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A Glossary of Essential Literary Terms for Fiction Writers

Enjoying good works of literature requires a lot more than merely reading the words on the pages—it requires understanding how authors create their narratives. This article explains literary terms you need to know in order to enjoy good literature but also in case you wish to write yourself.


6 Tips for Writing Memorable Characters

When writing a novel, short story, comic book, etc., it's very important to write characters that will worm their way into the reader's heart. Writing characters with lovable personalities, interesting life goals, and memorable traits will be sure to grasp your reader's attention.


Homophonic Poetry and Phony Translations

In homophonic poetry, your goal is to write either a homophonic translation or a phony translation of an existing poem written in another language. It's a fun way to get writing again if you're a bit rusty because you'll be working with material that already exists.


Tips and Advice for Beginning Writers

This article contains useful tips and advice for beginning writers. What is stopping you from writing those stories and articles? Are roadblocks and distractions getting in the way of writing. Is fear holding you back? Try some of these ideas to get your writing started.


Your Novel and How to Start Writing It

So you've decided to become an author and write your first novel, but where do you begin? There are so many questions and ideas rolling around in your head that you don't know where to start or what to write. Here's some help to get you started.

The Advantages of Fanfiction

There's an ongoing debate over the validity of Fanfiction. Some cry out that it is, at its core, wrong beyond belief. Others will say there is nothing wrong with Fanfiction. The truth of the matter is that people will have something to say one way or another. Best idea? Make it useful.


Inspiration and Prompts for Writing and Drawing

Looking for inspiration? Got writer's block? Need to finish a project quickly? Whether you're writing a novel or poem or painting a picture, sometimes it helps to have a little nudge. Here are some prompts you can use, including some photo prompts and prompt table. Use them well!


75 New Prompts to Beat Writer's Block!

I've penned 75 new writing prompts, which mainly focuses on wordplay, objects, and random phrases. They can be for beginning, novice, or experienced writers. Whether you're trying something new or wanting to challenge yourself, the end goal is to write more than what you did before. Write on!