Bad, Horrible, and Scary Ways to Die: A Writer's Guide

Updated on March 11, 2018
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So Many Ways To Die; So Little Time To Kill... Your Character

As an amateur writer, I am always trying to come up with interesting ways to kill or injure someone in my stories. I have found that unless you have a list you can turn to, coming up with different methods of dying on the spot is almost impossible. You can always highlight a death scene you're not sure about, but sometimes a key death scene can completely change the tone or ending of your tale; that's why I don't like to change them (unless I'm doing a complete re-write).

None of the suggestions below are in any particular order, but that shouldn't be a big deal if you're just looking for ideas. Let me stress that this article is for informational purposes only, and just about everything you read is illegal and will get you big jail time (or worse) if you try it in real life. So, be sure to use the info found below to make awesome stories and movies and nothing else. Thanks for giving it a chance.

To Die Or Not To Die

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Some Bad Ways To Die

  • Bitten By Poisonous Snake (When Head Has Been Cut Off): Many people don't realize that even if you cut off the head of a snake it can still bite you if you handle or brush up against it (reflex). None of the potency of the poison is lost just because a snake is dead, so be wary if someone is throwing snake heads at you.
  • Drowning In A Vat Of Milk: Some say that drowning is actually a peaceful way to go after the initial shock of having no air to breathe. Drowning in a bunch of milk would provide a very interesting visual over drowning in a clear liquid like water.
  • Stepping on a Pebble: Ordinarily not a serious injury, but if you're a construction worker twenty stories up, walking around barefoot because you just bought new boots and your feet are sore, you may have a problem if you lose your balance. Imagine the headline "Worker Falls To Death Because Of Pebble". Look out below!
  • Pecked to Death: When I was little I used to have a recurring dream of being pecked to death by a bunch of crows. The dreams became worse after I found out that crows eat meat.

Annoying Ways To Die Song

More Ways To Bite the Dust

  • Walking Into The Rotor Blades of a Helicopter: Depending on where the blades hit, the visual effect could be spectacular. I've always wondered why people bend down when getting in a running helicopter even though the blades are clearly above their heads (no chance of survival if wrong).
  • One-Punch Killings: These occur more often than one might think, and don't forget about the fabled martial arts punch that can kill its victim days later.
  • Death By Energy Drinks: Drinking too much caffeine can cause you to have a heart attack. Not a problem in normal circumstances, unless you like downing concentrated energy drinks with abnormally large doses of caffeine.
  • Two-For-One: A wannabe hero tries to drag a very large person who has fainted out of the road. As he struggles, he falls and hangs his foot in the armpit of the unconscious person just a semi-truck is coming their way. The ending is not good.


Unusual Ways To Die

  • Swallowing A Poisonous Lizard: There are all kinds of non-poisonous lizards, newts and worms, but there are a few that are deadly poisonous. Protein is always a good thing to look out for if you're lost in the woods without food; just be sure to avoid any brightly colored insects or lizards.
  • Random Item Falling On You: Just about anything with a little weight and dropped from high enough can kill or seriously injure a person if it hits them in the head. A few things that pop into my head are medicine ball, laptop, collectible belt buckle, roll of quarters, fork (pointy side down) and a CGC graded copy of New Mutants #89 (1st Deadpool).
  • Picking Your Nose Can Be Hazardous To Your Health: People pick their nose; it's a fact of life. However, when you pick your nose with such intensity while driving a car during a snowstorm... it can led to not only your death, but the death of others if you have an accident. I'm sure your passengers wouldn't appreciate it either.
  • Death by Toothpick: Be careful to never swallow a toothpick. The damage to your internal organs could very well send you to the afterlife. Those that taste like cinnamon are especially dangerous because instead of using it to pick, you continue to chew.

Shocking Super Villain Deaths

Scary Ways To Give Up The Ghost

  • Exploding Tire: A person puts air into a large tractor tire and just won't stop. Eventually physics takes over, causing the tire to explode and knocking the person back into a jagged piece of metal.
  • Eaten Alive by Dogs: After smearing peanut butter all over themselves. The real mystery is in finding out why someone chose peanut butter instead of olive oil. Of course eaten alive by anything would be pretty bad.
  • A Slingshot Death: Slingshots are a lot more powerful nowadays and the ammo you can buy for them (steel ball bearings, etc.) make for a deadly combo. This can become much worse if taking a shot to the eye at point blank range. Think twice before taking this dare kiddies!
  • I Dare You To Die: We all know someone who will do anything when you dare them or offer them the tiniest of incentives. I can't think of nothing worse than the newspaper headline of "Man Dies After Being Dared To Snort Mercury From A Thermometer".

Electrocution, First State
Electrocution, First State | Source

Ending Up Six Feet Under Is Often Easier Than You Think

  • Slapping a Bull: I should clarify that you will die from the repercussions of slapping such a beast. Actually, now that I think about it, there aren't many animals that wouldn't cause you serious harm if you dare to slap them.
  • Buried Alive In A Septic Tank: The ultimate nightmare scenario for many people is to be buried alive. That's why it's used in so many movies and books. In the scenario I've outlined I would find the in-flow pipe, take off my shirt and stop up the pipe. Hopefully, the tank will be dug up to clear the obstruction.
  • Objects Falling Back To Earth: Who hasn't thrown objects way up into the air only to watch them come crashing back down with unnerving quickness. As a kid, I used to do this often, but stopped the practice when my brother threw a lawn dart into the air and it came back down with enough force to impale his hand (luckily it wasn't his head).

Another One Bites the Dust

Short, Quick (And Sometimes Painful) Ways To Die

Burned Alive
Broken Neck
Bullet to the Head
Bleeding Out

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