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Creative Writing


A Writer’s Resource List of Funny Insults

Using tame or funny insults instead of the usual profanity in your writing can make your story stand out without taking anything away from it.


A Magical Items List for Storytellers

All the coolest characters have some kind of magical item or object, don't they?


How to Give Feedback in a Writing Workshop or Critique Group

Many writers find it helpful to get honest feedback. Writers' groups are ideal for this purpose. Here are some guidelines to make it a positive experience for both giver and receiver.


For Creative Writers: How to Write a Compelling Road Trip

Road trips often make for great novels. This crash course guide will help you to design a road trip for your characters to take. You want the road trip to move the plot forward. This guide is for you whether your whole book is dedicated to a road trip... or just a couple of chapters.


Delicious Dinner Ideas to Use in Your Stories

Every once in a while, a writer needs to come up with some delicious dinner ideas for their story. This is a place to find them.


How To Write Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is an extremely short story. Flash fiction is 1,000 words or less, but there is also microfiction (under 100 words) and a “drabble” (exactly 100 words).


The Basics of Character Creation

The five parts that make up a story are character, plot, setting, conflict, and theme. The first of these, character, is where so much of the story hangs. The characters have conflicts that drive the plot. They live in their settings, and all these things are supported by an overall theme.


Awesome Wizard Names for Your Magical World

Need any wizard names for your characters that use magic?


Cool Gothic Vampire Names for Men and Women

A list of cool gothic vampire names for those who want to put a little "bite" in their lives.


Witchy Names for Witches

If you're looking for some witch names that sound a little witchy, then you're heading in the right direction.


How to Write Better Fiction in Any Genre

The best novels and novellas out there have some key elements that make them resonate with a wide range of readers. Here are seven tried-and-true tricks for writing better fiction, whether you're writing romance or a sci-fi epic.


Creating a Fantasy World Map: Scientific Laws to Remember

When writing a fantasy story, creating a realistic fantasy world map that will help readers see your vision is essential. In order to create your map, there are some basic scientific laws that have to be followed.


13 Disturbing Horror Stories From Creepypasta

Having a hard time sleeping at night? Searching for inspiration to create your own horror story from scratch? Let me introduce you the online manifestation of the horror genre—creepypasta.


9 Simple Tips to Write Short Horror Stories

Monsters, ghouls, or even scared of the dark? You name it! Know how to write a quick, short horror story with these simple tips.


A Writer's Guide to Potion and Spell Ingredients Used in Magic

Magic uses all kinds of ingredients for making potions and performing spells. As a writer, it's good to have lots of options so your writing won't be the same as other stories.


A Writer's List of Interesting Character Traits

If you want to make a unique character for your story, then give them a unique character trait or mannerism.

The Advantages of Fanfiction

There's an ongoing debate over the validity of Fanfiction. Some cry out that it is, at its core, wrong beyond belief. Others will say there is nothing wrong with Fanfiction. The truth of the matter is that people will have something to say one way or another. Best idea? Make it useful.


How to Create Meaningful Characters in Novels and Short Stories

Do you ever find yourself struggling to describe a character in your novels or short stories? Maybe you always have a hard time channeling your main character's inner thoughts. These helpful tips will give you insight on how to create meaningful characters.


A Writer's List of Descriptive Colors

The more unique or unusual ways you can describe colors, the better your writing will be. Don't be one of those writers that just mails a color description in.


Lessons From Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction has shaped me as a writer, more than creative writing classes or self-help books. Find out what lessons fanfiction has taught me, and how they made me a better writer.


Creative Writing Strategy: Make Your Main Character a Delicious Baby Bird

What does that mean? Well, delicious as in appealing in some way. And a baby bird because they have to be in trouble in a way that makes people care. How do you do that?


20 Inspirational Writing Quotes

This article lists 20 inspirational quotes for writers. Some are by famous authors and some are by lesser-known ones, but they all have the effect of making you feel excited and motivated to write again!


Three Creative Writing Challenges You Should Try

Push the limits of your imagination with these creative writing exercises.


Top Writing Communities You Should Consider Joining

Writing is a solitary, and often lonely endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. With technology enabling us to reach across the globe, writers can connect with others for comradery, inspiration, feedback and advice. If you are a writer, consider joining these great online writing communities.


Five Fiction Writing Exercises: Disasters

Looking to amp up your creative writing skills? In this article we'll go over many different types of disaster elements you can incorporate into your story.


13 Reasons Why We Write Fanfiction

Fanfiction writers have many reasons why they write fanfiction. Here are 13 of them.


5 Ways to Defeat Writer's Block

Finding inspiration to write can be tough, especially if writer's block has you in its clutches. This article details five methods to defeat your procrastination and get writing again.


Romance Novel Cliches: Storylines to Avoid

A summary of cliche plots found in romance novels. The heroine doesn't know how attractive she is. She meets a rich businessman who whisks her off her feet. It takes them a while to trust each other.


Starting Your Novel: How Do You Like Your Books to Start?

Many new authors sit and stare at a blank page. They have no idea where to start. Some think there is a magic formula to get them going. There are many suggestions as to how to get your book started, and I offer a few here.


The Worst Ways to Die (A Writer's Guide)

A writer is always looking for interesting ways to kill off certain characters.


Eleven Flash Fiction Contests That Are Free to Enter

The article provides information about eleven flash fiction competitions that are free to enter most of which have cash prizes. Additional submission information and resources for the listed sites are offered.


5 Key Concepts to Improve Your Creative Writing

Emulate the greatest authors in the English language. Improve your creative writing with 5 key concepts taken from literary masterpieces as observed by an English scholar.


Writer’s Block? 5 Ideas for Science-Fiction Writers

Writer's block? Get inspired by these five unconventional ideas for a science-fiction piece.


Where Does One Start in Writing a Book?

Learn to prioritize your writing. Sometimes that simply means sitting down and doing nothing other than . . . writing. Here are some tips and motivational words to get you started. In fact, after reading this article, why not start writing?


Creating Good Dialogue in Writing: Why Observing People Can Help

Need help getting your characters' conversations to sound natural? Take some time observing people when you're out and about!


Overuse of the Word "Said" in Writing

The overuse of words in writing can really ruin a piece. The writing will tend to sound juvenile and will definitely reflect poorly on the author. Learn how to avoid this. You might even be encouraged to self-edit.


How to Use the 6 Basic Emotions in Writing

Psychologists have identified six basic, nearly universal, human emotions. How can you use these for more effective writing?


How to Keep Your Characters Organized When Writing a Novel

This article is focusing on how to keep your characters organized in your stories.


The 8 Most Overused Romance Plots Ever

Chances are you've encountered these plots many times. Have you gotten bored of them? Check out ways to diversify your writing so you won't use the same plot over and over again.


350+ Cool Villain Names: Being Bad Is More Fun Than Being Good

If you want to be a villain, then you better give yourself a good name. Find one here.


Writing Advice: How Realistic Should Your Fiction Be?

It's hard to speak in absolutes about this subject, but here are some things to consider when it comes to the subject of realism in fiction.


How to Write the Best Fanfic or Fanfiction

Fans of fictional franchises sometimes like to put their literature skills to work and make stories about their favorite media called "fanfiction." But how do you write a good fanfiction? Here's how.


How to Write a Believable Baddie

Villains are just the best characters to write. Your baddie needs to be just as good as your goodie . . . or something like that. Find out how to write a believable baddie.


Word Counts by Fiction Genre and Type With Examples

What are the minimum and maximum word limits for different types of stories? What are the word limits by genre and how can writers stay within those limits? Find out here with this easy list.


Should You Consider Your Audience When You're Writing?

To what degree should you consider your audience when writing? How important is it? Should the audience even be considered at all? An experienced writer contemplates these questions and more.


Tips for Characterization in Your Writing

Learn how to craft effective characters by showing their personalities rather than telling them.


Writing: Are You Showing or Telling?

Understand the difference between showing and telling to make your writing more interesting and engaging.


The 6 Basic Key Elements of Fiction Writing

Let's review the basic key elements of fiction writing. You might think you have a handle on them, but some people need a refresher.


Tips for Developing Your Novel: Create a Mental Movie

Everyone has their own way of writing their stories out. If you interviewed a dozen bestselling authors, they’d all have their own unique ways. No two write exactly the same. That tells you that there is no one formula, but there are certain methods that do help.


What Are the Elements of a Good Short Story?

Short stories are making a comeback! But what makes a good short story?