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Naruto RPG: Chakra Weapons

Naruto RPG

This is an expansion for the Naruto tabletop RPG I have created. Please visit the Naruto RPG Core Rules if you do not yet know how to play.

In Naruto, there are certain metals that can conduct Chakra better than ordinary iron or steel. These metals are rare and expensive, but the punch they pack is well worth the cost if you’ve got the Ryo (cash) to spare.

Normally, you can charge ordinary ninja tools (like Kunai) with a number of Chakra points equal to the dice the weapon normally imparts if you have the Change In Chakra Nature skill. Kunai, shuriken, needles, and most small blades can take +1 die, large stars can take +2, and Windmill stars can take +3. Melee weapons like Kunai and daggers can take +1, short swords can take +2, and large weapons take +3. The best part is, you only need one level in the skill to be able to impart your Chakra into any weapon.

The advantage that Chakra Conducting Weapons have over normal weapons is that you can charge their dice pool during an attack or parry with up to as many dice as you have in the stat that corresponds to your chakra element. (Genjutsu = Air, Ninjutsu = Water, Kinjutsu = Fire, Taijutsu = Earth, and Fuuinjutsu = Lightning)

Let's use Naruto from the beginning of Shippuden to illustrate how this works.


How Chakra Weapons Work

If the player using this character decides to spend some Mission Points to learn the skill “Change in Chakra Nature” and manages to get his hands on enough Ryo to be able to buy a Chakra Conducting Weapon, he’ll be able to add up to the same number of dice as he has in the stat that corresponds with his element (Genjutsu = Air) to his attacks with the weapon.

Let's assume now that the weapon is one of Asuma’s knives (He’s the guy at the top of the page). Assuming a “Melee (Strength) Knives” skill of one, Naruto gets one (for the knife) + 1 (for the skill) + 10 (For his Strength) + an additional 3 dice for adding the air element into the blade, bringing the total dice he can roll for an attack to 15.

And the best part? He only burns a number of chakra points equal to the standard 1 + the number of hits that come only from the three dice he rolls for his Chakra Element Stat, meaning a maximum of four Chakra points spent for an average of 7-9 hits. For a Ninja with a high stat corresponding to his chakra element, this can be a huge advantage!

What Do These Items Cost?

Note: Epic weapons usually add a base of +5, while arrows fired from a bow add +2.


Kunai, shiruken, needles, arrowheads, and most small blades

4,000 Ryo

Large stars

6,000 Ryo

Windmill stars

8,000 Ryo

Short Swords and Claws

7,000 Ryo

Large weapons

10,000 Ryo

Epic weapons (like Zabuza’s Sword):

20,000 Ryo


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