30 Spooktacular Halloween Writing Prompts

Updated on December 30, 2019
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Haley is a professional nerd who is paid to break stuff. Her spare time is filled with video games—mostly RPG and FPS.

Let the Halloween season inspire your writing and help with your writer's block.

Below are writing prompts organized into three categories:

  1. Witches
  2. Monsters
  3. Blood

If you write a story using one of these prompts, please leave your story or a link to your story in the comments below.


10 Witchy Writing Prompts

  1. On Halloween night, a witch tries to bring the undead back to life. She thinks it works when really she just has trick-or-treaters at her door.
  2. It's a known fact that the local occult shop owner hears a specific song before someone dies; the past two weeks, she's heard it nonstop at a frightening volume. Only you know why.
  3. She is the witch in fairy tales that eats children. She is actually protecting us from what the children will become.
  4. Every All Hallows Eve, the villagers hear singing in the caverns. This year, you plan to find out why.
  5. Sitting down to dinner, you suddenly hear your great-grandmother's clock start ticking for the first time in over a century.
  6. Tiring of the screams and smoke, you grab your grimoire and open the door.
  7. She's bewitched the entire town. You're the only one who can see the truth.
  8. You burst through the door and find her surrounded by her herbs, ingredients, and purple smoke. She meets your eyes as she finishes the last lines of her incantation.
  9. As they burn her at the stake, a snake comes from her mouth and disappears in the darkness.
  10. She refuses to return to how it was. Blood dripping from her knife and the creature's head in her hands, she does what she must. Life will never be the same.


10 Horrific Monster Writing Topics

  1. While bending down to tie your shoes, you see a shadow pass over you, and you feel something wet splatter on the back of your neck.
  2. You locked the doors and shuttered the windows; it came in through the roof.
  3. Every October, the supernatural world overlaps with ours, and ghosts and goblins and all things scary become real, but only for the month.
  4. A plague has swept across the nation. However, the cure is more frightening than the disease.
  5. Cocking her shotgun, she thinks back on her wedding day and how happy she was before she found out what he is.
  6. Violet has always had an imaginary friend. Her family has begun to realize that her friend may not be quite so imaginary.
  7. The noise wakes you first, then fear freezes you as you watch thousands of spiders cover your body.
  8. Driving home late one night, suddenly a man appears in the passenger seat.
  9. Every Halloween, they come from the ocean. Every Halloween, the village grows smaller.
  10. Chuckling under his breath, he closes the final shackle around the monster's wrist. He stretches before picking up his first torture device.


10 Bloody Halloween Writing Prompts

  1. 10 years ago on Halloween, he killed her and buried her body on his property. Today would have been her 18th birthday, and she's back for revenge.
  2. In a small town, every Halloween, someone dies in the same way. At 11:58, you hear a knock on your door.
  3. After buying a new house, you begin cutting down an ancient tree. The tree begins bleeding and doesn't stop.
  4. The thing that surprised you the most? Vampires don't bleed when you behead them.
  5. After decades of living alone, Mrs. Perkins died. No one was prepared for the bodies in her basement, and no one knows where they came from.
  6. He awakes to blood dripping on his face.
  7. A fraternity's hazing goes too far.
  8. Patients in a hospital begin to die in strange and grisly ways.
  9. Some of your colleagues look forward to Halloween night, but as a journalist, you find no joy in covering the occurrences of this town on Halloween. Sitting down at your desk, you open a box that contains a severed body part with the note, "You're next."
  10. "I'm not like them. I don't belong here!" You scream as you bang on the door, before giving up and surveying the room of bleeding, puss-covered bodies in the room with you.

Where to Find More Writing Topics

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