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This article answers questions about common foot injuries in pointe work.


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Your teacher has said you are ready to go on pointe. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your first pointe shoe fitting.


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When ballet school is out, how do you stay fit for dancing? Here are some ideas.


Freed of London Pointe Shoes

Freed of London are the most prestigious UK ballet manufacturer, and their pointe shoes are legendary for their lightness.


How to Buy Pointe Shoes Online: What Shape Is My Foot?

Why do pointe shoe manufacturers produce so many models? Because feet come in different shapes as well as different sizes. Before you can find the right pointe shoe, you need to understand your foot shape.


How to Dance With Belly Dance Props

Who's dancing, you or the props? Sword, veils, Isis wings and fan veils can be exciting additions to belly dance, but be careful they don't take over.


Costume and Makeup Tips for Mature Belly Dancers

Belly dance is the ideal form of exercise for mature women. It's gentle and doesn't require great flexibility or strength. However, its traditional costumes and makeup can be challenging for older dancers. Here are some tips to look like a belly dancer with grace.


How to Care for Belly Dance Costumes

Belly dance costumes are often heavily beaded and fringed. How do you clean them without ruining them?


What Is a Majence in Belly Dance?

The majence, or majensi, is the opening number for a belly dance show. It showcases the dancer at her best and gives a taster of the show that follows. Because of its variety, majence music can make a good basis for a belly dance solo.


Ballet in Belly Dance

This article takes a look at the influence of ballet on belly dancing.


How to Choose, Use and Maintain Isis Wings

This article is a guide to Isis wings for belly dancing, from choosing the right wings, through care and maintenance, to how to use them correctly.


Origins of Belly Dance

There are many myths surrounding belly dancing, most of which were invented in the 1960s and 1970s when belly dance became popular as a hobby in the West. So what is the truth?


Belly Dance Improvisation

In belly dance, improvisation is a fundamental skill, more so than in any other dance genre. If you aspire to dance professionally, it's essential. If you want to enjoy dancing socially, an ability to improvise naturally will enhance your enjoyment.


Costumes for Student Belly Dance Troupes

Belly dance costumes are expensive, so what are the sensible costume alternatives for a student belly dance troupe?


How to Shimmy: Belly Dance Technique

The shimmy is one of the most fundamental moves in belly dance and has many variations. Good technique is critical! Learn how to shimmy by reading this comprehensive guide.


Folkoric Belly Dance

There has been a surge of interest in Middle Eastern folkloric dance among the belly dance community. What are these dances, and should we be learning and performing them?


So You Want to Be a Professional Belly Dancer?

If you have a passion for belly dance, you may be considering a career as a professional belly dancer, but there are many practical realities to consider. This article takes a look at where you will perform, how much you can charge and what to expect if you become a professional belly dancer.


How to Make a Belly Dance Bra Fit

Belly dance bras are notorious for their uncomfortable and sometimes unflattering fit. This article explains how to make your own bra, or how to adjust one you already own, even if you don't know how to sew.


How to Get Your Mojo Back for Belly Dance

Have you lost enthusiasm for your belly dance practice? Before you can rediscover your energy and passion, you need to understand why your love of dancing has waned. But take heart, there are some simple steps you can take to get your dance mojo back!


Cantes de Ida y Vuelta: South American Influences on Flamenco

The great flamenco dances are deeply emotional and serious, but there is a lighter side to flamenco—the cantes de ida y vuelta, or "round trip" songs, with rhythms and moods that reflect their South American influences


Advice for Late Starters to Ballet

Late starters to the art of ballet are always left out at most studios if they are hoping for anything more than weekly recreation. I was one of those dancers. This is what I would tell my former self, which is also my advice to other late starters.


How to Open a Belly Dance Studio

Opening a belly dance studio is an interesting and life-changing event. It will come with many challenges. Energy, creative thinking, and business acuity will be your tools for success.


How to Create Score Sheets for Dance Auditions of Multiple Ages & Skill Levels

Creating score sheets for any audition can be difficult. How do you make sure you are fair to all those auditioning? This article is a guide to creating score sheets for multiple genres of dance auditions for multiple skills and ages.


How to Set Up and Run a Successful Dance Audition

The success of an audition hinges strongly on how the audition is structured and executed. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to set up, run, and complete an audition and have it be a success!


Dance Etiquette: 20 Tips for Social Dancing

Social dancing comes with its own set of rules that might not be that obvious if you're new to it. Tips for men and women on how to keep the peace and avoid problems when you're out social dancing.


Why Won't Women Dance With Me? 22 Reasons Why They Say "No"

A list of all the top reasons why women say "no" to dancing with a man. Advice from a professional dance teacher about what to do in each situation so you can don't keep making the same mistakes!


7 Common Myths About Dance Lessons

You're busted! Here are seven myths about dance lessons that you thought were true!


What Clothes Should Men Wear to Salsa Clubs?

A quick and easy guide for men on what clothes they should wear to salsa clubs. Answers to all of your major questions from a professional salsa dance teacher.


Best Dance Moves From the 1970s

Planning a 70s party? You don't have to dance like John Travolta—there were many 1970s routines like the Bump Dance and the Hustle that are easy for anyone to learn.


A Guide to Scottish Dancing

There are two main types of Scottish dancing: highland dancing and Scottish Country dance.


11 Popular Dancers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Are you constantly seeking inspiration? Here's the list of the top 11 dancers you need to follow on Instagram to always stay up to date with the latest dance videos and news!


What Should Men Wear to Dance Lessons?

Tips and advice from a professional dance instructor on what clothes and shoes men should wear to a private dance lesson or group class for salsa, swing or ballroom dancing.


What Should Women Wear to Salsa Lessons?

Learning how to dance salsa in a private lesson or group class is a lot of fun! Wearing the right kind of clothes and shoes minimizes risk of injury and keeps you feeling comfortable and looking good!


10 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

It's becoming more and more popular for dancers to share videos on Instagram. Lucky us! Here are some of the best dancers you should be following.


How to Make a Ballet Barre for Home Use

A simple 6-step guide on how to inexpensively build your own ballet barre in your home with readily available hardware items, plus other alternative options.


How a Man Should Ask a Women to Dance With Him: 10 Essential Steps to Get That "Yes!"

Learn how to properly ask a woman to dance and interact with her, from the moment you first see her, all the way through to when the song is finished and you're getting ready to part ways.


10 Common Mistakes Men Make Going Out Salsa Dancing: Dos and Don'ts

A list of the top 10 common mistakes men make when they go out salsa dancing by themselves or with a date. Dos and don'ts for men everywhere.


10 Common Mistakes Women Make When Going Out Salsa Dancing

Make sure you have fun every time you go out salsa dancing at a nightclub by avoiding these 10 common mistakes and following my professional advice on what to do in a salsa nightclub.


4 Ways to Be a Really Good Leader and Amazing Salsa Dancer

As a professional dance teacher, here are the four primary characteristics of successful salsa dancers that I've identified for men who are really good leaders and can dance salsa with any woman.


Best Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes for Beginners

The right shoes can make your ballroom dance classes much more enjoyable as well as protecting you from injury.


List of the Top 10 Most Romantic Bachata Breakup Songs

Perfect songs for listening to after a recent breakup. A list of great bachata songs to dance to for beginner, intermediate and advanced bachata dancers who want songs with a lot of passion and drama


10 Benefits of Dancing Salsa for Men and Women

A list of the top ten reasons why you should learn how to dance salsa and how it can change your life, or at least make it less pitifully boring than it is right now, as told by a salsa teacher.


Shakespeare Morris: Traditional Dancing in England

The Shakespeare Morris Side, keepers of the Bidford Dances of the Cotswold tradition, are a regular sight in Stratford, England. I caught up with one of the dancers to learn more about Morris Dancing.


How to Choose and Use Castanets for Flamenco

Although not popular in flamenco nueve, castanet playing is still an essential skill for any budding flamenco dancer. Learn what to buy and how to get started.


How to Make a Flamenco Skirt or Dress

Flamenco dresses and costumes are expensive to buy, because there is so much material and work involved. If you are up for the work, you can make your own flamenco costumes.


All About the Flamenco Shawl and How to Wear It

Flamenco shawls are beautiful to look at and warm to wear. But in flamenco dance, the shawl or "manton" is also an important (and useful) part of the costume and is also used as a dramatic prop.


Stretching and Flexibility Tips for Dancers and Others

Flexibility is an essential part of a dancer's life. We are all not blessed with natural flexibility and must work hard to gain that skill. In this article are great tips to get/maintain flexibility.


Creative Movement and Dance Lesson Ideas for Preschool Children

Teaching young children can be a challenge. Getting them moving is a great way to assist in their development while engaging their creativity.


How to Dance Bachata Well (and Become a Good Bachata Dancer!)

A guide on how to dance bachata well and become an amazing bachata dancer by listening to and getting in touch with the music, finding the right partner, getting up close and personal, and being sexy!


What Clothes to Wear Salsa Dancing (A Salsa Dress Guide for Women)

A professional salsa & Latin dance teacher's guide for women on what clothes, shoes, and makeup to wear to go salsa dancing at a studio or a nightclub, with tips on how to look hot and stay cool.