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Updated on March 27, 2018
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Melissa obtained her B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management, minoring in Biology. She enjoys creative writing, art, and gardening.

Breaking Out of Writer's Block

Below you will find a short story I started in the hopes of strengthening my writing ability while also preparing myself to finish my novel. It's also a great tool to snap you out of writer's block.

Chicago Fever

Click, click, click, her fingers ran across the keyboard. It didn’t matter that her finger was hurting from the effort, not today, because today was Friday. She’d be able to rest it for two days and experience tells her she’ll be good as new on Monday. Carpal Tunnel was definitely not a friend to the office worker.

Caitlin paused in her work, massaging her hand a bit where the pain was. Today wasn’t just Friday, it was her birthday, the big three-zero. My, how depressing that was. Thirty and nothing to show for it but this pain in her hand!

Oh she had an apartment, and until last week a boyfriend, unfortunately her boyfriend also had a girlfriend—named Kristy. So here she was turning thirty, boyfriendless for the first time in three years, and with an unbearable pain in her right hand.

Caty, as she was often called, watched the last five minutes pass by busying herself by straightening her desk. At three minutes to five, she stood, knowing exactly how long it took her to reach the time clock so she could punch out for the day.

She was the last to leave this Friday making her responsible for turning out the lights as she walked, spooking herself plenty the darker it got. The work space takes on a whole new feel when the lights are out.

She worked in downtown Chicago and drove everyday an hour plus to commute to work everyday so she could still live in the country. People who live downtown think she is crazy, but inside she was still a country girl. Downtown Chicago is an awesome place to be, just not always when you’re alone and have to walk down an alley to get to your parking spot—and did I mention that it’s dark outside?

Caty was used to people being around at night, the windy city doesn’t see much sleep, but tonight was different, there was nobody around. Well, that is except for the man walking across the street. She tripped, nearly falling, and suddenly felt a hand at her elbow. Glancing up she recognized the man from across the street. How had he got here so quickly?

"Are you alright, Miss," the man asked.

"Oh, well, yes." She nodded, "Thank you." The strange man still had a grip on her elbow, suddenly it tightened. She squeaked.

"Quiet." He said. "We are being watched."

Caty glanced around trying to figure out what this man was talking about and upon not seeing anything twisted her arm loose. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

He stared quietly at her for a minute, long enough for her to notice his deep blue eyes, then abruptly he turned and walked off.

Shocked by the odd behavior, Caty continued on towards her car, much quicker this time as she was spooked by the man's words and behavior.

She opened the door to her car, but suddenly felt something sting her. She reached up to touch the area and felt something in her neck, when her hand came away with blood and what looked like a tiny dart, she began to feel faint. She felt her legs going weak, and her knees start to sag, but something stopped her fall. She caught a glimpse of deep blue eyes before her body completely gave way.

She felt strange, she could hear people talking around her, but she couldn't move. What was wrong with her. She couldn't keep her thoughts straight. She heard bits of conversations, but couldn't put anything together until one voice came through clearer than the others, "The fever is starting, it's her birthday today." A deep voice said. She'd heard that voice before, but where?

And fever, what fever are they talking about? She didn't feel like she had a fever, but she did feel very strange, her heart was pounding, and then it happened so suddenly she wanted to scream, but her mouth wouldn't work. A burning sensation, throughout her body, it felt like she was on fire. She couldn't hear the voices anymore. The pain was too great and soon there was nothing.

Caty opened her eyes, trying to remember what had happened. She looked around, noticing she was in her own bedroom. Was it a dream? The man with the blue eyes, the dart, the fever? Did any of that really happen? She didn't remember getting home last night, but what other alternative was there? She felt great actually, not like someone who had just been burning up from the inside. She ran to her bathroom mirror, looking at her neck and it wasn't there. There was no mark from a dart anywhere on her neck. Suddenly feeling foolish for her belief in what must have been a very realistic dream, Caty grinned at her reflection. "Caty, your crazy!" She announced definitively and then she turned to head to the kitchen to make breakfast. She was starving!

Finish the Story

So now it's up to you the reader, to finish the story, what comes next for Caty? Was it really a dream, or was it reality? What was the fever about? Choose your ending, and I'll write the final ending based off my favorite suggestion.

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      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 10 months ago from Queensland Australia

        I liked the suspense in this story.and I feel it was no dream that Caty had. Unfortunately, I can't think of a scenario for the ending at this time but I am sure you will come up with something. Well done.