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Baked Potato Picture Writing Prompt

Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience. She holds degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

A Picture Gives a 1000 Ideas

You have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is just the beginning when it comes to pictures. Pictures can give you a plethora of story ideas from a fun children's short story to an epic fantasy novel. Even simple pictures can be inspiring.

Let's look at the picture below. It's a baked potato. Maybe not a plain one, but it is still a potato. What can it give you in the way of stories? I have listed a few ideas under different genres. From this one picture, you can find a story in any genre.



  • Fairies invade a local diner and decide to buy it. What they don’t realize is that they aren’t cut out to run a restaurant.
  • The food in the pantry of this old house keeps disappearing and then reappearing, fully cooked. Do they have ghost cook?
  • Dinner is served, but the baked potato keeps disappearing as the guests set to dive in. Where is dinner going to?


  • A cook-off between rival chefs gets hot in the kitchen and beyond.

  • In make a delicious meal for her mother, a woman needs some ingredients quickly yet the store is closing. Rushing in, she has to convince the owner to let her shop. He has to convince her to go out with him.
  • A man and woman go on a blind date. They end up ordering separately because one has to step away from the table. They both order this same dish.


  • Collection of ways to use a baked potato
  • Creative toppings for your baked potato
  • The history of potatoes


  • A poison has been injected into a crop of potatoes that were shipped to a specific town. The poison doesn’t kill but causes hallucinations.
  • Over a meal one day, a total stranger kills over. A search of him and his belongings reveal a cryptic letter that appears to summon the man to the small town. Who killed him and why?
  • A potato is found sitting in the middle of the road. A mile down the same road another is found. Why is there a trail of potatoes?
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Chick Lit

  • Three friends take a cooking class together. While there they all fall for the same man, their instructor.

  • A woman has recently gone on a low-carb diet. After a horrible day at work, this is what she orders for dinner.
  • Maybe food is the answer to life’s questions. Or maybe not.


  • A little boy refuses to eat his potatoes.
  • Potatoes aren’t growing anymore. What will happen to French fries?
  • Can a potato talk?


  • A group of dwarfs has shown up at an elderly sorceress’ cabin in the woods. What do you feed a group of dwarfs anyway? Baked potatoes, of course.
  • A new head cook at a castle made a little mistake when she made this for dinner. She got the potatoes from the wizard's garden.
  • Famine is spreading across the land. Rumor has it that a valley has delicious potatoes that will multiply as fast as you need them.


  • One night after dinner, several families die mysteriously. They all had in common eating potatoes.
  • Hallucinations occur after tainted potatoes are eaten in the city. Voices tell people to kill those next to them.
  • A potato field is missing potatoes. Under the ground, corpses are found of the ones who are still living.

Historical Fiction

  • Tell a story of a small family during the potato famine in Ireland.
  • The discovery of potatoes in the New World is met with amazement in the Old.
  • When the king demands potatoes, it becomes a race as to who will get the first ones of the year.

Science Fiction

  • A scientist attempts to save his wife's failing diner by genetically engineering her food to taste better. He starts with her Wednesday special: a stuffed baked potato.
  • In the future broccoli is extent. This is a picture in a school history book.
  • This is the first meal made by a robot chef.

Take Them and Run

Use the ideas to create more of your own. You are free to use any of these ideas as a basis for a story. It could be a short story, a novel, or even a script. Have some fun with it. Let these ideas inspire you. See where you can discover a hidden story just waiting to be revealed to the world.

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