Can you find gold in Bangor, CA?


It's in Butte County, so very likely. That whole area up there was part of the famous goldfields of the heyday during gold mining fever.

The placer mining that was done in the area wreaked havoc on the environment, blasting away entire hillsides with high-pressure streams of water, which subsequently ran into the creeks and rivers, filling them with mud and silt.

With such a destructive approach, it is highly likely that a lot of the gold got washed away with the waste.

Mind you; it would not be feasible to go after on a large scale operation; the amounts likely to be found would not justify the costs. But to pan in a stream, for fun, sure.

Just make sure you are on public land, or get permission from the property owner if the land is private. Also, research whether others have still-active claims in the area, and avoid them. By doing that, you may find areas where you'd be allowed to stake your claim.

Updated on April 9, 2018

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Panning for Gold in Your Backyard
By Liz Elias