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75 New Prompts to Beat Writer's Block!

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Try integrating three of the following aspects or objects into a story. They have to appear in some capacity in the story.

1. A retirement fund, a med school drop out, and a hung jury.
2. A tire iron, a broken laptop, and a hair salon.
3. A nanny cam, a comic book convention, and a new car.
4. A tripod, broken telephone wires, and a stream of ribbons.
5. A belly dancing class, a Stephen King book, and a rancid smell.
6. A missing wallet, a faulty pregnancy test, and a toaster.
7. A USB drive, a museum trip, and a new phone.
8. A marine uniform, a family heirloom, and a bowl of cherries.
9. A clogged drain, a bottle of Listerine, and a drawer full of hair ties.
10. A project on the Gold Rush, a native of Alaska, and a playpen.
11. A fatal seizure, a TV remote, and a mouse trap.
12. A bag of cookies, a vegan, and a rocket ship launch.
13. An ice cream shop, a teen with races, and baby powder.
14. A brick fence, a newly pet goldfish, and a coat rack.
15. An electric toothbrush, tennis balls, and a faulty iron.


Try and integrate the following phrases into a story without modifying them. Although they may look easy, they're actually quite tricky!

1. "He'll wait," "that's what I want to know," and "more likely to be punished."
2. "Express my interest," "any number of reasons," and "wait by the car."
3. "I threw her some charity," "you're done now," and "we're at the apartment."
4. "A better understanding," "supposed to be used," and "I told him we shouldn't."
5. "He got mad," "clean myself up," and "then the next day."
6. "She accepted liability," "had camp set up," and "to go treasure hunting."
7. "Trying to buy time," "I don't know where he is," and "not to blame."
8. "13 and alone," "outgoing call to Washington Heights," and "a week ago."
9. "Just wanted to come visit," "are not available," and "often allowed to."
10. "Additional benefits," "information about them," and "tug and chug in the park."
11. "A generous settlement," "there's no way Arturo did it," and "something else pushed him over the edge."
12. "A good reason for divorce," "I swear, I don't know," and "reclaiming our narrative."
13. "Only one time," "almost crippling us," and "effectively help others heal."
14. "Say you love me," "my goal this year," and "an ethical practice."
15. "I want to hear the truth," "offering more money," and "it won't even be funny."
16. "Take it and play with it," "at least you went ahead," and "it doesn't exist."
17. "I tested her knowledge," "what they were doing," and "training was held yesterday."
18. "Outside the body," "erased the name," and "his assumptions were informed."
19. "It's the nature," "it was inherently inferior," and "in their own right."
20. "Too limiting when," "to be the standard," and "dehumanizes and insults."

21. "People will listen," "have him tested," and "we can show them."
22. "On the snowy ground," "how it got there," and "if he got hurt."
23. "Would be characterized," "of unwanted children," and "had to be present."
24."Who gave birth," "in small numbers," and "by the fact."
25. "May be abuse," "not its subjects," and "she belonged to someone else."
26."Majored in drama," "was also compared," and "during an appearance."
27. "Released her third album," "an illegal marriage," and "attacked near my house."
28. "Consists of several ranges," "most populous in the world," and "a beautiful lake."
29. "Some agricultural areas," "until it closed," and "which often includes."
30. "Credited with helping," "due to conflicting interests," and "everyone in the family."


Try and integrate the following random words into a story without modifying them. The key is build around them or plug them into a strong context.

1. Adamant, subtlety, sunscreen, plead, and turnpike.
2. Meatballs, medicinal, collection, element, and harping.
3. Presidential, laundromat, hiking, politicians, and heifer.
4. Destroyed, mood, clutch, muscle, and chicken.
5. Passionate, zoom, doodle, jam, and herald.
6. Core, staircase, victims, edited, and tranquility.
7. Funeral, taxi, weapon, awkward, and defiant.
8. Union, continent, draw, immortal, mistake.
9. Lab, Italian, monopoly, ploy, and contagious.
10. Crawl, rectify, plugged, carefree, and fragrant.
11. Languid, indirect, marzipan, decay, and moonlight.
12. Orange, oil, payments, haunted, and quitting.
13. Bunting, lesson, wind, razor, and sauna.
14. Journey, inspiration, captive, suitcase, and pregnant.
15. Thirsty, willpower, yearn, world, and purple.
16. Applause, antagonistic, coupon, loan, and pattern.
17. Gambia, protocol, speech, champion, and dominant.
18. Passport, disarm, double, oxygen, and leisure.
19. Online, mist, drown, umbrella, and gunshot.
20. Peace, submission, Judas, serenity, and disgust.
21. Passage, delay, instructions, bliss, and translations.
22. Cartoon, common, recital, stimulate, and wrinkle.
23. Incubate, meander, provoke, assay, and rube.
24. Astral, conjure, profuse, inkling, and trill.
25. Agile, loophole, undulate, carve, and communal.
26. Annoyed, together, disease, floating, and paroled.
27. Price, creep, witness, immediately, and nephew.
28. Evidence, smut, apartment, manslaughter, and afternoon.
29. Rated, pastor, squad, producer, and whereabouts.
30. Tourist, reinstated, partially, pretext, and agency.


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