I have a spoon that is marked Sterling with an image of a walking lion and an R 925 engraving. I'm confused, as I read that "R" means that the spoon is coated, but if it says "Sterling 925" then it's not coated. So which is it?


The walking lion is the British symbol for sterling silver. 925 is also a symbol for sterling. If the mark is: lion, symbol (town of Assay), R, Name or initials of maker, then it is British sterling silver. The letter "R" is a date indicator. You will have to go to the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website to look up the mark. Match the town symbol with yours, click on that, then look for a match in the date table for your letter "R" to find the date. The initials at the end are the maker. You can look that up too.

Updated on April 24, 2018

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British Sterling Silver Hallmarks
By Diane Cass