors created a macabre and satirical musical about the dreadful sacrifice of the common soldiers.


Life After Ringling: What Happens When the Circus Closes Down

When Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced its closing, the casts and crews for both shows were in shock. What would happen next? Some of Ringling’s performers share their stories.


What Happened to the Characters After "The Phantom of the Opera"?

Learn about the fate of "The Phantom of the Opera" characters, as revealed in the sequel musical, "Love Never Dies."


The Craft of Puppetry: How to Create Characters and Perform

The craft of puppetry can satisfy creativity and imagination for designing, constructing, and managing man-made replicas of people, animals, or objects to perform amusing feats for entertainment.


How to Produce Your Own Stand-Up Comedy Show

Advice for comedians who want to create their own stage time by independently producing comedy shows.


Community Theater: Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what goes on backstage and before the play? What does it take to bring you that entertainment? Read on; it's a fascinating journey.


The Demise of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

Circus! As an outsider looking in, this author and circus-lover offers an editorial look at the closing of the Greatest Show on Earth ® in 2017.


An Insider's Look at Silver Dollar City's "It's a Wonderful Life"

At face value, a play or musical is entertainment for entertainment's sake: fun for a moment, then often forgotten. But in working alongside the actual participants, I've gained profound insight.


What Should Men Wear to Dance Lessons?

Tips and advice from a professional dance instructor on what clothes and shoes men should wear to a private dance lesson or group class for salsa, swing or ballroom dancing.


10 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

It's becoming more and more popular for dancers to share videos on Instagram. Lucky us! Here are some of the best dancers you should be following right now.


How to Make a Ballet Barre for Home Use

This is a simple 6-step guide on how to inexpensively build your own ballet barre in your home with readily available hardware items, plus other alternative options.


How a Man Should Ask a Women to Dance With Him: 10 Essential Steps to Get That "Yes!"

Learn how to properly ask a woman to dance and interact with her, from the moment you first see her, all the way through to when the song is finished and you're getting ready to part ways.


Light Painting With an Illuminated Hoop

This article will look at some art you can do with an illuminated hoop.


Theatre Audience Etiquette

Live theatre can be a wonderful experience; it can also be ruined when members of the audience ignore a few simple rules.


10 Common Mistakes Men Make Going Out Salsa Dancing

Here's a list of the top 10 common mistakes men make when they go out salsa dancing by themselves or with a date. Dos and don'ts for men everywhere.


10 Common Mistakes Women Make When Going Out Salsa Dancing

Make sure you have fun every time you go out salsa dancing at a nightclub by avoiding these 10 common mistakes.


4 Ways to Be a Really Good Leader and Amazing Salsa Dancer

As a professional dance teacher, here are the four primary characteristics of successful salsa dancers that I've identified for men who are really good leaders and can dance salsa with any woman.