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A Guide to the Martial Artist Monk (Pathfinder)

This guide takes a look at the martial artist archetype for monks in Pathfinder and includes a small sample build.


A Guide to the Vivisectionist Alchemist (Pathfinder)

A guide to the cruel vivisectionist, an archetype for the alchemist class in Pathfinder. This article contains an overview of abilities and a 5th-level sample build to serve as a starting point for your character.

A Guide to the Two-Handed Fighter (Pathfinder)

A look at the two-handed fighter archetype from Pathfinder, including a short sample build.


A Guide to the Zen Archer Monk (Pathfinder)

This guide to the zen archer archetype takes you through the ins-and-outs of the various class abilities and gets you started with a short sample build to show you what you can do with your bow-toting monk.


A Guide to the Knife Master Rogue (Pathfinder)

A guide to the knife master rogue archetype for Pathfinder, including a short sample build to get you started.


A Fighter's Guide to Archetypes (Pathfinder)

Intimidated by all those Fighter archetypes in Pathfinder? I break down all of the archetypes from the core books and discuss them in brief, so you don't have to read each one in full to know if it could work for your character.


A Guide to the Barbarian (Pathfinder)

This guide takes a look at barbarian rage powers and the most common build type (using a big two-hander). Included is a short sample build.


A Guide to the Hexcrafter Magus (Pathfinder)

I take a look at the hexcrafter magus archetype, as well as highlighting some hexes that are interesting choices. At the end, as usual, you'll find a small sample build.


A Guide to the Arcane Bomber (Pathfinder)

This guide takes a quick look at the spellslinger's forgotten buddy, the arcane bomber. It includes a general overview and some advice on how to build the character, including a sample build.


A Guide to the Qinggong Monk (Pathfinder)

This article provides a look at the qinggong monk archetype, including recommended ki powers and a sample build.


Pathfinder: A Guide to the Divine Hunter Paladin

A look at the divine hunter paladin archetype, including a sample build.


A Guide to the Spellbreaker Inquisitor (Pathfinder)

A look at Pathfinder's spellbreaker archetype, including the best arcane schools to defend yourself against and a sample build.


A Guide to the Master of Many Styles Monk (Pathfinder)

An overview of the master of many styles archetype from Ultimate Combat and a sample build.


A Guide to the Trapper Ranger (Pathfinder)

A look at Pathfinder's trapper ranger archetype (from Ultimate Magic), including a sample build.


A Guide to the Rogue (Pathfinder)—Skills, Combat Styles, and Sample Builds

If you're looking to play a rogue in Pathfinder, this guide will explain the essential skills you'll want to master and cover some common build types.


A Guide to the Fighter (Pathfinder)

Take an in-depth look at Pathfinder's fighter and what you can do to make sure you're a solid asset to your group. This guide explores several common fighter types (based on fighting style) and provides sample builds up through 10th level to get you started.


A Guide to the Merciful Healer Cleric on Pathfinder

If you're looking to make a dedicated healer in Pathfinder, you can't go wrong with the Merciful Healer cleric archetype. This guide gives a quick overview of why you can go toe-to-toe with an oracle of life in the healing department and offers a five-level sample build.


Pathfinder: A Guide to the Dragoon

A guide to Pathfinder's dragoon fighter archetype, as well as a sample build.


A Guide to the Musket Master Gunslinger (Pathfinder)

In this Pathfinder guide, take a quick look at the awesome musket master archetype, and get advice on a foundational build up to level 5.


A Guide to the Dervish Dancer Bard (Pathfinder)

I take a look at the dervish bard archetype, overviewing its abilities and providing a sample build to get you started.


A Guide to the Mindchemist Alchemist for Pathfinder

A brief guide to the mindchemist archetype for Pathfinder; includes a sample build. The mindchemist is the best way to maximize Knowledge skills in the game.


A Guide to the Synthesist Summoner (Pathfinder)

If you're curious about Pathfinder's synthesist archetype for the summoner, this guide will give you an overview and a sample build to get you started!


A Guide to the Spellslinger (Pathfinder)

An overview of the spellslinger wizard archetype for the Pathinder Roleplaying Game, including a basic sample build.


A Guide to the Burglar Rogue (Pathfinder)

A quick look at Pathfinder's burglar archetype⁠—the perfect way to make sure you're prepared for a trap-loving Game Master.


A Guide to the Holy Gun Paladin (Pathfinder)

This article features a look at why Pathfinder's holy gun archetype doesn't work as advertised and how you can play a similar and more effective character without it, including a brief sample build.