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11 Popular Dancers on Instagram You Need to Follow

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Diana is passionate about dancing and everything connected to it.

11 Popular Dancers on Instagram You Need to Follow

11 Popular Dancers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Are you constantly seeking inspiration? Dancers sometimes look for inspiration from others to perform their craft. They train and take dance classes along with developing their own styles. In fact, many dancers make up choreographies that are inspired by music and musicians, other dancers, and talented choreographers! So why not get hooked on watching dance videos? It can really help you to get in the mood to create, work more and harder, perform better, and pay attention to details.

The small details make a big difference, so every time you watch some of your favorite dancers perform, pay attention to how they hit the moves, their facial expressions, and any details about them that you like. Then try to reproduce those details even better when dancing or making your own choreo! Here's the list of the top 11 dancers you should be following on Instagram.

1. Jojo Gomez


Jojo was trained in many styles of dance by the time she was 11. Constantly taking part in dance competitions and learning from the best in the industry, she was determined to become a professional dancer. She moved to LA the day after she graduated high school. Since then she's performed on TV shows such as The Voice, X-Factor, America's Got Talent, and Radio Disney. In 2014, she created her YouTube account to post videos with her own choreography to music that she loved (like Tinashe, Beyonce, and Britney Spears). The results were stunning. Posting her videos online inspired others. She started to get offers as well; dance studios asked her to come teach. Soon, her classes at the Millennium Dance Complex were selling out.

2. Kyle Hanagami


Kyle has worked on numerous television shows such as Fox's X-Factor, Nickelodeon’s How Ro Rock, ABC’s Sing Your Face Off, worked for the Move Live On Tour. He has also reached tons of subscribers and gotten thousands of views on YouTube. With a decade of teaching experience, he has became one of the most sought-after dance teachers in the world. He has also received the Industry Dance Award for the best class at LA’s three top dance studios. Kyle has traveled all over the world and boasts a list of more than 50 countries visited!

3. Kaelynn KK Gobert-Harris


Kay Kay (her nickname) started dancing at the age of 5, mostly self-taught. As she grew as an artist she began performing on professional dance teams for the Entertainment Basketball League and WNBA. By the age of 12, Kaelynn was offered numerous scholarships. She even worked assisting choreographers like Wade Robson and Brian Friedman. She later performed on multiple episodes of The Voice, Glee!, MTV VNA’s, Disney, BET awards and even danced with Usher’s tour. Now, Kay Kay is a sought out professional dancer and instructor who sells out classes and travels the world!

4. Tricia Miranda


Her YouTube channel has a huge number of subscribers. She has many serious industry credits to her name (she danced with artists like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Fergie, Jay-Z, and Usher just to name a few). Hundreds of talented dancers line up just to get into one of her classes.

She was a dance instructor for more than a decade, but it wasn't until she got big on YouTube that she started getting tons of attention. The first class video she uploaded to YouTube was to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ in 2014. It has millions of views!

Soon the clips from her classes at MDC on North Hollywood boosted not only her career, but also the careers of many of her students like Jade Chynoweth, Kaycee Rice, Aidan Prince, and Gabe De Guzman. Another video to Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ has been viewed 56 million times!

Since then, her cinematographically stunning dance videos featuring mind-blowing dancers dancing to top songs have reached millions of viewers and inspired millions of dancers all over the world!

This Dance Video Has Been Viewed 56 Million Times!

5.Taylor Hatala


Taylor started dancing at age 3 when she took her first ballet and tap classes. Around age 6 she got into jazz, hip hop, and ballet. When she was 11, she went to LA for the first time (Taylor was born in Edmonton, Canada). She shot a few dance videos there there with top choreographers who already had a huge number of subscribers on their YouTube channels. These videos vaulted Taylor's social media to fame. Since then she has been sharing more videos trying to inspire others.

6. Anze Skrube


Born and raised in Slovenia, Anze started his professional dance career at the age of 15 teaching workshops all over Europe. He’s also the creator of the ‘Maestro’ crew that won multiple national and world champion titles. At the age of 19, he opened his own dance studio (‘Maestro Dance Studio’) with several locations all over Slovenia. He has worked as a creative director and choreographer for European award shows. In his 20s, he decided to move to Los Angeles and has since performed alongside Justin Timberlake, Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown, Usher and Prince. Anze choreographed for 150 TV performances in the past few years and became one of the most sought after European choreographers. He is also a teacher at the legendary Millennium Dance Complex in LA.

7. Jake Kodish


Jake Kodish is known for his signature popping and contemporary hip-hop. He started training with hip-hop and contemporary dance styles when he was 12. He advanced and began training in all forms of dance from ballet to house in his hometown of Miami, Florida. At 16, Jake made it to the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent and moved to train in LA when he turned 18. Jake has danced in the film Step Up 4 and toured with pop superstar Taylor Swift on her 1989 Tour. He has also performed with lots of celebrities (including Justin Bieber and

8. Yanis Marshall


French dancer and choreographer Yanis Marshall is well known for his fierce, sharp moves in heels. In 2014, he made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent along with his colleagues Arnaud and Mehdi. He has been touring the world ever since. He teaches and performs in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, England, France, the United States and more. Watch his viral dance videos!

9. Bongyoung Park


Park Bongyoung is a dancer and choreographer from South Korea at the Seoul 1 Million Dance Studio. Originally he was an actor who studied musical theater. That’s when he took ballet, jazz, and tap-dancing classes. He loves the fact that he can create art and emotionally charged content by working with musicians and choreographers. That’s why he started training to be a professional dancer. Bongyoung Park took intensive classes in the US and in France where he took classes with the French choreographer Yanis Marshall (who was discussed above and who is well known for his high heels choreographies). Back in Korea, Park started giving classes in dance studious and even offered to give high heel dancing classes, which were totally new in South Korea. Along with other choreographers at 1 Million Dance Studio, Park helps new dancers by giving quality classes to total newbies.

10. Dytto


Dytto has a unique style that incorporates popping, robotting, animation, tutting, and finger tutting. You may have already seen Dytto in her multiple appearances on The Ellen Show, in several viral dance videos on YouTube, at live performances (like WOD), or in advertisements. She also has a YouTube channel which has reached more than 1.7 million subscribers! Born in Florida and raised in Atlanta, she went from a gymnast to a cheerleader all the way to a professional dancer. Later she moved to Los Angeles.

They call Dytto the ‘Barbie Girl’, and here’s the reason why: on her 17th birthday, Dytto freestyled for the first time on stage to a Barbie Girl Trap Remix. This was her first live performance. It shocked the internet and reached over 40 million views on multiple platforms!

11. Lia Kim


Lia Kim is a dancer, choreographer, and trainer from South Korea. She’s the chief choreographer of 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul and she also has a popular YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers and hundreds of millions views! Lia Kim can also be credited for many of K-POP’s most iconic choreographies. Her style combines many isolations and tutting with sensual and fluid stilettos. Lia has become a true inspiration for many dancers in Asia and beyond.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this list and all these amazing dance videos! Please share your thoughts about these performers or tell me about some other cool dancers and choreographers who inspire you in the comments section below.

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