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Costume and Makeup Tips for Mature Belly Dancers

Belly dance is the ideal form of exercise for mature women. It's gentle and doesn't require great flexibility or strength. However, its traditional costumes and makeup can be challenging for older dancers. Here are some tips to look like a belly dancer with grace.


What Is a Majence in Belly Dance?

The majence, or majensi, is the opening number for a belly dance show. It showcases the dancer at her best and gives a taster of the show that follows. Because of its variety, majence music can make a good basis for a belly dance solo.


Origins of Belly Dance

There are many myths surrounding belly dancing, most of which were invented in the 1960s and 1970s when belly dance became popular as a hobby in the West. So what is the truth?


Belly Dance Improvisation

In belly dance, improvisation is a fundamental skill, more so than in any other dance genre. If you aspire to dance professionally, it's essential. If you want to enjoy dancing socially, an ability to improvise naturally will enhance your enjoyment.


Folkoric Belly Dance

There has been a surge of interest in Middle Eastern folkloric dance among the belly dance community. What are these dances, and should we be learning and performing them?


So You Want to Be a Professional Belly Dancer?

If you have a passion for belly dance, you may be considering a career as a professional belly dancer, but there are many practical realities to consider. This article takes a look at where you will perform, how much you can charge and what to expect if you become a professional belly dancer.


How to Make a Belly Dance Bra Fit

Belly dance bras are notorious for their uncomfortable and sometimes unflattering fit. This article explains how to make your own bra, or how to adjust one you already own, even if you don't know how to sew.


How to Get Your Mojo Back for Belly Dance

Have you lost enthusiasm for your belly dance practice? Before you can rediscover your energy and passion, you need to understand why your love of dancing has waned. But take heart, there are some simple steps you can take to get your dance mojo back!


Advice for Late Starters to Ballet

Late starters to the art of ballet are always left out at most studios if they are hoping for anything more than weekly recreation. I was one of those dancers. This is what I would tell my former self, which is also my advice to other late starters.