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List of the Top 10 Most Romantic Bachata Breakup Songs

Anya Brodech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA.

Bachata is all about romance and drama

Bachata is all about romance and drama

The Perfect Breakup Soundtrack

Here is a list of the top 10 most romantic bachata songs about breakups and heartbreak, for when you are going through a tough time. I originally made this list for myself to listen to after going through a very difficult breakup because I wasn't feeling okay and didn't want to listen to music that was all happy and cheery. These songs are great for when you've just broken up with somebody and are pissed at the world—or are super depressed and unhappy and want something to listen to that suits your grumpy mood.

If you are going through a sucky time right now, just take it easy and allow yourself some time to feel miserable and work through your emotions (which I've done plenty of times), and you'll eventually feel better and be ready to move on with your life.

Even if you're not depressed or going through a breakup, these songs can be really nice to listen to because they have really passionate and moving lyrics that are full of emotion. If you're choreographing a bachata routine, there are definitely some good songs here that will give you some much-needed drama. Also, a lot of these songs are popular at salsa/bachata clubs and I've danced to most of them while out at one place or another.

Breaking up with your regular dance partner can be even more painful.

Breaking up with your regular dance partner can be even more painful.

How to Deal With Breaking Up With Your Dance Partner

Dating and breakups can be pretty dramatic, but even more so when you also dance with that person regularly, because you make even more memories with them. That makes it really hard to dance with anybody afterwards because literally every song will remind you of him/her and how you two danced together and how nice it was—before it all went to crap.

Before I became a professional dance teacher, I was ready to give up dancing for a good more than once after a terrible breakup because it was just too hard to continue. Even now, I still have students sometimes who give up dancing because they broke up with their dance partner and are just too upset to go on with their lessons.

So don't feel bad if you wanna quit dancing, it's a perfectly normal reaction, just give yourself a break from the dance floor for a few months before coming back. It helps if you go to a new club/venue that isn't emotionally charged with all the memories of you and your ex.

Focus on dancing on with as many new/different people as you can when you go out to keep yourself occupied mentally, and also to remind yourself that you can dance with plenty of other people besides your ex!

1. "Cuanto Duele," by Carlos y Alejandra

"Cuanto Duele," by Carlos y Alejandra, is about a couple who were in love, but then had a horrible breakup and now regret having ever met each other and can't stand each other. The perfect song for that person you don't want in your life.

2. "Dile el Amor," by Aventura

"Dile el Amor," by Aventura, is all about being over being in love and wanting to take a nice, long break from it. Perfect for when you're sick and tired of dating and relationships and just want some well-deserved me-time.

3. "Ensename a Olvidar," by Aventura

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4. "El Amor que Perdimos," by Prince Royce

5. "El Malo," by Aventura

6. "El Perdedor," by Aventura

7. "Mi Ultima Carta," by Prince Royce

8. "Te Me Vas," by Prince Royce

9. "Te Perdiste Mi Amor," by Prince Royce and Thalia

10. "Te Extrano," by Xtreme

Wishing You Luck

I hope that you found what you wanted in this playlist and that you feel better soon. Breakups suck, which is why I've decided not to date for a while. I've taken breaks from dancing in the past because it was just too painful for me to be around my exes, but after a while I got back on the dance floor.

If you're a dancer, remember that dancing is something that no one can take away from you! You've got to find a way to make it your own.


© 2015 Anya Brodech


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