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Review of the "Shut Up and Write" Online Writing Groups

Zoom Meetup accountability and support writing groups like Shut Up and Write have given me the push I needed to get my writing back on track.


Awesome Wizard Names for Your Magical World

Need any wizard names for your characters that use magic?


Cool Gothic Vampire Names for Men and Women

A list of cool gothic vampire names for those who want to put a little "bite" in their lives.


Witchy Names for Witches

If you're looking for some witch names that sound a little witchy, then you're heading in the right direction.


How to Write a Compelling Character

Writing a compelling character is difficult, but it's possibly the most essential way to get people to go from previewing your work to buying. After all, why would someone be interested in a story without a compelling character?


An Author's Guide to Writing Billionaires: Scotch Whiskey

Billionaires extend luxury to their liquor. These basic facts about Scotch allow authors to weave more authenticity into their fictional wealthy bastards.


An Author's Guide to Writing Billionaires: Suits

Men's luxury suits evoke high-end brand names like Tom Form and Armani. Yet, any man of true wealth and luxury understands the world of bespoke, from Saville Row to the streets of Naples.


30+ Strategies for Effective Mindful Writing

In this article, you'll learn how to incorporate meditation, an organized writing space, and a well-thought-out to-do list into your daily routine to achieve your most heartfelt and mindful writing that will touch and inspire others.


A Glossary of Essential Literary Terms for Fiction Writers

Enjoying good works of literature requires a lot more than merely reading the words on the pages—it requires understanding how authors create their narratives. This article explains literary terms you need to know in order to enjoy good literature but also in case you wish to write yourself.


5 Steps to Keeping a Reading Journal

Do you want to keep notes on the stories you've read and don't know where to start? This article will take you through a step by step process on how I keep a personalized reading journal.


6 Tips for Writing Memorable Characters

When writing a novel, short story, comic book, etc., it's very important to write characters that will worm their way into the reader's heart. Writing characters with lovable personalities, interesting life goals, and memorable traits will be sure to grasp your reader's attention.


How to Write Better Fiction in Any Genre

The best novels and novellas out there have some key elements that make them resonate with a wide range of readers. Here are seven tried-and-true tricks for writing better fiction, whether you're writing romance or a sci-fi epic.


Creating a Fantasy World Map: Scientific Laws to Remember

When writing a fantasy story, creating a realistic fantasy world map that will help readers see your vision is essential. In order to create your map, there are some basic scientific laws that have to be followed.


Teach Yourself Writing: Are You a Pantser, a Plotter, or Something in Between?

Outlining a story versus "pantsing" it—which approach is better?


Poetry Exercise: Anagrammatic Poetry

If you've ever played with anagram puzzles, then you're going to have fun with this poetry exercise.


Homophonic Poetry and Phony Translations

In homophonic poetry, your goal is to write either a homophonic translation or a phony translation of an existing poem written in another language. It's a fun way to get writing again if you're a bit rusty because you'll be working with material that already exists.


The 5 Ingredients of a Great Fictional Relationship

Relationships between fictional characters are the emotional centerpiece of a story. Here's what you need to write a good one.


7 Things to Avoid When Writing Fiction

Details require a fine balance that few authors have mastered. So keeping that in mind, I’ve listed seven things that I, as a reader, skip while reading a book, and I think a lot of other readers would agree with me.


13 Disturbing Horror Stories From Creepypasta

Having a hard time sleeping at night? Searching for inspiration to create your own horror story from scratch? Let me introduce you the online manifestation of the horror genre—creepypasta.


9 Simple Tips to Write Short Horror Stories

Monsters, ghouls, or even scared of the dark? You name it! Know how to write a quick, short horror story with these simple tips.


Tips and Advice for Beginning Writers

This article contains useful tips and advice for beginning writers. What is stopping you from writing those stories and articles? Are roadblocks and distractions getting in the way of writing. Is fear holding you back? Try some of these ideas to get your writing started.


A Writer's Guide to Potion and Spell Ingredients Used in Magic

Magic uses all kinds of ingredients for making potions and performing spells. As a writer, it's good to have lots of options so your writing won't be the same as other stories.


Enhance Your Writing: 200+ Synonyms for Overused Words

Sick of using the same boring words (run, said, big, etc.) when writing? Here are a few synonyms for those tired words.


A Writer's List of Interesting Character Traits

If you want to make a unique character for your story, then give them a unique character trait or mannerism.


How to Create a Narrator’s Voice for a Novel

A guide on how to craft a narrator that is appropriate for, supports, and even improves a novel's pacing, tone, and story by playing to a writer's strengths and specifically editing the narration to make it as strong as it can be.


What Is Urban Fantasy?

Modern dark fantasy writer Cecelia analyses the essential elements that make up the emerging genre of "Urban Fantasy."


Is Worth It?

A brief look at whether the writing motivation site,, is worth the subscription cost.


41 Funny, Romantic, and Scary Creative Writing Prompts

Sometimes all it takes to beat writer’s block is a spark of inspiration. I’ve compiled more than 40 such sparks in this article. Here, you’ll find a variety of romance, mystery, action, and comedy prompts to get your creative juices flowing.


How to Write From the Heart: A Simple Guide to Evoking Emotion Within Your Reader

A guide to creating heartfelt writing that is relatable to your reader. This guide is particularly useful for aspiring blog, ezine and magazine writers.


Your Novel and How to Start Writing It

So you've decided to become an author and write your first novel, but where do you begin? There are so many questions and ideas rolling around in your head that you don't know where to start or what to write. Here's some help to get you started.


13 Overused Clichés to Avoid in Your Fantasy Novel

Fantasy is a wonderful genre, but the world and characters of many books are often littered with unintentional clichés. Here are some of them to think about avoiding.


10 Creative Writing Prompts to Feed Your Imagination

This article lists 10 of the best creative writing prompts out there to help feed your imagination and get you writing. Whether you need to write a story for school or whether you write for pleasure, there's a prompt or exercise here for you!

The Advantages of Fanfiction

There's an ongoing debate over the validity of Fanfiction. Some cry out that it is, at its core, wrong beyond belief. Others will say there is nothing wrong with Fanfiction. The truth of the matter is that people will have something to say one way or another. Best idea? Make it useful.


How to Create Meaningful Characters in Novels and Short Stories

Do you ever find yourself struggling to describe a character in your novels or short stories? Maybe you always have a hard time channeling your main character's inner thoughts. These helpful tips will give you insight on how to create meaningful characters.


Writing Competitions Can Boost Your Creativity

You might be amazed at how your own writing skills develop just from entering a competition.


100+ Creative Writing Prompts & Story Ideas

Want to write but feel uninspired? Here are over a hundred creative writing prompts for fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and more.


30 Spooktacular Halloween Writing Prompts

Here are some Halloween writing prompts to bring your creative writing to life and get past any writer's block. The 3 categories of writing prompts included here are witches, monsters, and blood.


A Writer's List of Descriptive Colors

The more unique or unusual ways you can describe colors, the better your writing will be. Don't be one of those writers that just mails a color description in.


Lessons From Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction has shaped me as a writer, more than creative writing classes or self-help books. Find out what lessons fanfiction has taught me, and how they made me a better writer.


Creative Writing Strategy: Make Your Main Character a Delicious Baby Bird

What does that mean? Well, delicious as in appealing in some way. And a baby bird because they have to be in trouble in a way that makes people care. How do you do that?


Use the 'KISS Rule' When Speaking and Writing

Some people are long-winded when they talk and write. They should use the KISS Rule.


20 Inspirational Writing Quotes

This article lists 20 inspirational quotes for writers. Some are by famous authors and some are by lesser-known ones, but they all have the effect of making you feel excited and motivated to write again!


Three Creative Writing Challenges You Should Try

Push the limits of your imagination with these creative writing exercises.


50 Fictional Story Ideas

I provide 50 fiction writing ideas to help battle writer's block.


Inspiration and Prompts for Writing and Drawing

Looking for inspiration? Got writer's block? Need to finish a project quickly? Whether you're writing a novel or poem or painting a picture, sometimes it helps to have a little nudge. Here are some prompts you can use, including some photo prompts and prompt table. Use them well!


How to Write an RPG Actual Play Blog

Sometimes stories and incidents generated during a tabletop RPG session are worth putting out into the world for others to enjoy but how do you transform your session notes into an enjoyable read?


Cool Slang Words and Phrases That Will Make Your Writing Unique

Using slang is a great way to make people take notice, but only if you know what your talking about and you use it at the appropriate time.


75 New Prompts to Beat Writer's Block!

I've penned 75 new writing prompts, which mainly focuses on wordplay, objects, and random phrases. They can be for beginning, novice, or experienced writers. Whether you're trying something new or wanting to challenge yourself, the end goal is to write more than what you did before. Write on!


Top Writing Communities You Should Consider Joining

Writing is a solitary, and often lonely endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. With technology enabling us to reach across the globe, writers can connect with others for comradery, inspiration, feedback and advice. If you are a writer, consider joining these great online writing communities.


Five Fiction Writing Exercises: Disasters

Looking to amp up your creative writing skills? In this article we'll go over many different types of disaster elements you can incorporate into your story.