13 Reasons Why We Write Fan Fiction

Updated on April 5, 2018
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Fans don't only form fandoms and cliques when they have a novel, TV series, or movie that they love. There are some fans who are creative enough to write a spin-off all on their own. That's fanfiction, ah! This type of creative writing is an Internet phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Here are 13 reasons why fans like us write fanfiction.

Reason 1: We got inspired.

One of the reasons why we write fan fiction is because we love the original novel, TV show, or personality we are basing our works. However, the original author, no matter how good he or she has written his or her original work, may be unable to satisfy our personal creative cravings regarding our favorite. Thus, we write because we are inspired to bring another take or another angle to our idol's story.

Reason 2: We think we can write a better ending.

So our favorite anime ended yesterday. However, we, as hardcore fans, are left hanging with the finale. The best way we can get over our frustrations regarding the unsatisfying ending is through writing out what we think would be the best final scenario.

Reason 3: Too little "fan service"!

Sometimes, we find two great characters in a novel who look good together. However, because they are just secondary characters, they have too little screen time. The limited screen time between them sparks a chemistry that's a perfect ingredient for fan fiction. Since we aren't given what we want, why not write it ourselves, right?

Reason 4: Our OTP is non-canon.

If you are nerdy, then you probably already know what OTP means. OTP means "one true pairing". For hardcore fans, the OTP is the "ship" or the character pairing that they love to see the most. The pair is who they want to get together at the end of the series. However, not all OTPs are "canon" or "official". Thus, if our OTP is non-canon, the best way for us to get them together is to write a fan fiction.

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Reason 5: We also have a plot twist.

The original author has indeed written a mind-blowing plot twist. However, there are fan fiction writers, especially the hardcore ones, who can exploit loopholes and foreshadowings in the story to create their own amazing plot twist as well.

Reason 6: Hiatus is hateful.

This reason is especially applicable to those series that are on hiatus. When the break goes on for a period of a few years and fans are unable to continue waiting, fan fictions are helpful in tiding them over.

Reason 7: What we have is age-inappropriate.

I was fresh out of high school when I started writing fan fiction. Initially, I only wrote fluffs because I was naive. However, as time passed by (and with the help of the Internet!), I eventually opened my eyes to the "naughty" side of romance. It wasn't appropriate for my age to write smut at that time, and I was still a little bit embarrassed writing it back then. So I hid behind my secret fan fiction pen name to write the smutty scenes involving my favorite characters.

Reason 8: It's specific.

What's amazing with fan fictions is that we already know who will be reading our works. When we write romcom fanfic between Anya Jenkins and Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then we'd know that our readers are also ones who like the same pair as us. Those who read our fanfics but aren't fans of this pairing are either looking for a new read or looking for fodder to make fun of. We just ignore them, though.

Reason 9: We get to pair with our own idol.

Another reason why fan fiction writers love fan fiction is that we get to pair ourselves with our favorite character. If you search for Harry Style fanfics nowadays, you'd see a lot of them written in first person POV. This kind of fan fiction shows the inner fantasies a writer has over his or her favorite character.

Reason 10: We want to get something out of our head.

One thing you should know about writers is that there are always different plots, scenarios, or ideas running through our head. When we see a movie and there's a scene or idea that plays out in our head, the best method we can do to get it out of our head is writing a fan fiction.

Reason 11: We get to show our talent while indulging in what we love.

Fan fiction authors not only show off their talents but we also indulge in the two things that we love the most: our favorite character or novel as well as writing. Writing is the raison d'etre of an author.

Reason 12: We can write behind a nome de plume.

Pen names are essential for writers. It is a way to get us remembered. Aside from that, it is also a way for us to hide our awkward fanfics from our family members.

Reason 13: We can be shameless when we write.

Yes! We can be shameless when writing! Fanfics don't have a limitation. We are free to write whatever we want. It is possible for us to be as shameless as we can be when writing the fan fiction story.

Some other fan fiction writers may have other reasons why they are writing fan fiction aside from these 13 mentioned above. However, what all of us fan fiction writers know is that writing fan fiction is a way for us to bring our imagination to life. Regardless if you belong to the same fandom or not, you'll surely be able to find a few write-ups that are worth reading.


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