How to Build a 5000-Piece Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

Updated on January 7, 2020 profile image

Kevin has been building puzzles since he was a child and loves sharing his knowledge and skills with his readers.

5000 piece Beneath The Sea by Ravensburger Puzzle
5000 piece Beneath The Sea by Ravensburger Puzzle

I have been building puzzles since I was a child. I have built many puzzles before from all ranges of pieces, max 2000 pieces, and the Wrebbit 3-D puzzles too. But I was looking for a real challenge. So I browsed around the internet looking for a large puzzle with an amazing picture, and the first time I laid eyes on this Ravensburger puzzle, I knew right then I wanted it. The colours were beautiful and it would match perfectly with my new room. So I bought it and waited for it to be shipped; unfortunately, the site had shipped with UPS, and I was highly disappointed with their service and extra fees, but when I finally had the puzzle in my hands, I was so excited!

The sorting begins...
The sorting begins...
Once its done sorting, let the building begin!
Once its done sorting, let the building begin!
The fish in bottom left
The fish in bottom left
Top Left
Top Left
Top Centre
Top Centre
Top Right
Top Right
Bottom Right
Bottom Right
Bottom Middle
Bottom Middle

Step 1. Sort the Pieces

Yes, this is the most boring and perhaps exhausting step of building every puzzle. With the vast amounts of pieces, I would use boxes to sort the pieces, while focusing on the border pieces especially. The remaining of the boxes will be used to sort colours, but the main priority right now is to find the border pieces and have it completed before the real building begins. It works perfectly every time I do it.

Step 2. Start Building Same-Colour Pieces

So once you're done sorting out the colours and the border, the real fun is just beginning! I tend to focus on the smaller parts with noticeable colours in the pieces as it is much easier to focus on smaller parts than the whole thing. For this puzzle, I started off building the bottom left because the fish had its significant picture of wavy yellow and blue colours that were easy to pick out. Another part was the white pieces, which for this puzzle signify the flare of light beaming down on the water. So next step is to focus on separate parts of the puzzle with easy-to-notice colours, and go on from there.

Step 3. Take It Slowly, One Part at a Time

The purpose of the puzzle is it takes time to build it, and some can be challenging with very similar pieces and shades, so there is no need to rush. For this puzzle, I decided to focus on the upper part next, with the majority of the water, dolphins and sea turtles. It was the most amazing part of the whole puzzle, in my opinion, and one of the main deciding factors in choosing this puzzle. I progressed slowly but eventually got a majority of the outline and pieces completed before tackling on the remainder of pieces and all the other sea life portrayed in this puzzle.

Step 4. Finish the Parts That You Didn't Do Yet

I usually leave either the hardest part (all the same-colour pieces like the sky or water) for last, or the parts I find less appealing. Yup, even this beautiful puzzle had some fill-in pictures of sea life, but it still has to be built to complete the puzzle. Again, take your time, do not stress over it and take breaks in between if your hands, neck and back are sore. Remember, building a puzzle should be a peaceful getaway as I like to see it, so you shouldn't be going through pain just to build one. It's not for everyone, as it usually takes a lot of time, but the result of completing it makes it all worth while.

Step 5. Frame It, Photograph It, and Show It Off

And you're done! All the hours you put into building this, and you're done. Good job! Now you can either frame the puzzle and put it up on your wall, or do whatever you like. I like to showcase my puzzles online for others to view, and take pictures of them to show. But for this special one, I will have it framed and up in my room in the near future. Its massive size (60" x 40") makes obtaining a frame a difficult and expensive task.

The Completion of Beneath the Sea
The Completion of Beneath the Sea


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    • profile image

      Teena Moody 

      2 years ago

      my table is too small

      did you just cut down a big box?


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      good post. one question - are you Canadian? The amazon links you have provided for the US amazon, and do not give free shipping to Canada

    • profile imageAUTHOR 

      8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      About 4 weeks.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      really enjoyed your post.

      I just completed a 5000 ravensburger...

      Just one question? how much time did it take you?


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