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10 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Diana is passionate about dancing and everything connected to it.

Instagram is a great place to find phenomenal dancers who can inspire and motivate you.

Instagram is a great place to find phenomenal dancers who can inspire and motivate you.

Do you need motivation? How about a push to get started? Still can`t seem to get past your own limits? Make sure you follow these incredible and inspiring people on Instagram. These dancers do what they like and dance their passions. They dedicate themselves to training hard and enjoy doing it. Such talented people will definitely make you want to become the best version of yourself. Now that videos are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, many dancers and dance studios are sharing videos. These are the 10 best dancers to follow.

1. Jade Chynoweth


Jade takes lots of classes at MDC, so you can see her in many YouTube videos in the Millennium. Though she is only 19, she has already worked with The Pulse, has been featured in some commercials, and you can also see her in many MDC videos on YouTube. She has also joined the immaBEASTdance crew. It's hard not to be amazed by her great work. She dances with a great attitude and lots of dedication.

Jade Chynoweth plays Odalie Allen in Step Up: High Water, a YouTube Red and Lionsgate original 10 episode series!

2. Hamilton Evans


An L.A. based choreographer and dancer, Evans was born and raised in a small country town in the UK. After graduating from one of London's leading professional dance colleges, he worked with many artists in Europe and soon moved to L.A. Now he teaches at top studios like MDC, The Edge Performing Arts Center, and IDA Hollywood.

3. Greg Chapkis

gregchapkis | chapkisdance

Greg grew up dancing in Ukraine, which is where he started his professional career. In 1998 he moved to the United States where he competed on Fox's television show “So U Think U Can Dance” in the first season. Soon he made it to the US “America Got Talent” with his group Mix'd Elements. He is also a director of 5 dance teams at his Chapkis Dance Studio in Suisun City, CA. Greg has taught dance all over the world as well as in many US states.

4.Sean Lew


Sean got his first professional job at the age of 8 as a dancer on Glee. You may also want to check out his YouTube channel where you will find lots of interesting videos he choreographed by himself. He has been working with many talented people in the industry, and he is a Pulse Alumni. Sean also joined the lilBEASTS dance crew.

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5. Will “Willdabeast” Adams

willdabeast__| beastnetwork

Originally from Indiana, Will “Willdabeast” Adams later moved to L.A. where he choreographed for many well-known artists. He founded the popular dance company immaBeast. The brand has grown to international stardom in the dance world and inspires many dancers to work harder. You will want to check out his YouTube channel where he posts lots of class videos, special previews of what's to come on The BEAST Network, and much more.

6. Janelle Ginestra


At the age of 12 Janelle began to choreograph and dance for local artists in Modesto, CA. She also took up competitive cheerleading and won several national championships. Eventually she became a head instructor, teaching kids and teenagers dance and cheer routines. At the age of 18, Janelle moved to North Hollywood and worked as a successful dancer on dance shows, music videos, and awards shows. On his Instagram page, Willdabeast Adams recently shared that he and Janelle have been hired as the lead choreographers for the next Step Up movie!

7. Matt Steffanina

mattsteffanina | dancetutorialslive

Matt moved to Los Angeles in 2010 where he continued to work as a dancer. He teaches at dance studios and choreographs for artists. You have to check out his YouTube channels! One of them is dedicated to teaching viewers how to dance (regardless of location or finances). Every Hip Hop Dance Video tutorial video is broken down step-by-step!

Did you learn one of the dance routines? Download your cover video on Instagram and make sure you hashtag #DanceCoverContest because that’s how Matt can find your cover videos. On the Instagram dancetutorialslive you will see lots of covers, so go ahead and make yours!

8. Josh Killacky


Josh discovered his love for dance when he was 12 years old. He moved to North Holywood from Chicago when he was a teenager. If you go to YouTube you will find videos from Millennium Dance Studio. He also has his own YouTube channel that contains his performances as well as dance videos he choreographs by himself. A year ago, he made a hoverboard dance video to Justin Bieber`s “What Do You Mean” song with Bot Broz and it went viral in about three days! Soon other hoverboard videos followed. Check out the davidmooretv channel to watch them.

9. Alexander Chung


Alexander Chung was raised in Edmonton, Canada. He finished high school at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts as a Dance Composition student. He's now an Artistic Director at The Kore Dance Studio and he has also founded the NXG Dance Company which has done well in international competitions. He has choreographed for dance groups and artists and traveled the world working as a choreographer, a competition judge, and dance instructor. Alexander recently moved to L.A. Now you have an opportunity to watch dance videos on YouTube that he choreographed while working as a teacher at the MDC in NoHo.

10. Darrion Gallegos


Darrion is from Flagstaff, Arizona. He found his calling in dance at the age of 14 and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. He began his dance career as an assistant for the Pulse on Tour, where he assisted and studied under choreographer Tricia Miranda. Darrion has performed with many artists and made a name for himself performing with Demi Lovato and appearing in the television productions of X-Factor USA and some other shows. He continues his training in L.A. and has also been featured in lots of MDC videos.

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Kaycee Rice and Bailey Sok!

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Jordan Malixi and Fikshun are my favorite dancers

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