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A Magical Items List for Storytellers

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All writers need a little help with their story every now and again. That's where lists like these really come in handy.

Any item can be magical.

Any item can be magical.

A Magical Items List to Prevent Writer's Block

Having a magical items list at your disposal can be a huge boon to any writer who writes about magic or fantasy. Trying to come up with such things on the fly will most often get you something that has been used many times before by many other people. I suppose you could always go back and change the object if you found something really cool, but that could mean lots of extra work and possible rewrites. Using a magic object that is unique or unusual from the get-go is a lot simpler, in my opinion.

I've tried to keep descriptions of the objects on the list below to a minimum, as it's quite easy for you to give your supernatural items any kind of effect you want. With that being said, there are some places where I broke that self-imposed edict (for purely selfish reasons). Anyways, I appreciate you taking a look, and I hope this list will help make your writing life a little easier at some point.

Cool Characters Need Enchanted Objects

  • Animus Artifact: A small talisman that can transform you into the animal that it represents. One has to wonder, what type of animal would be more useful to turn into. For me, it would definitely be a bird, because I love the though of being able to fly.
  • Antelope Robe: A magical robe that makes it's wearer extremely quick, agile and reactive to danger.
  • Bow of Eros: Can cause someone to love or hate the first person they see after being struck. Choosing and hitting the right target would be very important.
  • Cloud Glaive: A weapon that clouds the mind of whoever it it being used to fight against. It takes a minute to begin working as it makes sure the effect is really needed.
  • Coat of Many Colors: A colorful coat that lets you take on a variety of appearances, from simple to complex. Of course, the coat does stand out in a crowd, though, which might make it hard to hide.
  • Fury Needle: A very light, short and unbreakable sword that can puncture almost any type of armor.
  • Hat of Night: A hat that when worn, makes you blend in seamlessly with the shadows.
  • Hummingbird Armor: A very light, strong armor that gives it's wearer the ability to slow down a fall to the point of levitation.
  • Lucky Coins: There are two types; those that bring good luck and those that bring bad luck.
  • Seducer Gloves: Magical gloves that makes the wearer's charisma go up significantly, though not in a extreme way.

Famous Magical Items From Movies

Magical or supernatural objects in stories can always add a bit of mystery to your tale. The cool thing is that you really don't have to explore the item in a deep way if you don't want to; just a hint of magic in something piques curiosity, but having a payoff moment towards the end of you story will draw the audience in even more.

Magical Items and Mythological Objects

Boots of Slow Falling

Wondrous Boomerang

Grim Reaper's Scythe

Chaos Sword

Pen of the Copycat

Thieves Skeleton Key

Elemental Girdle

Lesser Dagger of the Fog

Unlucky Branch of Thrace

Whip of the Cursed

Strength Ring

Blade of Satan

Helm of Terror

Revenge Doll

Spirit Glasses

Medusa's Puzzle Box

Kunai of Ever Bleeding

Spider Dagger

Sword of Mars

Leviathan's Fang

Crystal Heart

Staff of Necromancy

Sword of the Supernatural

Paul Bunyan's Axe

Green Ring of Healing

Wind Robes

Ruby Shield

Hurricane Ring

Dust Crown

Ice Shroud

Satin Halberd

Dragon Mask of Twilight

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Unravel my magic carpet. Shake the gold dust from my trips to the sun and take it for a spin, to the center of your universe; within.

— Curtis Tyrone Jones

Magical Books That Promise Real Powers

Books and knowledge are something that most people take totally for granted. If you think about it, really specialized knowledge hasn't been available to everyone throughout history. The knowledge that some books contain is the greatest form of magic, as they can completely give you the tools to change your future into something that wasn't going to be possible before. Knowledge truly is power.

My Magical Items List Just Keeps Getting Longer and Longer

  • Bowl of Gluttony: A bowl that is always full of the eaters' favorite food. An item like this may at first seem to be a gift, but the more I think about it, the more that thought doesn't hold water. This would seem like the perfect thing to give to someone you're competing with in a physical contest where your weight is key to winning or losing.
  • Darkness Lantern: Can create darkness in daylight hours, particularly when not in direct sunlight. This is a useful item for keeping an eye on things that like the shadows.
  • Devil's Pitchfork: Without this magical item, it's very hard to control demons.
  • Elven Satchel: Satchels that can carry a lot more stuff in them than you would think; can also handle more weight as a result.
  • Green Armor: An armor from Arthurian legends that protects its wearer from severe injuries.
  • Knuckle Dusters of the Sun: A weapon that can deliver debilitating blows to creatures of the night.
  • Sandals of Christ: This was one of the most important relics that the Catholic Church had in its possession during the Middle Ages.
  • Stone Mace: A supernatural weapon that is light as a feather, but impacts its victim with the force of a stone block.
  • Witch's Helm: A helmet with powers that will improve the success rate of most spells and incantations.

Powerful Mythical Objects Throughout History

Objects of Power

Throughout the history of planet Earth, there have been many legends concerning objects of power. Some of these powerful items were real, some were not and some we just don't know about. While the validity of these supernatural things are often debated quite intensely by believers and non-believers alike, there is one thing both sides can agree upon: the importance of such items to the people of the time.

Mythical Items and Magical Objects

Nightmare Dagger

Chug Jug of Energy

Beowulf's Armor

Adversarial Blade

Wand of the Fairies

Horn of the Four Horsemen

Witch Shield

Mask of the Mammoth

Amulet of the Lucky

Hammer of Defiance

Freezing Chain

Speed Sandals

Teapot of Health

Flying Carpet

Atlantean Sword of Victory

Warhammer of Leeching

Leprechaun's Hat

Blood Arrows

Cup of True Silver

Wish Ring

Storm Charm

Golden Leaf of Oz

Western Bone Cleaver

Satin Halberd

Glass Dagger of the Assassin

Crescent Blade of the Red Dragon

Cupid's Bow

Thunderbolt Crossbow

Swan Cloak

War Axe of the Moon

Charm of Medusa

Spear of Michael

Tips for Coming up With Magic Item Ideas

  • When coming up with ideas for magical items and objects for your fiction, movie or game campaigns, the name of the item should be of particular importance. The name should pique your audiences curiosity at least a little bit.
  • If you're running into problems incorporating your "object of magic" into your tale, it could be a sign to come up with something else, but it could also be a chance really enrich your story since it will make you think hard about your writing choices.
  • You can also look to the power of the object to come up with part of the name. For example, an object that causes items to catch fire could have words like flame, heat or melting as part of the name.
  • Any kind of item can be imbued with magic, but the size and shape of your magical object will directly affect the overall story. For example, smaller items can be much more easily concealed... and stolen, while bigger items can't. Always take that into consideration.

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