New Eldar Codex 6th Edition Review Warhammer 40k - Part 3

Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition

Welcome Back!

Hello, gang! It's Murphy, here, bringing you the third entry to my new Eldar Codex review for Warhammer 40k 6th edition. This entry will review the Troops section of the Eldar army list and will hopefully give you an insight to the core of every Eldar army moving forward. There are some major changes from the last codex, so heads up!

If you have not read my Parts 1 and 2 of my Eldar Codex review 6th edition, you may want to follow these links here, as I've already covered the new army rules, psychic powers, and the generic characters for the HQ slot. You can find these articles by clicking below:

Still here? Perfect. Shall I muster the troops for inspection, sir? Avec plaisir!


Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition

The last line of defense for any Eldar craftworld are the Guardians. Taken from the ordinary citizenry as a form of militia, these warriors are still blessed with superhuman reflexes, years of training, and the stubbornness of a dying race. There are two versions of Guardians: Guardian Defenders and Storm Guardians.

Both types of Guardians have seen a boost in 6th edition, mainly in the change in their profile. They actually have the same stats as Aspect Warriors! The main difference is that they lack the cool wargear of the Aspects and don't have Exarchs to lead them.

Changes to Stat line:

  • WS 4
  • BS 4
  • Initiative 5
  • 9 points apiece
  • Can take a Wave Serpent as a dedicated transport

This will make their shooting and melee much more effective! Let's look at their wargear and see what we get.

Guardian Defenders

  • Armed with Shuriken Catapults (12" range, Assault 2, AP 5, Bladestorm*)
  • Plasma Grenades
  • Can purchase a Heavy Weapons Platform which is Relentless, so can move and shoot with the unit. Available weapons are shuriken cannon, bright lance, scatter laser, starcannon, or Eldar missile launcher (no flakk).
  • Wave Serpent as transport - New review and tactics here!

Storm Guardians

  • Shuriken Pistols and CC weapon (for a +1 attack)
  • Plasma Grenades
  • 2 Guardians can take a Flamer or a Fusion Gun
  • 2 Guardians can take Power Swords for 15 points each.
  • Wave Serpent as transport - New review and tactics here!

Murphy's Take

With a decent stat line, only 9 points a model, and access to heavy weapon platforms or power swords, Guardians are worth looking at. Remember that 6th edition 40k is all about Troops and Objectives.

With the Battle Focus army rule, the Guardians can now Move and then Run/Shoot or Shoot/Run. Also they are Fleet, so will be re-rolling that Run die. This will go along way to getting your troops into that 12" range for their Shuriken Catapults or Pistols. Did you notice that * I put next to Bladestorm?

Bladestorm: Any To Wound rolls of a 6 wound automatically and become AP 2.

Holy crap! Guardian Defenders are throwing out 2 shots each (Assault 2), so there is a potential for some Rending hits on infantry. Guardians became dangerous to Terminators now.

What about Storm Guardians? They are still super squishy, but with potentially 6 power sword attacks hidden in their assault, they aren't too bad! Realize that these power swords are on regular models, not characters, so they cannot be "challenged" and taken out of the battle. A unit of 20 of these guys is going to throw out 60 attacks on the charge, and that's after a bunch of possible rending shots and 2 flamers or fusion gun hits. I don't know if I would rely on Storm Guardians to win an assault all on their own, but they might make a good combo-unit with something else.


Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition

Eldar Rangers are like that old DMX song:

"Stop. Drop. Shut 'em down, open up shop."

Yes, I went there. They troops are all armed with sniper rifles and with BS 4, they will doing some damage. Let's look at the bullet points:

  • BS 4
  • Ranger Long Rifle (36" Str x, AP 6, Heavy 1 Sniper)
  • Infiltrate
  • Move Through Cover
  • Stealth

Let's do a quick review of the Sniper special rule:

  • Precision Shots on any To Hit rolls of 6
  • Always wound on a 4+
  • Pinning
  • Rending (AP 2 on a To Wound roll of 6)

Murphy's Take:

To be honest, if taken in squads of 5, they are not going to do much but harass things like your basic Space Marine squad. Avoid that. Use them against high value targets where every wound matters: Terminators or any small Elite choice. In truth, these things are great at taking out artillery like the Thunderfire Cannon. Now, in squads of 10, they might be useful against standard troops because the volume of shots will be greater, so those 6's will come up much more often.

Quick Note: Where are my Pathfinders?

Pathfinders are now unlocked by taking the Special Character Illic Nightspear. For +13 points per model, he can upgrade any Ranger units to Pathfinders. They have all the same rules for Rangers above, plus:

  • Shrouded (in addition to Stealth, this is +3 to cover saves!)
  • Sharpshot - Shooting hits scored are ALWAYS precision shots. Think about that.

Windrider Jetbikes

Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th edition

Do you want an all bike army? What about an all Jetbike army? Here you go! Windrider Jetbikes are troop choices, meaning you can take up to 60 of them in an army. Why would you do so?

  • BS 4 now.
  • Toughness 4
  • 3+ armor save
  • Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult (still only 12" range, but its Assault 2 and Rending vesus infantry!)
  • Every 3 models can take a Shuriken Cannon insetad (24" Str 6, Assault 2 and still Rending versus infantry)
  • 36" turbo boost
  • Can move 2d6" in the Assault phase

Murphy's Take:

You have a very fast unit that can pump out a lot of twin-linked Rending shots (versus Infantry), that are also just as tough as a Space Marine. On top of that, they are scoring. The only thing that hurts them is their lack of anti-tank options, so these are Infantry Only killers.

Dire Avengers

Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition

Avengers Assemble! Direly!

A staple of Eldar craftworld and Eldar armies: the Dire Avenger. In a game were specialist units often rule the day, these are a jack-of-all-trades unit that can plug the holes in your line and present more choices for your opponent to shoot at. Let's check them out.

  • Up to 10 in a unit
  • Battle Focus (run/shoot or shoot/run)
  • 4+ armor save (3+ for Exarch)
  • Avenger Shuriken Catapult (18", Str 4, AP 5, Bladestorm - "Rending" vs. infantry)
  • Plasma Grenades
  • Counter Attack USR
  • Wave Serpent as transport - New review and tactics here!

You can also purchase an Exarch for 10 points and give him some cool wargear:

  • Twin-linked Avenger Shuriken Catapult
  • Power weapon and shurkien pistol (yes, power weapon - so whatever you model it as!)
  • Diresword and shuriken pistol (Diresword - AP2 and every wound caused makes the user pass a LD check or be removed from play... for every wound!)
  • Power weapon and Shimmershield (5+ invulnerable)

The Exarch can also be given up to 2 of powers from the list:

  • Disarming Strike
  • Shield of Grace
  • Battle Fortune

For a complete list of Exarch Power descriptions, see Part 1 of my Eldar Codex Review

Murphy's Take:

I like Dire Avengers. They aren't fancy, but they get the job done. With their ability to run/shoot or shoot/run they are very mobile and with the increased range of their Shuriken weapons, you will be killing models for more turns in the game. They are pretty good at holding objectives because their Counter Charge ability will keep them from being flat-footed and their Exarch can throw down some hurt with his wargear and powers.


Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition
Eldar Codex Review Troops 6th Edition

Yes, Wraithguard are troops now IF you take the Spiritseer as an HQ choice. Yes, you can now have an all Wraith army, from Troops to Heavy Support. This will be great for armies looking to take Eldar as an Ally because they can spend points directly on Wraiths without having to take a token Troop choice.

I love Wraithguard. The models are cool, their fluff is interesting, and their stats make them so different from every other Eldar unit. I will always take Wraithguard and when my soul passes into the Void, I hope I am summoned back to fill a Soulstone and continue the fight! Sorry, I got carried away there.

  • Up to 10 in a unit
  • Strength 5
  • Toughness 6
  • Armor 3+
  • They don't have Battle Focus (so can't run/shoot or shoot/run)
  • Armed with Wraithcannons
  • Can all be upgraded to D-sythes for +10 per model
  • Wave Serpent as transport - New review and tactics here!

Wraithcannons are amazing, aside from their short range of 12". They are Strength 10 and AP 2 and have the Distort special rule. To Wound rolls of 6 auto-wound and have the Instant Death rule. Against vehicles, penetration rolls of 6 automatically penetrate. Basically nothing can stand up to them! The only downside is the short range and the fact that you have a low volume of shots.

D-sythes are only Str 4, but they are still AP 2 and have the Distort rule. The great thing about them is that they are all Template weapons. Against most troops, this will be devastating. The question is, will your opponent ever let you get close enough?

Murphy's Take:

I know that Wraithguard are not always popular with power gamers. They are expensive, slow, and have such a short range that they are easy to ignore. The balancing factor now is that, with a Spiritseer, they can now be Troops. Multiple units of Wraithguard cannot be ignored, especially when they are camped on top of an objective.

Remember that the Spiritsee also has the Spirit Mark special rule that allows Wraith units to re-roll 1's in shooting.

Also remember that Template weapons in Overwatch inflict d3 auto-hits against assaulting units. Who is going to charge a unit that will auto-hit 5d3 Str 4 AP3 weapons before they even get into contact? An entire army of Wraithguard might not be advisable because they will eventually be outgunned, but I think they make strong Troop choices when supported by other units.

NOTE: The new unit Wraithblades can ALSO be taken as Troops with the Spiritseer. These are basically Wraithguard with boosted power weapons. They deserve an entry of their own, but I think I will reserve that for the Elite section as I am simply running out of room!

Elite Choices

Troop Choice

Which Troops choice is calling you to battle?

  • Guardians - Strength in Numbers!
  • Rangers - They killed Fritz!!
  • Windrider Jetbikes - Red ones go faster?
  • Dire Avengers - Lock and Load!
  • Wraithguard - Creepy but Cool.
See results without voting

Can you believe that I've written upwards of 6,000 words this weekend? My fingers are cramped, bleeding, and I've managed to lose one under the couch, but I am still going strong! I am out of room for this article, but I have managed to cover everything you need to know about Troops for your new Eldar Codex 6th edition. Actually, I'm sure I've missed something! Please, please comment under this article with questions, suggestions, tactics, or encouraging words (never a discouraging word, for they are seldom heard, and the skies are not cloudy all day...).

To read next about the Elite section of the Eldar army list (including most of the Aspect Warriors) click on the link below:

New Eldar Codex Review 6th Edition - Part 4 - Elites and Aspect Warriors

If you are waiting for the next article, are bored of Eldar, or just randomly clicking links, why not try some of my other Warhammer 40k articles?

Thanks again for reading. Murphy Out.

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Comments 22 comments

Shawn Crane 3 years ago

Hi Murphy,

Really enjoying your articles!!! I found your blog when I was looking for a rational review of the codex that wasn't all doom and gloom as that was all there was a few days ago on the interwebs. Your review is really nicely written and the review is pretty fair. Looking forward to the rest of the list!

Thanks for your effort.

Asuran 3 years ago


I made an account here just to comment on your awesome review. But i have to admit if never played a game of WH. Even though i own well over 3000 points worth of eldar, all in various condition of assembly. As of late i been trying to figure out what to finish first so that i can start playing. Thanks to your review this will be much easier since you high lighted then changes so well, it was easy to follow. I'm looking forward to the elite section. Keep up the writing

Eldar Player 3 years ago

Hi Murphy,

your reviews are awesome, I have greatly enjoyed reading them. I was wondering if you could do a final summary after the review about best army options you would personally take as I want to make an eldar army but am unsure what units to pick!, thanks a lot, keep up the good work :)

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

That's a great idea! I will keep the articles going this week and it makes sense to do a summary. I'm still sorting through all the ideas, myself. Keep checking back, and thanks for reading!

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

@ Shawn Thank you for reading! Every new release for a codex is filled with gloom, with maybe the exception of the recent Tau 'dex. I don't think most gamers like change, but I fully embrace it. It is the game we've chosen, after all, and we have to roll with the punches!

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

Asuran, that's an awesome amount of Eldar you have there. You definitely have to get a game in. I hope I helped you get started. Keep reading and I'll keep writing :)

SomeEldarGuy 3 years ago

Gutted the old Bladestorm has gone in some ways, having 30 shots at BS4 for overwatch was killer, but Dire Avengers are now acting like a very worthy potentially 2+ armour denying objective capture unit, I have a good amount of Eldar (Codex hasn't arrived yet -.-) and am looking to get some wins racked up with some brutal rules :3 great review by the way, keep it up if your fingers can take it, you've been a great help!

SomeEldarGuy profile image

SomeEldarGuy 3 years ago

Direswords are looking great too for taking down all-comers with the Horrify power and a potential reroll for passed leadership tests if there's a Hemlock around, but I'll wait for your view on the Aircraft before making a judgement on that.

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

I'm loving Dire Avengers. They aren't flashy, but I think they are the most versatile, and I think they will be underestimated by opponents. I think they will be great against terminators (at a distance!) and will be our go-to objective holders. I'm not too sure about the aircraft yet, I've read through my codex cover-to-cover, but I've only be analyzing it section by section for the article. It will come, though!

HeroOfCanton 3 years ago

Jetbikes are more dangerous than you think.

They can move, Turbo-Boost and still fire because they have Battle Focus. With Shuricannons getting 3 shots at S6, you can easily get on a Tanks rear armour with all those shots and kill it. Unless you are facing a Land Raider or a Monolith, you will kill them, and you will get your 4+ Jink Save as well.

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author


murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

I am not sure how I feel on this one yet. You bring up a great point, though.

Let's look at the careful wording of the Battle Focus rule:

"Models that cannot Run gain no benefit from the Battle Focus special rule."

And then from the 40k main rulebook under Bikes/Jetbikes:

"Bikes and Jetbikes cannot Run, but can make a special Turbo-boost move, instead of firing in their Shooting Phase."

So if Turbo-boosting is replacing 'shooting' rather than "Running" and the "cannot Run", then I think the Battle Focus doesn't work for them.

But then, as you point out Windrider units DO have the Battle Focus run listed for them. Is it there because they are basically Guardians on jetbikes (but the jetbike cancels it out?).

A FAQ is in order I believe, since you bring up a great point.

Ray 3 years ago

As an eldar player who goes up against orks, i can't wait to try a d scythe against their boys.

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

Yes, Ray! I was thinking the same thing! Really it will be good against any Toughness 4 enemy, but nothing kills orks like a flamer template. A 5 man unit of Wraithguard with D-sythes will probably cut through an entire 30 ork squad. You better be sure that you'll get close enough for the templates to reach, though! Any counter charge will likely be pretty nasty. I bet it would surprise the ork player if you killed him with templates and then assaulted him :)

SomeEldarGuy profile image

SomeEldarGuy 3 years ago

Played my first game yesterday, and my word Wave Serpents are... Destructive, I used it's shield and got (miraculously I might need to add) 4 penetrating hits on a full squad of IG Sentinels behind an Aegis Defence Line, and denied their cover save to boot! Destroyed the lot of them, plus the "first turn turbo boost with star engines with the crystal targeting matrix to get a twin-linked brightlance shot at the nearest side armoured vehicle you can see" tactic really works...

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

I haven't even covered the vehicles yet, but they look like some great options. The serpent shield is so odd because it has a great defensive power than can turn around and blast enemies. Very cool! I will cover all the vehicle wargear as soon as I get a chance.

Zargabath 3 years ago

Just wondering, where does it say that Heavy Weapons Platforms are Relentless? I was looking for this rule and couldn't find it. I want to show my friend after a game we just played...

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

If you look in the wargear section of the codex, under the heading Treasures of Vaul, it has an entry for Hevy Weapon Platform. It states there that it has the Relentless special rule, and then describes how a guardian within 2" can fire the platform. Happy hunting!

SomeEldarGuy profile image

SomeEldarGuy 3 years ago

However the platform can now be targeted and destroyed with a precision shot, or by bad wound allocation.

Zargabath 3 years ago

Thank you for finding it for me! Problem solved!

murphy80 profile image

murphy80 3 years ago from Florida Author

Glad I could help :)

Star drums 8 months ago

Hi Murphy

I really like what you are doing because I was looking for a good article.

Can you explain what rending is because I'm french and I don't understand what it is !

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