Cool Slang Words and Phrases That Will Make Your Writing Unique

Updated on July 20, 2020
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Using Slang Words Makes You Seem So Cool!

Slang words have been used for years, not as a way to sound cool, but as a natural part of human language. Using it appropriately in your writing will add depth and realism to your character. The best way to properly use slang phrases in literature is to make sure you know where your creation hails from. Different parts of the world, even different parts of a country often have different words for different sayings. Knowing this and doing a little research will give you all the guidance you need.

This article is by no means a definitive list of slang words / phrases, but my hope is that you'll find some of the more obscure and less used slang to use as you see fit. I suppose it's more of a jumping off point than anything else. I hope you find it useful, and be sure to check back every once in a while as I do plan on adding new content as I come across it in my life. Thanks for giving it a chance.

Cool Slang Word of the Month

Real Work: a person doing something productive like making money


"Enough playing around, it's time to go do some real work."


Cool, Unique and Unusual Slang Words and Phrases

81+ and counting...

Using Informal Words Can Be Very Invigorating

  • Angel Lust: the source of an erection in a corpse
  • Awesome Sauce: more awesome than awesome
  • Babysitter: a bodyguard
  • Birdwatcher: a bit of British slang referring to someone who's a spy or likes to watch in secret
  • Bogart: to hog or keep something or someone for yourself
  • Bounce: to leave
  • Bummer: when things aren't going your way
  • Burned: an agent that has been compromised or found out
  • Can You Dig It?: do you understand
  • Chin Check: prison slang used to describe the act of punching another inmate in the face to see if they'll fight back
  • Chopper Squad: a 1920's slang term for a group of enforcers with machine guns
  • Come To A Sticky End: dying in an unpleasant or extremely messy way
  • Cool Beans: to be in agreement with; used to answer in the positive
  • Creeping: to sneak up on someone: to stealthily observe or follow
  • Dead Drop: secret place where stuff can be left for someone to pick up
  • Dibs: putting a claim on something
  • Dox: searching for and publishing private information (especially location) about someone on the Internet
  • Drop the Body: to die
  • Equalizer: a weapon used to help balance the fight against a superior opponent
  • Final Girl: the last female survivor in horror movies
  • Flake: a dummy or idiot
  • Flex: showing off
  • Ghosting: the act of suddenly stopping all communication with someone to avoid a face-to-face talk; often used when ending a relationship of some kind
  • Give Birth to a Politician: taking a dump (another funny phrase from Australia)
  • Go Left: taking a sudden turn for the worse
  • Grinds My Gears: makes mad or angry
  • Gucci: when used as an adjective, this word means cool, fine or doing well at the moment

Slang Words That Teenagers Use

Colloquialism: Informal Words or Phrases Used When Talking

  • Happy Returns: vomiting
  • He Devil: a man who is able to manipulate women into getting there way
  • Hold Your Mud: not snitching on someone even when threatened with violence or punishment
  • Honey Trap: use of men or women to seduce others for their own secret reasons
  • Hot Mess: someone who doesn't have things together at the moment (in a really bad way)
  • Hotter Than the Hinges of Hell: very hot
  • In the Poo: in a lot of trouble (some cool slang from Australia)
  • Jammed Up: completely full of food or drink
  • Join the Great Majority: to die
  • Jollies: sexual excitement
  • Ka-Ka: poop
  • Keyed to the Roof: heavily intoxicated
  • Kick the Clouds: to be hanged
  • Kryptonite: any especially strong weakness someone has; taken from the Superman mythos
  • Lit: an activity that is a lot of fun and very enjoyable
  • Long Streak of P!ss: a tall, thin person
  • Lord Love a Duck!: a mock oath and exclamation
  • Meat Wagon: ambulance
  • Monka S: conveys anxiety, concern or nervousness; used a lot on Twitch streaming platform
  • Mud For My Turtle: getting to bed a woman
  • Murdered Out: having a vehicle that has everything on and in it the color of black
  • Nicked: stolen
  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work
  • Odd Bend: strange or unusual
  • Old School: something from an earlier era that is looked upon with respect; usually associated with how a person acts or uses certain items
  • On the Hoof: beef served rare


Common, Everyday Speech Is Filled With Slang Words

  • Pick a Daisy: to use the bathroom
  • Pink as a Kittens' Tongue: obviously a play on color
  • Purple Haze: the drug LSD
  • Quickstep: diarrhea
  • Razz My Berries: something that gets you excited, but not in a filthy way
  • Ride Shotgun: 2nd in command; practically equal with the leader
  • Sass: to act cheeky, rude or disrespectful, but in an amusing or charming way
  • Scuffed: damaged or heavily used in some way; lackluster
  • Scully: a verb used when someone is rationalizing a supernatural event; taken from the X-Files TV show
  • See a Man About a Horse: a way to politely excuse yourself to go to the restroom
  • Seen More Pricks Than a Dartboard: often said of an especially sexually promiscuous person
  • She Devil: a woman who is able to manipulate men to get what they want
  • Shylock: a loan shark
  • Soiled Dove: and Old West term for a prostitute
  • The Full Monty: the full amount; all of it
  • Triggered: an emotional response (often anger) after experiencing something that upsets you
  • Unhinged: mentally unbalanced or unstable; unable to control ones emotions or actions
  • Urban Camping: Camping out in an urban area by sleeping on rooftops, ally ways or in a park.
  • Urge to Purge: the need to throw up
  • Vapors: a sickness or fainting spell
  • Wanker: idiot
  • Woke: being aware of sex and racial discrimination as well as other forms of oppression and injustice
  • Womanhood: the female genitals
  • Write One's Name (in the snow): this is why you should never eat the yellow snow
  • X-out: to use drugs
  • Yeaster: beer drinker
  • Zozzled: drunk

Common British Slang Expressions and Phrases

Slang Word or Phrase
bad pipes
sore throat
The lead singer has bad pipes.
wipe your chin
stop talking
Wipe your chin before I do it for you.
to defeat and humiliate an opponent
You just got pwned.
big tickle
really funny
I just heard something that gave me a big tickle.
11th hour
the final moments of an event in which the outcome can still be changed
The 11th hour is at hand.
rub some dirt on it
get over whatever injury or pain you're going through
C'mon man, that's just a scratch. Rub some dirt on it and let's get going.

Tips to Use Slang Words and Phrases in Your Dialogue or Writing

  • Don't overuse slang, and when you do use it, use it correctly and at the appropriate time. A little research may be required to get the above results, but your character will sound more lifelike and real if you pay attention to the details.
  • Jargon associated with certain jobs never go out of style.
  • A character that uses his or hers country's slang when in a different country can always be a source of friction in comedic or serious situations. There is a fine line, however, between an obvious language barrier and making fun of a culture. I'm not saying that you can't go there, but I'm saying to just be aware of it and make sure that is where you want to go.
  • Slang is often more commonly used in speech and dialogue than writing.
  • Be very careful about using more than two people that use different types of slang. More than that and you risk a lot of confusion in your scene (unless that's what you're going for). Be advised that if you, the writer, are confused, your audience will probably be confused as well.
  • A person using a certain slang word that is totally inappropriate, but they think it's the right thing to say. This is a great way to cause some kind of conflict.
  • When using colloquialisms or slang, you'll find that there are always a large selection of curse words available. I've always felt that using too many of these "R-Rated" words takes away from their impact. The choice when and if to offend is ultimately up to the creator.

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa | Source

Slang Words for Money

ten-spot ($10 bill)
yard (one hundred dollars)
half-yard (fifty dollars)
brick (a bundle of money; usually large bills)
singles ($1 bills)
C-note ($100)
Lincoln ($5 dollar bill)
Benjamin ($100)

How About Some Cool Canadian Slang?

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